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Family Guy: Dog Gone

When Brian accidentally kills another dog, he is surprised to see that no one cares, so he tries to convince everyone that the life of a dog should have the same value as a human one.

Meanwhile, Lois hires Consuela as their maid.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 8x8
Production Number: 7ACX07
Airdate: Sunday November 29th, 2009

Director: Julius Wu
Writer: Steve Callaghan

Alternate Airdates:

UK (itv2) May 30, 2010

Guest Stars
Mike Henry (1)Mike Henry (1)
voiced Consuela
Adam WestAdam West
voiced Mayor Adam West
Alec SulkinAlec Sulkin
voiced Various
Alex BreckenridgeAlex Breckenridge
voiced Various
Danny Smith (1)Danny Smith (1)
voiced Various
Fred TatascioreFred Tatasciore
voiced Various
John VienerJohn Viener
voiced Various
Mark HentemannMark Hentemann
voiced Various
Patrick WarburtonPatrick Warburton
voiced Joe Swanson
Phil LaMarrPhil LaMarr
voiced Ollie Williams (Deleted Scene: Volume 8)
Ralph GarmanRalph Garman
voiced Various
Chris MatthewsChris Matthews
voiced Himself
Eddie SoteloEddie Sotelo
voiced Mikey
Nathan Gunn (2)Nathan Gunn (2)
voiced Italian Opera Singer
Main Cast
Seth MacFarlaneSeth MacFarlane
voiced Peter Griffin | Stewie Griffin | Brian Griffin | Various Characters
Alex BorsteinAlex Borstein
voiced Lois Griffin | Various Characters
Seth GreenSeth Green
voiced Chris Griffin | Various Characters
Mila KunisMila Kunis
voiced Meg Griffin
Episode Notes
“Dog Gone” was seen by 8.482 million viewers

Listed in the credits of this episode is Kel MacFarlane.

Kel MacFarlane is the webmaster of the fan site and won the chance to meet Seth MacFarlane in 2008.

In an extended scene from Volume 8:

After Consuela hangs up with Stewie about his stolen play money, there's a scene with Peter in the bathroom.

(Peter hears Consuela vacuuming outside the bathroom door)
(Peter looks up from his book and sees Consuela standing there)
Peter: “Jeez! Can you give me a break here?”
Consuela: “I clean toilet.”
Peter: “What?”
Consuela: “I clean toilet”
Peter: “What are you doing? I'm on the john!”
Consuela: “Is okay.”
Peter: “Please leave!”
Consuela: “Oh, okay.”
(Consuela leaves and returns holding a lamp)
Consuela: “This trash?”
Peter: Trash? What? No! It's a functioning lamp.“”
Consuela: “No. Is okay, I take home.”
Peter: “What the hell is happening right now!?”

In an extended scene from Volume 8:

During Brian's video of animal cruelty after the family eats the burgers there's a scene parodying the famous “Hang In There” cat poster.

Narrator: “In photography studios”
Cat: “Get me the f_ _k down from here! What am I, a f_ _king clown!?”
Photographer: “Humans will chuckle at this.”

In the Deleted Scenes on Volume 8 titled “There's No News to Report Tonight”:

During a news broadcast Tom announces there's no news tonight so he's just going to do news cadences.
He mutters in a stereotypical newsman manner throwing it to Ollie Williams who simply says “Blah Blah Blah”.

In the Deleted Scenes on Volume 8 titled “The Invention of Sex”:

When Stewie is chastising Brian for Googling himself, he says “Yeah you found that on page 81 of your Google search.”
Brian: “Well try to belittle it but even you can see this is a total validation of my work. This is bigger than the invention of sex”
(Cut to a couple in bed)
Man: “I'm gonna take the grossest part of my body and stick it in the grossest part of your body.”
Woman: “Just once?”
Man: “No, a lot of times.”
Woman: “I can actually think of a grosser part of my body.”
Man: “We'll do that too.”

In the Deleted Scenes on Volume 8 titled “Look at the Wonderful Thing I've Done”:

