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 Season 1(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
1 1x01 31/Jan/1999 Death Has a Shadow
2 1x02 11/Apr/1999 I Never Met the Dead Man
3 1x03 18/Apr/1999 Chitty Chitty Death Bang
4 1x04 25/Apr/1999 Mind Over Murder
5 1x05 02/May/1999 A Hero Sits Next Door
6 1x06 09/May/1999 The Son Also Draws
7 1x07 16/May/1999 Brian: Portrait of a Dog

 Season 2(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
8 2x01 23/Sep/1999 Peter, Peter, Caviar Eater
9 2x02 30/Sep/1999 Holy Crap
10 2x03 26/Dec/1999 DaBoom
11 2x04 07/Mar/2000 Brian in Love
12 2x05 14/Mar/2000 Love Thy Trophy
13 2x06 21/Mar/2000 Death Is a Bitch
14 2x07 28/Mar/2000 The King Is Dead
15 2x08 28/Mar/2000 I Am Peter, Hear Me Roar
16 2x09 04/Apr/2000 If I'm Dyin' I'm Lyin'
17 2x10 11/Apr/2000 Running Mates
18 2x11 18/Apr/2000 A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Bucks
19 2x12 25/Apr/2000 Fifteen Minutes of Shame
20 2x13 30/May/2000 Road to Rhode Island
21 2x14 06/Jun/2000 Let's Go to the Hop
22 2x15 13/Jun/2000 Dammit Janet
23 2x16 27/Jun/2000 There's Something About Paulie
24 2x17 27/Jun/2000 He's Too Sexy for His Fat
25 2x18 12/Jul/2000 E. Peterbus Unum
26 2x19 18/Jul/2000 The Story on Page One
27 2x20 25/Jul/2000 Wasted Talent
28 2x21 01/Aug/2000 Fore, Father

 Season 3(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
29 3x01 11/Jul/2001 The Thin White Line (1)
30 3x02 18/Jul/2001 Brian Does Hollywood (2)
31 3x03 25/Jul/2001 Mr. Griffin Goes to Washington
32 3x04 01/Aug/2001 One If By Clam, Two If By Sea
33 3x05 08/Aug/2001 And the Wiener is...
34 3x06 15/Aug/2001 Death Lives
35 3x07 22/Aug/2001 Lethal Weapons
36 3x08 29/Aug/2001 The Kiss Seen Around the World
37 3x09 05/Sep/2001 Mr. Saturday Knight
38 3x10 19/Sep/2001 Fish Out of Water
39 3x11 08/Nov/2001 Emission Impossible
40 3x12 15/Nov/2001 To Live and Die in Dixie
41 3x13 29/Nov/2001 Screwed The Pooch
42 3x14 06/Dec/2001 Peter Griffin: Husband, Father...Brother?
43 3x15 20/Dec/2001 Ready, Willing, and Disabled
44 3x16 21/Dec/2001 A Very Special Family Guy Freakin' Christmas
45 3x17 17/Jan/2002 Brian Wallows and Peter's Swallows
46 3x18 24/Jan/2002 From Method to Madness
47 3x19 31/Jan/2002 Stuck Together, Torn Apart
48 3x20 07/Feb/2002 Road to Europe
49 3x21 14/Feb/2002 Family Guy Viewer Mail #1
50 3x22 10/Dec/2004 When You Wish Upon a Weinstein

 Season 4(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
51 4x01 01/May/2005 North by North Quahog
52 4x02 08/May/2005 Fast Times at Buddy Cianci Jr. High
53 4x03 15/May/2005 Blind Ambition
54 4x04 05/Jun/2005 Don't Make Me Over
55 4x05 12/Jun/2005 The Cleveland-Loretta Quagmire
56 4x06 19/Jun/2005 Petarded
57 4x07 26/Jun/2005 Brian the Bachelor
58 4x08 10/Jul/2005 8 Simple Rules for Buying My Teenage Daughter
59 4x09 17/Jul/2005 Breaking Out Is Hard to Do
60 4x10 24/Jul/2005 Model Misbehavior
61 4x11 11/Sep/2005 Peter's Got Woods
62 4x12 18/Sep/2005 Perfect Castaway
63 4x13 25/Sep/2005 Jungle Love
64 4x14 06/Nov/2005 PTV
65 4x15 13/Nov/2005 Brian Goes Back to College
66 4x16 20/Nov/2005 The Courtship of Stewie's Father
67 4x17 27/Nov/2005 Fat Guy Strangler
68 4x18 18/Dec/2005 The Father, the Son & the Holy Fonz
69 4x19 08/Jan/2006 Brian Sings and Swings
70 4x20 29/Jan/2006 Patriot Games
71 4x21 12/Mar/2006 I Take Thee, Quagmire
72 4x22 26/Mar/2006 Sibling Rivalry
73 4x23 09/Apr/2006 Deep Throats
74 4x24 23/Apr/2006 Peterotica
75 4x25 30/Apr/2006 You May Kiss The...Uh...Guy Who Receives
76 4x26 07/May/2006 Petergeist
77 4x27 14/May/2006 Untitled Griffin Family History
78 4x28 21/May/2006 Stewie B. Goode (1)
79 4x29 21/May/2006 Bango Was His Name-O (2)
80 4x30 21/May/2006 Stu & Stewie's Excellent Adventure (3)

