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Glen Quagmire, voiced by Seth MacFarlane

His trade mark saying is “giggidy giggidy”.
Glen is a pilot & Peter's next door neighbor.
They been friends since Glen was in the Navy when they first met after Glen saved Peter from drowning.

Glen is a huge fan of women and it really doesn't matter what age they are.
Glen has an almost unhealthy fixation on Lois but has managed to keep it from Peter.
He slept with Cleveland's wife which ultimately lead to their divorce, since then Glen and Cleveland buried the hatchet in a boxing ring.

He has said he has never had a "Spanish chick" but in “Wasted Talent” we see a man who looks like Glen who speaks Spanish but punctuates his speech with “Giggidy”.

In the episode “Tales of a Third Grade Nothing”, we find out that Glen has apparently fathered various children around Quahog. Glen goes to school to pick up his “son” Peter and he runs into three children that he recognizes with his own face.

In “Fox-Y Lady” we learn Glen was born in 1948 making him 61 years old.
Peter Griffin, voiced by Seth MacFarlane

Name: Peter Lowenbrau Griffin
Sex: Male
Age: 44
Location: Quahog, Rhode Island
Status: Married
Current Job: Worker at the Quahog Brewery
Past Jobs: Towel Boy, Assembly Line worker at Happy-Go-Lucky Toy Factory, Sheriff, Jouster, and Fisherman.
Hobbies & Interests: Peter enjoys farting, making fun of Meg, drinking until you can't feel feelings anymore, watching TV, and spending time with his best friend Brian and his other friends (Quagmire, Cleveland, and Joe).
Accomplishments: Built a bar in his basement, almost stopped a bank robbery, got Brian out of a death sentence, kidnapped the pope, became Mayor of the new world, cheated death, directed a play, got in touch with his feminine side, got "Gumble to Gumble" back on the air, ran for school board, became the most popular kid at Meg's school, established his own country, won the State Piano competition, beat the Black Knight, became the President of Happy-Go-Lucky Toys, became best friends with James Woods, broke the record for eating the most nickels, killed Mel Gibson, and saved the world from the Passion of Christ 2.
Aspirations: Establish a church of the Fonz, and make his father proud.
History: Peter's ancestory is rooted fairly deep, including having black ancestors (Nate Griffin). Growing up Peter had a father who was not proud of him and a mom who was always drunk. Peter has been working all his life for money, including a job as a towel boy at the Pwetersmchidt mansion, where he met his future wife, Lois.
Notable Quote: "Things always work out if you just do whatever you want without worrying about the consequences."

Brian Griffin, voiced by Seth MacFarlane

Name: Brian Griffin
Sex: Male
Age: 8
Location: Quahog, Rhode Island
Status: Single
Current Job: Unemployed
Past Jobs: Car window washer, director, writer.
Hobbies & Interests: Making fun of Stewie, Drinking, Hanging with his pal Peter.
Accomplishments: Went to court to fight for custody over someone elses puppies, started a novel, directed porn.
History: Brian came from a farm where he was the only talking dog. Brian was broke and poor when Peter took him in to be part of the family.
Notable Quote: "You're back from Manila. You had lumpia for dinner. Then you had sex with two filipino women. And a man."
Stewie Griffin, voiced by Seth MacFarlane

Full name: Stewart Gilligan Griffin
Sex: Male
Age: 1
Location: Quahog, Rhode Island
Status: Single (Divorced)
Current Job: None
Past Jobs: McBurgertown
Hobbies & Interests:
Accomplishments: None
Aspirations: World Leader. Matricide.
History: Stewie's the family's youngest child. For the first 3 and a half seasons he was bent on world domination and killing his mother but after a virtual simulation conducted while “Lois & the Fat Man” were on vacation, he concluded he was not ready to take his place as the world's ruler and the cause of his mother's death so he apparently began exploring his sexuality.
Notable Quote: “Victory is mine!” : “What the deuce?”
Carter Pewterschmidt, voiced by Seth MacFarlane

Carter Pewterschmidt
Born: 1938
Age: 71
Status: Married to Barbara Pewterschmidt

Carter is the father of Lois, Carol and as we learn in “Fat Guy Strangler”, (& then unknown to Lois and Carol), a son named Patrick.
It it seen in an unfinished animatic on one of the DVD sets, Carter and Barbara have another daughter who is a twin to Lois that is kept in a cage in the basement, however she has never been mentioned in the series proper.

Lois also suggests in “Screwed the Pooch” that Carter has fathered a bi-racial child unknown to Barbara.

He is a millionaire who is friends with the likes of Michael Eisner, Ted Turner & Bill Gates.

He was first introduced in the episode “Peter, Peter, Caviar Eater” and we learn he hates Peter and would do anything to get rid of him, including once offering Peter a million dollars to leave Lois.

In “Peter Griffin: Husband, Father...Brother?”, we learn that Carter's ancestors once owned Peter's ancestor Nate Griffin and paid Peter $12,000 in reparations.

Carter does not believe in gay marriage or legalizing pot, mainly because legalizing pot cuts into his profits in the timber industry.

In the episode “Peterotica”, Carter gives Peter 5 dollars so he can publish his series of erotic novels.
Due to a traffic accident involving a reader, Carter is sued and losses all his money.
Barbara leaves him and marries Ted Turner only to soon divorce him and returning to Carter taking half of Ted's fortune with her.

To show how much contempt he has for Peter, Carter has made him eat a pine cone, drink his blood, pushed him into a fire & retrieve a $5 bill at the bottom of a jar filled with salt and barbed wire however in the episode, “Padre De Familia”, Carter finds a small soft spot in his heart to hire Peter to work at his estate when Peter can't find work anywhere else.

In the episode “Ocean's Three and a Half”, Peter, Cleveland, Glen & Joe attempt to steal Carter's money to help pay Joe's medical bills. Joe eventually stops them and Lois asks Carter to load her the money. When Peter asks how she got the money from her father, she tells him it was to hire a divorce attorney.

In “Peter's Progress”, we discover that apparently in a past life Carter was a man named Lord Redbush who was the father of Lady Redbush who happened to look a lot like his daughter Lois.

Carter has made appearances in the episodes, “Peter, Peter, Caviar Eater”, “Death Lives”, “Screwed the Pooch”, “Peter Griffin: Husband, Father...Brother?”, “Family Guy Viewer Mail”, “Model Misbehavior”, “The Fat Guy Strangler”, “Peterotica”, “Bill and Peter's Bogus Journey”, “Blue Harvest” (as Uncle Owen), “Believe it or Not, Joe's Walking on Air”, “Padre De Familia”, “Ocean's Three and a Half”, “420”, “Three Kings” (as Warden Norton) & “Peter's Progress” (as Lord Redbush)
Network: FOX ( USA)
Type: Animation
Genres: Adult Cartoons, Comedy
Status: Returning Series
Airs: Sundays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: January 31, 1999
Episodes Order: 21
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