Peter: “Hey there, everybody having a good morning?”
Stewie: “Uh yes”
Brian: “Yeah”
Chris: “I like questions”
Peter: “Well it's a bout to get a whole lot better. Follow me.”
(Chris, Brian & Stewie follow Peter into the living room)
Peter: “Look at the wonderful thing I've done”
Chris: “What is it dad?”
Peter: “It's quicksand”
Brian: “Peter, why the hell did you put a quicksand pit in the living room?”
Chris: “Dad, this is so cool, how'd you do this?”
Peter: “Well it's very simple, I filled the basement with quicksand and cut a hole in the floor. As for the why, well I had about 16 beers last night and by number 11, it just felt like something I had to do.”
(Lois enters the house with an arm load of grocery bags)
Lois: “Uh, Peter can you take one of these bags, my arms are...”
“AHHH! What the Hell!”
Peter: “Oh my god don't struggle Lois! It'll only make you die faster”
Lois: “Give me something to grab on to!”
Peter: “I got something for you to grab on to”
Lois: “What!”
Peter: “It's all about keeping the marriage fresh Lois. I asked the other night and you were too tired well this is what it's come to.”
Lois: “Peter, I had food poisoning” (sniffs) “This quicksand smells like cake mix”
Peter: “It's mostly cake mix Lois, by the way we're out of cake mix.”
Lois: “Get me outta here!”
Stewie: “Ha look at her. She's more wound up then a bird that's afraid of heights”
(Cutaway to a flying bird)
Bird: “Oh god... Oh God! (looks down) AAAHHH! This is awful, this is awful! ”

In the Deleted Scenes on Volume 8 titled “Consuela Meets Meg”:

Meg: “Hi, I'm Meg. It's really nice to meet you. I'm taking a Spanish class at school. Maybe you and I can be friends?”
Consuela: “Uh... No... No.”
Meg: (whispering to Chris) “She probably doesn't understand me.”
Consuela: “No, I understand. We no friends.”

In the Deleted Scenes on Volume 8 titled “You're THAT Brian Griffin”:

At the pizza parlor instead of Jimmy giving Brian the reward the chaperon lines up the R.I.S.S.L.E. group so the Brian can read the book to them individually.

Peter runs up and is surprised to see him, oblivious to fact the Brian Griffin who wrote “Faster Than the Speed of Love” is the Brian he's known for decades.

In the Deleted Scenes on Volume 8 titled “Not Very Sexy Party”:

Stewie sets up one of his Sexy Parties, except in this case it's a Not Very Sexy Party so instead of the lovely bikini clad women, he has six over weight women in bikinis getting winded at the dance moves (and one of them farting) with Stewie looking into the camera and stating, “Not very sexy”

In the Deleted Scenes on Volume 8 titled “It's My New Ringtone”:

Before Brian confesses to killing a dog, he in full panic mode so Stewie messes with him by playing his new ring tones which is a police siren & his text alert tone, a voice saying “Come out of the house with your hands up dog!”

(Peter enters the scene)
Peter: “Hey Brian, oh my god I had the best time last night at my book meeting. You should have been there. Brian Griffin was there! It was awesome! Way better than the time I met that rabbi who dispensed obvious advice.”
(Cutaway to Peter eating at an outdoor restaurant with a Rabbi watching)
Rabbi: “Are you eating?”
Peter: “Yes”
Rabbi: “Good. Eat.”

In the Deleted Scenes on Volume 8 titled “Ike, This is Tina”:

After Stewie shows Brian the photo he took of Brian burying the dead dog.

Stewie: “Oh what can I say I'm a bastard. I'm the one who introduced Ike and Tina Turner”
(Cut to what appears to be backstage)
Stewie: “Ike, this is Tina, Tina this is Ike”
Ike: “Nice to meet you.”
Tina: “Hello.”
Stewie: (to Ike) “Are you going to take that?”

In the Deleted Scenes on Volume 8 titled “Peter's Tongue Twister”:

Peter: “Oh my god! It happened! My tongue twister got accepted by Highlights magazine. Soon the whole world will be saying, My date Kate ate 8 plates of my late great mate Larry Tate”
Stewie: “My date Kate ate ate late... my god he's right, that is a hard one isn't it”

In the Deleted Scenes on Volume 8 titled “Animals Killing Animals”:

There's an alternate scene to the “Welcome to Feline AIDS” cutaway.

After Peter says, that happens all the time in nature, there's a giraffe eating leaves from a tree, an elephant walks in and shoots the giraffe to death with a tommy gun and then steals money from his wallet

In the Deleted Scenes on Volume 8 titled “What the Hell Happened to Patches?”:

Instead of the dog attacking the smaller dog and killing the cop, Brian releases the tied up dog outside the ice cream shop and it runs away.

A father and son walk out and the father shouts, “What the hell happened to Patches?”.
Son: “I tied him up right here daddy”
Father: “Now he's gone you dumb ass!”
(The father starts to beat the son)
Son: “Please daddy stop beating me something fierce”
(Brian realizes the son sounds like Stewie)
Brian: “Wait a minute... That's... That sounds like...”
Stewie: “Yeah it's not a coincidence. I see him at the library. I based my character on him.”