 Season 5(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
81 5x01 10/Sep/2006 Stewie Loves Lois
82 5x02 17/Sep/2006 Mother Tucker
83 5x03 24/Sep/2006 Hell Comes to Quahog
84 5x04 05/Nov/2006 Saving Private Brian
85 5x05 12/Nov/2006 Whistle While Your Wife Works
86 5x06 19/Nov/2006 Prick Up Your Ears
87 5x07 26/Nov/2006 Chick Cancer
88 5x08 17/Dec/2006 Barely Legal
89 5x09 28/Jan/2007 Road to Rupert
90 5x10 11/Feb/2007 Peter's Two Dads
91 5x11 18/Feb/2007 The Tan Aquatic with Steve Zissou
92 5x12 04/Mar/2007 Airport '07
93 5x13 11/Mar/2007 Bill and Peter's Bogus Journey
94 5x14 25/Mar/2007 No Meals On Wheels
95 5x15 29/Apr/2007 Boys Do Cry
96 5x16 06/May/2007 No Chris Left Behind
97 5x17 13/May/2007 It Takes A Village Idiot, And I Married One
98 5x18 20/May/2007 Meet the Quagmires

 Season 6(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
99 6x01 23/Sep/2007 Blue Harvest
100 6x02 30/Sep/2007 Movin' Out (Brian's Song)
101 6x03 07/Oct/2007 Believe It Or Not, Joe's Walking On Air
102 6x04 04/Nov/2007 Stewie Kills Lois (1)
103 6x05 11/Nov/2007 Lois Kills Stewie (2)
104 6x06 18/Nov/2007 Padre de Familia
105 6x07 25/Nov/2007 Peter's Daughter
106 6x08 13/Jan/2008 McStroke
107 6x09 17/Feb/2008 Back to the Woods
108 6x10 02/Mar/2008 Play it Again, Brian
109 6x11 27/Apr/2008 The Former Life of Brian
110 6x12 04/May/2008 Long John Peter

 Season 7(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
111 7x01 28/Sep/2008 Love Blactually
112 7x02 05/Oct/2008 I Dream of Jesus
113 7x03 19/Oct/2008 Road to Germany
114 7x04 02/Nov/2008 Baby Not On Board
115 7x05 09/Nov/2008 The Man With Two Brians
116 7x06 16/Nov/2008 Tales of a Third Grade Nothing
117 7x07 15/Feb/2009 Ocean's Three and a Half
118 7x08 08/Mar/2009 Family Gay
119 7x09 15/Mar/2009 The Juice Is Loose!
120 7x10 22/Mar/2009 FOX-y Lady
121 7x11 29/Mar/2009 Not All Dogs Go to Heaven
122 7x12 19/Apr/2009 420
123 7x13 26/Apr/2009 Stew-Roids
124 7x14 03/May/2009 We Love You Conrad
125 7x15 10/May/2009 Three Kings
126 7x16 17/May/2009 Peter's Progress

