The Price of Greatness - Recap

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The episode begins with Porter leading the 2nd mass to an underground mall. He explains to them that when the aliens attacked, the mall was under construction. The top of the mall was destroyed but the base remained fine. The 2nd mass is welcomed and cheered by hundreds of people waiting for them. Next, Weaver meets his daughter Jean. She is glad to see her father again. She tells him that things with her boyfriend got all messed up after they left from the base. Weaver says it is ok and asks his daughter not to disappear on him again. Pope assures his Berserkers that they would leave this place soon. Matt looks at the kids and is happy that they might have a school in Charleston.

Tom then meets his former mentor Professor Arthur Manchester from Boston College. He introduces Arthur to Anne. He is the new ‘Majority Leader’; well he feels that the word ‘President’ felt presumptuous. Tom gives Arthur a list of all the people in the 2nd Mass and their assignments. Arthur promises to find them some housing and real beds. Weaver and Tector meet General Bressler. Bressler congratulates them for getting to Charleston. Weaver then goes up to the map and points out to Bressler the places where they encountered aliens. He is offers their scouts. But Bressler says that it won’t be necessary. He dismisses Porter and then tells Weaver that the aliens have to reason to attack Charleston as according to the aliens this city has been neutralized.

Weaver is taking all this in when Hal barges into the room telling Weaver that they need to get out of here. Tom is shouting at a group of people. A member of the army named Clemons is ordering Tom to step down, but Tom says that he not taking any orders. He says that he is not letting him split the 2nd mass in a dozen different housing areas and disarm them. Porter arrives at the scene and explains to Tom that they collect all weapons in the central area and reissue them according to the mission. But with that said, Porter also adds that if Weaver says “no way”, then he would back his position. Weaver agrees with Porter and Tom goes along, saying they have to start thinking beyond the 2nd Mass. They turn over their weapons.

Next, Tom wakes up on a ‘real bed’ with sheets; Anne is lying next to him. They receive a copy of the South Carolina gazette and an invitation from Arthur. Anne is assigned to the medical shops with Lourdes. Tom arrives to meet Arthur. He walks into a large room filled with books. He also finds fresh tomatoes on the table which were grown in Arthur’s hydroponic garden. Arthur tells him his vision of forming a new government. He wants a political system designed for the post invasion world. Arthur tells him that there is a confidence vote on his leadership tomorrow and he wants Tom to stand with him. Tom is more than happy to but he says that Arthur might want to reconsider after what he has to tell him.

Tom tells him about the rebel aliens and suggests they ally with them. Arthur tells him not to say another word because it would induce panic. He does not want to jeopardize the city. Next, Weaver finds his daughter at her work place and asks her what happened with Diego. She tells them that her group was ambushed by a skitter patrol. The group scattered. The next morning the patrol left but Diego and his group never made it to the rendezvous. She came to Charleston alone. She had begged Arthur to send a patrol but he never considered it. Anne arrives at the medical area and meets the heart surgeon; he is arrogant. He hands her a couple of easy case like flu. She puts him in place by telling him that she might be a pediatrician by training but now she is a combat medic from the second mass.

So he cannot just walk away; he has to talk her through each patient’s chart. Later, Anne finds Tom in the chow line. Jean serves them food. She tells them that last night was a special meal for the 2nd mass. She tells them that most of them are sleeping 10 to a cubicle. She then tells them to be careful. Anne then tells Tom about the odd vibe she gets from around here. Tom finds the people’s casual behavior a little strange. It is as if they believe that the aliens have disappeared. Pope and his people check out the weapon store. Maggie hears their plan of escaping from Charleston with some weapons. Weaver finds Hal practicing to put his weapon together.

Weaver tells them that most of these guys have fired a shot and since Hal has faced a combat, he will have to lead them. For this, he has to earn their respect. Maggie flicks a gun from the weapon store. Next, Tom finds Anne patching Matt. Matt got into a fight with some kid in school. He was telling Matt that the 2nd mass never fought the aliens and that they have come here to steal from them. Matt admits that he was the first to hit. Maggie finds Pope and the Berserkers trying to steal the weapons and asks them to back off and gives them a chance to walk away. But before they can, Clemons and Tector bust them. One of the Beserkers charges and Tector shoots him in the arm. Clemons orders to put these guys in lock down.

They take Maggie as well. She tells him that this isn’t what he thinks. Tom meets Arthur and asks him to let those guys out; they don’t belong in lock-down. He wants Arthur to let Maggie walk and that the Beserkers could be assigned some crap job. They can’t afford to lose such people as they need them to fight the aliens. Arthur tells Tom that he can’t manage to look weak at this time. He asks Tom to help him with the vote tonight and he will look into things. Next, at the meeting Jean speaks. She tells Arthur that he is wrong about not taking any actions to find her friends who are out there and are in danger. Arthur then goes to the podium and introduces Tom to the crowd as the ‘hero of the 2nd mass.’ The crowd cheers for him.

He congratulates them on rebuilding the community. He then talks about the resistance and wonders if their real mission has been lost. He then reads a line from Arthur’s book. He tells them that the aliens will only leave when they are forced to. Clemons interrupts by calling out to Bressler. He says that here is a de-harnessed boy outside and he wants to talk to Tom. Tom and a few others go to meet the boy. Tom doesn’t know the boy. He says that there is a development with the overlords and the Red Eye is waiting nearby to talk to him. Tom is ready to go. Bressler, Weaver and Tom think the rebel aliens are their only tactical advantage, but Arthur orders the de-harnessed boy put in lock-up. He is upset that Tom didn't mention his son Ben was with them. Arthur asks Tom to stay back while the rest leave the room.

He didn’t expect his friend to turn on him. He thinks Bressler got to him. Next, Arthur invites Pope for a steak dinner. He tells Pope that he wants information on Tom Mason, as he is worried about the safety of their compound and that it might affect the security. And in return, he will look into letting him out. Pope tells Arthur that if anybody is going to knock Tom out of his pedestal, it is going to be him and not Arthur. Next, Hal and Dai go down to the lock up to break out Maggie and the de-harnessed kid to meet the aliens. They then meet up with Weaver and Porter and Tom clears the path for them but Bressler arrives with his men and declares that Arthur has declared a state of emergency and the dissidents have been detained. Weaver tells Bressler that he needs to start thinking about the people rather than his position. Tom tries to convince Bressler to talk to Arthur; but he refuses.

He then orders the soldiers to round them up, but Tector respectfully declines to do so and puts down his gun. He too is rounded up. Arthur orders all the members of the 2nd mass to be rounded up till they can be trusted. Tom and weaver protest this lock-down. Arthur tells them that they have been hiding facts from him. He orders Bressler to lock them up as well. Bressler wants to know then what and Arthur says that there will be a trial for treason.

Next, we see that Bressler comes down to the lock up and orders the release of the 2nd mass and he puts Arthur in prison. Bressler declares that the civilian government has been suspended and that Charleston is under martial law. He tells Tom to hurry if he wants to meet the aliens. Pope says, “Nice work boys. Looks like you dropped us in the middle of a good old fashioned coup”. The episode ends.