Season 6

113 :06x01 - Back to Something New

A new school year begins with a few changes in store, such as Chris has graduated and now must move on with his life, Ms. Sherwood has completed her novel and is moving to Maine, and Mr. Shorofsky decides to retire, which saddens new student Ian Ware.
Guest Stars: Dick Miller as Lou Mackie | Carolyn J. Silas as Laura Mackie | Robert King (5) as The Commercial Director | John Michael Higgins as The Commercial Actor
Director: Win Phelps
Songs: Bill Hufsey -- Breaking Ground, (Unknown artist) -- Back To Something New

114 :06x02 - The Last Dance

Jesse and Nicole are set to dance at the wedding of Chris' cousin, but Nicole is unsure where their relationship is headed with Jesse and breaks up with him. Meanwhile, Danny and Jillian begin their own romance.
Guest Stars: Sandy McPeak as Officer Becket | Dick Miller as Lou Mackie | Denny Dillon as Corky, the Cashier | Todd Jeffries as Sam Beckett | Trevor Henley as Patrick Beckett | Bill Applebaum as Vince Donlon | Carolyn J. Silas as Laura Mackie | Paul Comi as The Minister | Ernie Lively as Gramps | Gillian Schreiber as Audrey | Randy Allaire as The Student Singing Scales
Director: Oz Scott
Songs: (Unknown artist) -- The Last Dance

115 :06x03 - New Faces

Lydia gets a job at the school for her old friend, Pete Seeger, as an acting teacher. He feels his tough methods have annoyed the kids and thinks about quitting. Meanwhile, Danny is asked to show Hannah Cooper around the school, but the 11-year old prodigy refuses to play for anyone.
Guest Stars: Tanya Fenmore as Hannah Cooper | Dennis Howard as The Producer | Nancy Burnett as The Casting Woman | Carolyn J. Silas as Laura Mackie | Tom Parsekian as The Assistant Director | Judi Goldhand as The Wardrobe Woman | David Breitbarth as The Actor | Brian J. Anderson as The Production Assistant
Director: Win Phelps
Songs: Jesse Borrego, Carlo Imperato, Nia Peeples, Carrie Hamilton -- Look and Learn, Michael Cerveris and Carlo Imperato -- Rock and Roll Will Stand

116 :06x04 - Judgement Day

Leroy's commencement as a teacher has arrived, but he doesn't feel much like celebrating after being accused of giving lead roles to blacks over all the other students. Mr. Shorofsky and Ian knock heads over musical styles.
Guest Stars: Lycia Naff as Susan | Michelle Whitney-Morrison as Debby | Dick Miller as Lou Mackie | Carolyn J. Silas as Laura Mackie
Director: Oz Scott
Songs: Bill Hufsey -- Hot Diggerty, Loretta Chandler -- Swingin' at the Cotton Club, (Unknown artist) -- Dance Your Cares Away, (Unknown artist) -- Noise of Art

117 :06x05 - All Talking, All Singing, All Dancing

Jesse has a 1930's style play in which Mr. Dyrenforth decides the school will fund to win the $20,000 prize from the Kimble Foundation. But when the school board rejects to fund the play, Lou steps in to get the play produced. Meanwhile, the lead in the play, Nicole, comes down with laryngitis.
Guest Stars: Robert Romanus as Miltie Horowitz | Dick Miller as Lou Mackie
Director: Win Phelps
Songs: Elisa Heinsohn -- Forty-Second Street, Carrie Hamilton and Michael Cerveris -- It's Love I'm After, After All, Nia Peeples -- Someone to Watch Over Me

118 :06x06 - Hold That Baby

Chris learns the good and bad of parenting when his siter leaves him with his nephew, Spike. Mr. Dyrenforth finds out just how important Mrs. Berg is when she leaves to attend her brother's anniversary for a day. Nicole, Dusty, Reggie, and Jullian find themselves arguing after forming their own band.
Guest Stars: Robert Romanus as Miltie Horowitz | Dick Miller as Mr. Lou Mackie | Russ Tamblyn as Russ, the Choreographer | Deborah Geffner as Eve | Diana Barton (1) as Shelley Dumbrowski | Carolyn J. Silas as Laura Mackie | Randy Allaire as Randy
Director: Oz Scott
Songs: Carrie Hamilton,Nia Peeples,Loretta Chandler,Elisa Heinsohn -- East Of Eden, Carrie Hamilton,Nia Peeples,Loretta Chandler,Elisa Heinsohn -- Only Love Will Hold Fast

