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Family Guy: A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Bucks

When an art dealer discovers Chris's painting for Peter, The Griffins head to New York, where the art dealer attempts to change Chris into the art world's next big thing.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 2x11
Production Number: 2ACX07
Airdate: Tuesday April 18th, 2000

Director: Gavin Dell
Writer: Craig Hoffman

Guest Stars
Candice BergenCandice Bergen
voiced Murphy Brown
Danny Smith (1)Danny Smith (1)
voiced Antonio Monatti (Big Bird)
Dee Bradley BakerDee Bradley Baker
voiced Various
Faith FordFaith Ford
voiced Corky Sherwood
Jennifer TillyJennifer Tilly
voiced Bonnie Swanson
Joey SlotnickJoey Slotnick
voiced Bob | Carter (Angry Man)
Patrick WarburtonPatrick Warburton
voiced Joe Swanson
Rachael MacFarlaneRachael MacFarlane
voiced Various
Charles KimbroughCharles Kimbrough
voiced Jim Dial
Joe RegalbutoJoe Regalbuto
voiced Frank Fontana
Main Cast
Seth MacFarlaneSeth MacFarlane
voiced Peter Griffin | Stewie Griffin | Brian Griffin | Various Characters
Alex BorsteinAlex Borstein
voiced Lois Griffin | Various Characters
Seth GreenSeth Green
voiced Chris Griffin | Various Characters
Mila KunisMila Kunis
voiced Meg Griffin
Mike Henry (1)Mike Henry (1)
voiced Cleveland Brown | Various Characters
Episode Notes
The end credits of this episode are in capital letters.

Episode Quotes
Lois: Are you Kate Moss? For someone with no breasts, you've done very well for yourself. Good for you.

Peter: My son here is gonna be the best thing to happen in New York since Mayor Giuliani had all the homeless people secretly killed.

Chris: It's partially an expression of my teenage angst...but mostly, it's a moo cow!

Chris: But dad, I made that painting just for you.
Peter: Oh thats ok Chris, I didnt even want it!

Lois: Look, it says 'Happy Birthday Daddy, Love Stewie'.
Stewie: Let me see that! Did you forge my name? Oh, is that backwards 'S' supposed to be cute? I'm going to crap double for you tonight!

Episode Goofs
"Meteor", the apparent name of a Funland rollercoaster, is misspelled "Metor".

Brian's collar is momentarily Yellow while they are standing in the lobby of the hotel.

During the UN scene, Russia's flag is miscolored.

Brian was born in a puppy mill in 1993 (if we assume the “7 years ago” from “Road to Rhode Island” was based on the year the episode aired, 2000) so he couldn't have hung out with Andy Warhol in the 70's.

The crack in the floor that Kate falls through isn't there when she first walks up to the table and introduced to Christobel.

In the transition scene with the hotel before Peter says “I can't believe Chris”, the cars passing in front of the hotel are emerging from nowhere. They appear to be simply driving out of the tree.

The hole in Peter's back window is much larger when he covers it up with Chris' painting then it was when it was made.

The blades of the windmill have vanished between shots.

The hot dog Chris drops on the ground is nowhere to be seen when the shot widens out.

Cultural References
This episode's title “A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Bucks” is a take-off of the maxim “A picture is worth a thousand words”

Peter: “Bob's Funland and Putt-Putt Golf! The grown-up likes the prospect of fun... But the kid in me is suicidal over what a fat bastard I'll become!”

This is a spoof of the Kellogg's Frosted Mini-Wheats commercials.

Stewie: “Ooooo how deliciously evil looking! It's like something out of Stephen King”

The evil clown doll may be a reference to King's character “Pennywise the Clown” from his novel “IT!”.

Stephen King (1947-) (voiced by Seth MacFarlane) is featured in the following scene as not trying very hard with his books.

People Magazine is mentioned in this episode

Peter: “...or like my cousin Kathy Griffin?”

D-List celebrity Kathy Griffin (1961-) is mentioned in this episode as being Peter's cousin.

Kathy mentions her stint on the NBC sitcom “Suddenly Susan” (1996-2000)

Devil's Minion: “Seems he already sold his soul in 1976 for Bee Gees tickets”

The musical group Bee Gees (1958-2003), best known for their 1977 “Saturday Night Fever” & 1983 “Staying Alive” soundtracks are mentioned in this episode.

