Fame (1982)

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Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
113 06x01 06/Oct/1986 Back to Something New
114 06x02 13/Oct/1986 The Last Dance
115 06x03 20/Oct/1986 New Faces
116 06x04 27/Oct/1986 Judgement Day
117 06x05 03/Nov/1986 All Talking, All Singing, All Dancing
118 06x06 10/Nov/1986 Hold That Baby
119 06x07 17/Nov/1986 A Different Drummer
120 06x08 24/Nov/1986 Mr. Wacky's World
122 06x10 29/Dec/1986 Fame and Fortune
123 06x11 05/Jan/1987 Go Softly Into Morning
127 06x15 16/Feb/1987 The Big Contract
128 06x16 23/Feb/1987 Stradi-various
129 06x17 16/Mar/1987 That Was the Weekend That Was
130 06x18 23/Mar/1987 Ian's Girl
131 06x19 30/Mar/1987 Best Buddies
132 06x20 20/Apr/1987 The Lounge Singer Who Knew Too Much
133 06x21 27/Apr/1987 Reggie and Rose
134 06x22 04/May/1987 Of Cabbages and Kings
135 06x23 11/May/1987 Alice Doesn't Work Here Anymore
136 06x24 18/May/1987 Baby, Remember My Name

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