119 :06x07 - A Different Drummer

Reggie gets herself in trouble with the law and with Mr. Dyrenforth, after trying to buck conventionalism and help the homeless. Elsewhere, when Dusty's father comes for a visit, Reverend Tyler decides that she should return home to Colorado because New York is too risque for her.
Guest Stars: Albert Hall as Reverend Tyler | Marilyn Chris as Sylvia | Carolyn Mignini as Miss Elliot | L. Kenneth Richardson as The Policeman
Director: Michael Switzer
Writer: Hollis Rich
Songs: Loretta Chandler -- Never Give Up On A Dream, The Isley Brothers -- Shout, Carrie Hamilton -- Think, Carrie Hamilton and Loretta Chandler -- We Have The Right

120 :06x08 - Mr. Wacky's World

Danny, frustrated from the lack of acting work decides to start his own cable-access show. While searching where to go he enters the doors of the Mr. Wacky's World, and is offered the job of playing Mr. Noodles. Although he loves the work, Danny isn't thrilled of playing a stooge. When Jesse makes a friendly gesture, Dusty misinterprets it as romance.
Guest Stars: Gerrit Graham as Mr. Wacky | Dick Miller as Mr. Lou Mackie | Carolyn J. Silas as Laura Mackie | Randy Bertish as The Boy Student | Oliver Givens as Oliver The Prop Man
Director: Win Phelps
Songs: Loretta Chandler -- Don't Turn Around, Carlo Imperato -- I'm Hip, Bill Hufsey -- Love of the Game, Gerrit Graham -- Two Drifters

121 :06x09 - All I Want for Christmas

Tina comes back to visit her uncle Leroy, and he tries to add the Christmas spirit back inside her. But with Leroy's busy schedule, she loses the faith. Meanwhile, Mr. Shorofsky is hospitalized to remove his tonsils, leaving a pair of kids believing he is the real Santa Claus.
Guest Stars: Caryn Ward as Tina | Zach Bostrom as Timmy | Elden Henson as Matthew | Dick Miller as Lou Mackie | Tony Di Benedetto as Mr. Quimby | John Ingle as The Man In Hospital Suite 2B | Carolyn J. Silas as Laura Mackie | Myrna White as The Nurse | Jaclyn-Rose Lester as The Older Youngster | Carl Bressler as The Pick Pocket | Garette Henson as Youngster #1
Director: Alan Myerson
Songs: Loretta Chandler -- Born In Bethlehem, Gene Anthony Ray -- I Know The Way To Celebrate, Loretta Chandler -- Joy To The World, Jesse Borrego and Michael Cerveris -- Your Wife's Been Cheating On Us Again

122 :06x10 - Fame and Fortune

Nicole gets the chance of a lifetime when she's offered a job as a back-up singer for her idol, Frannie Fortune. But she quickly learns that the business is a dog-eat-dog world. that he's lonely, Danny, Jesse, and Leroy try to bolster Mr. Dyrenforth's love life by posting pictures of him all over the city.
Guest Stars: Bonnie Sheridan as Frannie Fortune (as Bonnie Bramlett) | Jim Piddock as The Record Producer | Frederic Tucker as The Recording Engineer | Patricia Lee Willson as Ellen | Randy Allaire as Randy | Shaun Earl as Shaun
Songs: Debbie Allen, Jesse Borrego, Michael Cerveris,Carlo Imperato -- A Woman Needs a Man, Damaged -- Bonnie Bramlett and Nia Peeples, Bonnie Bramlett -- Find It In Your Mind, Nia Peeples and Bonnie Bramlett -- Mama, He's Treatin' Your Daughter Mean

123 :06x11 - Go Softly Into Morning

Following a party, Miss Grant becomes frustrated when she learns Nicole and Danny missed an important rehearsal for an upcoming performance. Unknown to anyone was that Nicole and Danny were in a car accident with drunk driver Mickey Grath, killing Nicole. Everyone feels the loss of their friend, but Jesse becomes enraged and voes to kill Mickey.
Guest Stars: Sean Gregory Sullivan as Mickey Garth | Dick Miller as Lou Mackie | Betty Karlen as Gina Amatullo | Willard E. Pugh as Mike Lifton | Will MacMillan as Kenneth Garth | Phil Peters as Detective Murray | Carolyn J. Silas as Laura Mackie | Randy Allaire as Vince | Laura Feder as The Ballerina | Lance Sloane as Randy | Jeanette O'Connor as Nurse
Director: Win Phelps
Songs: Michael Cerveris and Debbie Allen -- Private Eye, Carrie Hamilton -- See Your Face Again, (Unknown artist) -- Carnival of the Animals