In the Deleted Scenes on Volume 8 titled “Quagmire & the Hamster”:

During Brian's meeting Glen reads in Brian's brochure that he's not allowed to stick a hamster up his ass.
Brian says “That's right”, to which Glen says he's “not taking it out right here”.
The mummers from the crowd agree with Glen including one lone voice that says “Yeah leave it in”.

In the Deleted Scenes on Volume 8 titled “Brian in the Tub”:

While Brian sits in the tub crying, Stewie says “You know what's weird? You're voluntarily sitting in that tub and twice a year I have to watch Peter manhandle you into it for a flea dip”

Episode Goofs
Eddie “Piolín” Sotelo's name is misspelled in the credits, it's spelled with 2 L's

In the kitchen, Peter and Glen hear Lois say she's home but in the next scene she is still outside.

Brian takes the “award” but when he says “I already can”, about smelling Randy's finger, the award is gone.

Cultural References
Stewie: “Why are you getting MapQuest directions to Abigail Breslin's house?”

Oscar© nominated American actress Abigail Breslin (1996-) is mentioned in this episode

Stewie: “Whoa, take it easy, you're gettin' a bigger head than Chris Matthews”

The host of “Hardball” (1994-), Chris Matthews (1945-), who provided his own voice, is featured in this episode.

In the same “Hardball” scene, American actor Kurtwood Smith, who may be best known as “Red Forman” from “That 70's Show” is also featured in this episode.

Brian: “You know what father from Family Circus, all you do is judge other people, every day in the funnies all you do is judge. Why don't you shut your *bleep* mouth for once and go home and *bleep* your wife in the face”

Premiering February 29 1960, “Family Circus” was created and written by cartoonist Bil Keane (October 5, 1922–November 8, 2011) and inked/colored by his son, Jeff Keane.

The father who's name is “Bill”, takes Brian up on his suggestion and apparently does exactly what Brian said to do with his wife because later in the episode Peter is reading the paper and states “this is a very shocking Family Circus”

Visual: “Welcome to the World of Feline AIDS”

Allusion to the “AIDS Mary” or “AIDS Murray” urban legend.
Essentially as it shows in the cutaway, a man or woman would sleep with a random stranger and wake up the next morning and written on the bathroom mirror would be, “Welcome to the World of AIDS”

Comedienne and Actress Betty White (1922-) is mentioned in this episode as well as her involvement in animal rights.

She has done an anti-fur advertisment with PETA but she has been vocal against them saying “they play dirty” & “they not only give misinformation but disinformation”.

She works mainly with the Morris Animal Foundation.

Episode References
When Peter says they don't have money for the maid, Lois brings up the Petercopter he used in “The Cleveland-Loretta Quagmire”, which after crashing it into Joe's house, Joe also questioned Peter's ability to afford his various contraptions.

Although probably not intentional, the singer from Consuela's radio sounds like Seth MacFarlane's character “Tim” from “The Cleveland Show”

Other Episode Crew

CreatorSeth MacFarlane
DeveloperSeth MacFarlane  |  David Zuckerman
Executive ProducerDavid A. Goodman  |  Mark Hentemann  |  Steve Callaghan  |  Danny Smith (1)  |  Chris Sheridan  |  Seth MacFarlane
Co-Executive ProducerBrian Scully  |  Alec Sulkin  |  Wellesley Wild
ProducerKara Vallow  |  John Viener  |  Patrick Meighan  |  Shannon Smith  |  Cherry Chevapravatdumrong
Co-ProducerKim Fertman
Consulting ProducerJonathan Jacobs  |  Tom Devanney  |  Gary Janetti
Associate ProducerKarin Perrotta
EditorMichael Elias
CastingLinda Lamontagne
Staff WriterAlex Carter (3)  |  Andy Goldberg
MusicRon Jones (1)
Production AssistantKat Purgal
Production CoordinatorAnne Michaud  |  Nick Cofrancesco
Assistant EditorEric Brown (2)
Post Production SupervisorCharles Song
Storyboard ArtistSteve Fonti  |  Jeff Stewart (2)  |  Kurt Dumas
Character DesignerMickey Cassidy
Supervising DirectorJames Purdum  |  Peter Shin
Production ManagerBrent Crowe
Main Title ThemeWalter Murphy
Assistant DirectorJohn Banh
Storyboard RevisionistMarcos García  |  Young Lee  |  Ron Smith
Writing AssistantKristin Long  |  David Wright (1)
Production ControllerLiddane Sanders
AssistantBrandee Stilwell  |  David Ihlenfeld  |  Leslie Reider  |  Artie Johann  |  A. Spencer Porter
Retake DirectorSarah Frost
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