 Season 8(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
127 8x01 27/Sep/2009 Road to the Multiverse
128 8x02 04/Oct/2009 Family Goy
129 8x03 11/Oct/2009 Spies Reminiscent of Us
130 8x04 08/Nov/2009 Brian's Got a Brand New Bag
131 8x05 08/Nov/2009 Hannah Banana
132 8x06 15/Nov/2009 Quagmire's Baby
133 8x07 22/Nov/2009 Jerome Is the New Black
134 8x08 29/Nov/2009 Dog Gone
135 8x09 13/Dec/2009 Business Guy
136 8x10 03/Jan/2010 Big Man on Hippocampus
137 8x11 31/Jan/2010 Dial Meg for Murder
138 8x12 14/Feb/2010 Extra Large Medium
139 8x13 14/Mar/2010 Go, Stewie, Go!
140 8x14 21/Mar/2010 Peter-assment
141 8x15 28/Mar/2010 Brian Griffin's House of Payne
142 8x16 11/Apr/2010 April In Quahog
143 8x17 02/May/2010 Brian & Stewie
144 8x18 09/May/2010 Quagmire's Dad
145 8x19 16/May/2010 The Splendid Source
146 8x20 23/May/2010 Something, Something, Something, Dark Side
147 8x21 Unaired Partial Terms of Endearment

 Season 9(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
148 9x01 26/Sep/2010 And Then There Were Fewer
149 9x02 03/Oct/2010 Excellence in Broadcasting
150 9x03 10/Oct/2010 Welcome Back, Carter
151 9x04 07/Nov/2010 Halloween on Spooner Street
152 9x05 14/Nov/2010 Baby, You Knock Me Out
153 9x06 21/Nov/2010 Brian Writes a Bestseller
154 9x07 12/Dec/2010 Road to the North Pole
155 9x08 09/Jan/2011 New Kidney in Town
156 9x09 16/Jan/2011 And I'm Joyce Kinney
157 9x10 13/Feb/2011 Friends of Peter G
158 9x11 20/Feb/2011 German Guy
159 9x12 06/Mar/2011 The Hand That Rocks the Wheelchair
160 9x13 20/Mar/2011 Trading Places
161 9x14 10/Apr/2011 Tiegs for Two
162 9x15 17/Apr/2011 Brothers & Sisters
163 9x16 08/May/2011 The Big Bang Theory
164 9x17 15/May/2011 Foreign Affairs
165 9x18 22/May/2011 It's a Trap!

 Season 10(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
166 10x01 25/Sep/2011 Lottery Fever
167 10x02 02/Oct/2011 Seahorse Seashell Party (2)
168 10x03 30/Oct/2011 Screams of Silence: The Story of Brenda Q
169 10x04 06/Nov/2011 Stewie Goes for a Drive
170 10x05 13/Nov/2011 Back to the Pilot
171 10x06 20/Nov/2011 Thanksgiving
172 10x07 27/Nov/2011 Amish Guy
173 10x08 04/Dec/2011 Cool Hand Peter
174 10x09 11/Dec/2011 Grumpy Old Man
175 10x10 08/Jan/2012 Quagmire & Meg
176 10x11 15/Jan/2012 The Blind Side
177 10x12 29/Jan/2012 Livin’ On A Prayer
178 10x13 12/Feb/2012 Tom Tucker: The Man and His Dream
179 10x14 19/Feb/2012 Be Careful What You Fish For
180 10x15 04/Mar/2012 Burning Down the Bayit
181 10x16 11/Mar/2012 Killer Queen
182 10x17 18/Mar/2012 Forget-Me-Not
183 10x18 01/Apr/2012 You Can’t Do That On Television, Peter
184 10x19 29/Apr/2012 Mr. and Mrs. Stewie
185 10x20 06/May/2012 Leggo My Meg-O
186 10x21 13/May/2012 Tea Peter
187 10x22 20/May/2012 Family Guy Viewer Mail #2
188 10x23 20/May/2012 Internal Affairs

 Season 11(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
189 11x01 30/Sep/2012 Into Fat Air
190 11x02 07/Oct/2012 Ratings Guy
191 11x03 04/Nov/2012 The Old Man & the Big 'C'
192 11x04 11/Nov/2012 Yug Ylimaf
193 11x05 18/Nov/2012 Joe's Revenge
194 11x06 25/Nov/2012 Lois Comes Out of Her Shell
195 11x07 09/Dec/2012 Friends Without Benefits
196 11x08 23/Dec/2012 Jesus, Mary & Joseph
197 11x09 06/Jan/2013 Space Cadet
198 11x10 13/Jan/2013 Brian's Play
199 11x11 27/Jan/2013 The Giggity Wife
200 11x12 10/Feb/2013 Valentine's Day in Quahog
201 11x13 17/Feb/2013 Chris Cross
202 11x14 10/Mar/2013 Call Girl
203 11x15 17/Mar/2013 Turban Cowboy
204 11x16 24/Mar/2013 12 and a Half Angry Men
205 11x17 14/Apr/2013 Bigfat
206 11x18 28/Apr/2013 Total Recall
207 11x19 05/May/2013 Save the Clam
208 11x20 12/May/2013 Farmer Guy
209 11x21 19/May/2013 Roads to Vegas
210 11x22 19/May/2013 No Country Club For Old Men