124 :06x12 - Love Kittens Go to High School

Movie director Jeff Stave's new film "Kittens Go to High School," is to be shot on the site of the School of the Arts. Jillian, working as a student assistant to Mr. Stave, falls for him but quickly learns why their love can never be. The lead actress of the film, Maxie Sharp, decides to stay behind and enroll at the school.
Guest Stars: Olivia Barash as Maxie | John Putch as Jeff Stave | Jim Doughan as Assistant Director | Bill Kalmenson as Cameraman | Shaun Earl as Earl Derringer | Robert Neary as Football Player | Randy Allaire as Vince
Director: Luis Soto
Songs: Olivia Barash -- First In Line, Elisa Heinsohn and Carrie Hamilton -- He Looks Like Romeo

125 :06x13 - The Crimson Blade

Ms. Fleming will be replacing Mr. Dyrenforth while he is away for an appendectomy, and she quickly instills a doctrine prohibiting dancing and singing in the school hallways. Elsewhere, Miltie decides to do a good deed and takes up the persona of the Crimson Blade, performing feats of heroism.
Guest Stars: Robert Romanus as Miltie Horowitz | Olivia Barash as Maxie | Darren Dalton (1) as Doug Logan | Alison La Placa as Ms. Audrey Fleming | Keith Mills as Dr. Korngold | Carolyn J. Silas as Laura Mackie | Richard Murphy as Student
Director: Debbie Allen
Songs: Olivia Barash -- Forever In Your Eyes, Loretta Chandler and Michael Cerveris -- Joyful Noise

126 :06x14 - Pros and Cons

Lydia and her high school sweetheart have rekindled their romance, that is, until she discovers how he makes his a stock swindler. Meanwhile, Ian becomes jealous of his father when he becomes friendly with the kids at the school.
Guest Stars: Julius Carry as Billy Waters | Grainger Hines as Elisa Sellers | Michael Preston as Jack Ware | Patrik Baldauff as Clifton Bauer | Carolyn J. Silas as Laura Mackie | Dick Miller as Mr. Lou Mackie
Director: Michael Switzer
Songs: Michael Cerveris and Mike Preston -- Men About Town, Mike Preston -- What Ho, Mrs. Brisket

127 :06x15 - The Big Contract

Duke, Lou's shifty brother, has come for a visit. After hearing Chris' singing voice, offers him a chance of recording an album. Mr. Seeger is asked to sit on the newspaper committee which includes listening to Maxie and Reggie's bickering.
Guest Stars: Russell Johnson as Duke Mackie | Gary Wood as Grover | Carolyn J. Silas as Laura Mackie | Lew Gallo as Rupert Ritzik | Larry Spinak as Duane Doberman | Teri Hafford as Attractive Woman
Writer: Melinda Bell
Songs: Elisa Heinsohn, Jesse Borrego and Michael Cerveris -- Boys, Birds And Bees, Bill Hufsey -- I'll Find Love

128 :06x16 - Stradi-various

The school becomes a magical location after Mr. Shorofsky receives a violin from Bavaria which he hadn't touched since 1947. He tells the students of the magic which is held inside the instrument and the legend which follows. Convinced of the story, the students clamor over who will possess the violin.
Guest Stars: Tasia Valenza as Denise Hudson | Morey Amsterdam as Morey / Rick | Carolyn J. Silas as Laura Mackie | Alan Abelew as Dugan | Al Pugliese as Pratt | Katie Rich as The Brunette
Songs: Carlo Imperato -- Mack The Knife, (Unknown artist) -- Stradivarious

129 :06x17 - That Was the Weekend That Was

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Guest Stars: Robert Donner as Exalted Muskrat | Trevor Henley as Patrick Becket | Martha Quinn as Linda Hayden | Lee Ving as Fred
Director: Michael Switzer
Songs: Jesse Borrego -- Loco, De Amor, Lee Ving -- The Night Rolls On

130 :06x18 - Ian's Girl

A visit from Ian's ex-girlfriend has him feeling homesick and decides to head back to England, a move which she disapproves of. Meanwhile, Mr. Shorofsky has decided to enter Ian in a competition for classical guitarists, which he refuses to attend. Also, the gang helps Lou get ready for a campaign as the President of the Metropolitan Bowling Operators Association.
Guest Stars: Traci Lind as Joanna | Carolyn J. Silas as Laura Mackie | Gregory Cooke as Will | Sandor Black as Tony | Steve Cooper (2) as Nick
Director: Win Phelps
Songs: Michael Cerveris -- After Dark, Loretta Chandler,Bill Hufsey,Carlo Imperato,Elisa Heinsohn -- Image, Michael Cerveris and Traci Lin -- No Feelings

131 :06x19 - Best Buddies

Danny is excited to learn that his old friend id coming for a visit and has gotten a job with Lou. But Danny has trouble accepting the news that he is gay. Meanwhile, a local stereo store is issuing a challenge for a dance routine to appear in their TV ad, prompting a competition between Leroy and Ms. Grant with their choreography.
Guest Stars: Randy Allaire as Vince | Ivan Kane as Ron | Richard Bright as Al Stefano | Carolyn J. Silas as Laura Mackie | Wynn Irwin as Dippy Dave | Tom Bresnahan as Charlie
Director: Jaime Rogers
Songs: Gene Anthony Ray and Debbie Allen -- Think Big, (Unknown artist) -- Dippy Dave Themes

132 :06x20 - The Lounge Singer Who Knew Too Much

Chris gets caught up into international intrigue after Jillian sends some papers she was typing up for him to his home. Now he is being followed by a pair of men inside of an ice cream vehicle. Meanwhile, Reggie, Ian, and Dusty all participate in a student video contest, but find their subjects to be troublesome.
Guest Stars: Sam Ingraffia as Ostrin | Nicholas Worth as Gallupo | Trevor Henley as Patrick Beckett | Carolyn J. Silas as Laura Mackie | Beau Bishop as Messenger | Jillian Katz as Melissa | Lisa Fuller as Rocket Cola Girl | Wayne Collins, Jr. (1) as Ice Cream Brat
Songs: Debbie Allen -- It Ain't Necessarily So, Debbie Allen -- The Man I Love, Bill Hufsey, Loretta Chandler and Olivia Barash -- When The Going Gets Tough (The Tough Get Going)

133 :06x21 - Reggie and Rose

Reggie helps her close friend Rose, join a summer stock company with her. But having been kicked out of English class, she gives up on both mediums.
Guest Stars: Carol Burnett as Rose | Denny Dillon as Corky, the Cashier | Randy Allaire as Vince | Lew Gallo as Andrew Rotter's
Songs: Carol Burnett -- 's Wonderful, Carol Burnett and Carrie Hamilton -- A Couple of Swells, Carol Burnett -- But Not For Me, Jesse Borrego -- The Way it is

134 :06x22 - Of Cabbages and Kings

The National Cultural Center has chosen the School of the Arts as an organization which will be allowed to enter one item into the time capsule, but no one can decide on what the item will be. Miltie is given an ultimatum to pen an original song or fail, which leads him to plagiarize a 14th century ballad.
Guest Stars: Robert Romanus as Miltie Horowitz | Larry Moss as Foreign Man | George Milan as Frederick Rosen
Director: Debbie Allen
Songs: Olivia Barash -- Believe, Michael Cerveris -- Burn Down The Night, Robert Romanus -- Trust Me, (Unknown artist) -- The Ring Of Love

135 :06x23 - Alice Doesn't Work Here Anymore

Mrs. Berg is caught in a lie when her old lover comes for a visit after having said she was in charge of the whole school, causing the kids to pretend she is the acting principal. Elsewhere, Gordon and Reggie attempt to get Mr. Dyrenforth to accept a computer simulator which allows virtual animal dissections, instead of destroying an actual animal.
Guest Stars: Robert Romanus as Miltie Horowitz | Olivia Barash as Maxie | Diane Cary as Miss Maguire | Jan Rubeลก as Lewis Jacubek | Greg Longstreet as Gordon Wilson | Carolyn J. Silas as Laura Mackie | Mary Kane (1) as Faye | Patrick Gorman as Morris | Cam Clarke as Charlie | David Kock as Burns | Glenn Casale as The Mailman | Marie Capitti as Marie | Lisa Hudson as Lisa | Elizabeth Sharp as The Student
Songs: Jesse Borrego -- Nightmoves, Cast -- You Can Really Do It

136 :06x24 - Baby, Remember My Name

With alumni week in session, this would be a great time to make a video yearbook. Meanwhile, Miss Grant believes Leroy should play the lead of the school showcase, in which alumni and big time producer Michael Taftner turns down feeling that Leroy can't handle the part. Also, Chris lies about his success when asked to be the guest speaker, which causes him to butt heads with Mr. Seger.
Guest Stars: Carol Mayo Jenkins as Elizabeth Sherwood | Lee Curreri as Bruno Martelli | Olivia Barash as Maxie | Russ Tamblyn as Michael Taftner | Cynthia Gibb as Holly Laird | Erica Gimpel as Coco Hernandez | Albert Hague as Mr. Benjamin Shorofsky | Valerie Landsburg as Doris Schwartz | P.R. Paul as Montgomery MacNeil
Director: Debbie Allen
Songs: Cast -- Fame, (Unknown artist) -- Bird Jam, (Unknown artist) -- Legacy
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Music
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: Syndicated ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: January 07, 1982
Ended: May 23, 1987
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