 Season 12(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
211 12x01 29/Sep/2013 Finders Keepers
212 12x02 06/Oct/2013 Vestigial Peter
213 12x03 03/Nov/2013 Quagmire's Quagmire
214 12x04 10/Nov/2013 A Fistful of Meg
215 12x05 17/Nov/2013 Boopa-dee Bappa-dee
216 12x06 24/Nov/2013 Life of Brian
217 12x07 08/Dec/2013 Into Harmony’s Way
218 12x08 15/Dec/2013 Christmas Guy
219 12x09 05/Jan/2014 Peter Problems
220 12x10 12/Jan/2014 Grimm Job
221 12x11 26/Jan/2014 Brian's a Bad Father
222 12x12 09/Mar/2014 Mom's the Word
223 12x13 16/Mar/2014 3 Acts of God
224 12x14 23/Mar/2014 Fresh Heir
225 12x15 30/Mar/2014 Secondhand Spoke
226 12x16 06/Apr/2014 Herpe the Love Sore
227 12x17 13/Apr/2014 The Most Interesting Man in the World
228 12x18 27/Apr/2014 Baby Got Black
229 12x19 04/May/2014 Meg Stinks!
230 12x20 11/May/2014 He's Bla-ack!
231 12x21 18/May/2014 Chap Stewie

 Season 13(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
232 13x01 28/Sep/2014 The Simpsons Guy
233 13x02 05/Oct/2014 Book Of Joe
234 13x03 19/Oct/2014 Baking Bad
235 13x04 09/Nov/2014 Brian the Closer
236 13x05 16/Nov/2014 Turkey Guys
237 13x06 07/Dec/2014 The 2000-Year-Old Virgin
238 13x07 04/Jan/2015 Stewie, Chris, & Brian's Excellent Adventure
239 13x08 11/Jan/2015 Our Idiot Brian
240 13x09 25/Jan/2015 This Little Piggy
241 13x10 08/Feb/2015 Quagmire's Mom
242 13x11 15/Feb/2015 Encyclopedia Griffin
243 13x12 08/Mar/2015 Stewie Is Enceinte
244 13x13 15/Mar/2015 Dr. C and the Women
245 13x14 12/Apr/2015 JOLO
246 13x15 19/Apr/2015 Once Bitten
247 13x16 26/Apr/2015 Roasted Guy
248 13x17 03/May/2015 Fighting Irish
249 13x18 17/May/2015 Take My Wife

 Season 14(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
250 14x01 27/Sep/2015 Pilling Them Softly
251 14x02 04/Oct/2015 Papa Has A Rollin' Son
252 14x03 11/Oct/2015 Guy, Robot
253 14x04 25/Oct/2015 Peternormal Activity
254 14x05 08/Nov/2015 Peter, Chris & Brian
255 14x06 15/Nov/2015 Peter's Sister
256 14x07 22/Nov/2015 Hot Pocket-Dial
257 14x08 06/Dec/2015 Brokeback Swanson
258 14x09 13/Dec/2015 A Shot in the Dark
259 14x10 03/Jan/2016 Candy Quahog Marshmallow
260 14x11 10/Jan/2016 The Peanut Butter Kid
261 14x12 17/Jan/2016 Scammed Yankees
262 14x13 14/Feb/2016 An App A Day
263 14x14 21/Feb/2016 Underage Peter
264 14x15 06/Mar/2016 A Lot Going On Upstairs
265 14x16 13/Mar/2016 The Heartbreak Dog
266 14x17 17/Apr/2016 Take A Letter
267 14x18 08/May/2016 The New Adventures of Old Tom
268 14x19 15/May/2016 Run, Chris, Run
269 14x20 22/May/2016 Road to India

S06 - #104/Nov/2007Family Guy 100th Episode Special9.1
S07 - #2UnairedCreating the ChaosN/A
S07 - #3UnairedThe Story So Far...N/A
S08 - #4UnairedThe Top 20 CharactersN/A
S08 - #508/Nov/2009Family Guy Presents: Seth & Alex's Almost Live Comedy Show8.3
S09 - #6UnairedGroundbreaking GagsN/A
S11 - #711/Nov/2012200 Episodes Later7.7

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Premiere: January 31, 1999
Episode Order: 21
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