Brian: “I met him when I was hanging out w/ Andy Warhol in the 70's”

Famous American POP artist & filmmaker Andy Warhol (1928-1987) in mentioned in this episode.

The can of soup poured over Brian is an allusion to his series of art pieces where he simply painted Campbell Soup Cans.

Brian apparently starred in one of Andy's avant-garde films called, the fictitiously titled “Andy Warhol's Lassie” named after the dog from movies & the same named TV show “Lassie” (1954-1973).

Peter: “Because that's good parenting, Right Bing Crosby”
Bing Crosby: “That's right Peter, and if your kids give you any lip you can beat them with a sack of sweet Valencia oranges. It won't leave a bruise and they'll let 'em know who's boss. There's no doubt about it”

American singer and movie star Bing Crosby (1901-1977) is featured in this episode (voiced by Seth MacFarlane).
After Crosby's death, his eldest son, Gary, wrote a highly critical memoir, “Going My Own Way”, depicting his father as cold, remote, and both physically and psychologically abusive however, younger son Phillip frequently disputed his brother Gary's claims about their father.

The theme for the long running ABC cop drama “NYPD Blue” is played with inter-cut scenes of the city in the same manner as portrayed in the show.

Voice from taxi speaker: “Hi this is David Leisure. You probably remember me as the neighbor from TV's Empty Nest. No? How about those car commercials when I played Joe Isuzu? The guy who lied? Come on! Those were really popular! They ran all the time! All right, look, just buckle up. Can I get my check now?”

David Leisure (1950-), or rather his voice (provided by Seth MacFarlane) makes an appearance in this epsiode.
He did indeed play the neighbor “Charley Dietz” on the NBC Saturday night sitcom, “Empty Nest” (1988-1995)

Peter: “Hey do you have any bellhop that are rats like the Muppets?”

Reference to the character “Rizzo” the rat and his assortment of rat friends from the 1981 movie “The Great Muppet Caper” when they worked as bellhops in the “Happiness Hotel”

“Uncle Vanya”, a tragicomedy by the Russian playwright Anton Chekhov published in 1899 is featured in this episode.

Brian: “Mapplethorpe? I thought he just did photography.”

Robert Mapplethorpe (1946-1989) was an American photographer, known for his large-scale, highly stylized black and white portraits, photos of flowers and naked men.
He became very big news when his graphic photos were used in the debate about public funding for artwork.

Former Major League Baseball player Reggie Jackson (1946-) is mentioned in this episode.

Brian: “Creating art takes a lot of training and technique. All the great artists I knew took classes.”
Peter: “Even Walt Disney?”

Walt Disney (1901-1966) is shown in this episode getting his start in cartooning by drawing a skittish and reluctant “Minnie Mouse”

Peter: “Chris give me your ear!”

Reference to the great Expressionist artist Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890).
Van Gogh cut off his ear, or to be more precise, his earlobe probably due to mental illness.

Antonio: “...the name Griffin will be as well known as Kandinsky.”
Peter: “Who?”
Antonio: “Rembrant.”
Peter: “Who?”
Antonio: “Da Vinci.”
Peter: “Who?”
Antonio: “Bazooka Joe.”
Peter: “There you go.”

Wassily Kandinsky (1866-1944) was a Russian painter, and art theorist. He is credited with painting the first modern abstract works.

Rembrant (1606-1669) was a Dutch painter and etcher generally considered one of the greatest painters and print makers in European art history and the most important in Dutch history.

Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) was an Italian polymath, scientist, mathematician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, painter, sculptor, architect, botanist, musician and writer.

Bazooka Joe is a comic strip character, featured on small comics included inside individually-wrapped pieces of Bazooka bubblegum.

Stewie: “Ancient Chinese Secret huh?”

“Ancient Chinese Secret” was the commercial slogan in the 70's for Calgon Water Softener.

Peter: “Well I bet if Hillary Clinton becomes Senator, she'll straighten it out, even though she could never straighten out Bill.”
Lois: “I love it when you use topical humor. It's just like watching Murphy Brown”

Former President of the U.S. Bill Clinton (1946-) and former First Lady, former New York Senator & current Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (1947-) are mentioned by Peter in this episode.

Lois mentions the long running CBS sitcom, “Murphy Brown” (1988-1998)

In the “Murphy Brown” (1988-1998) cutaway, the characters “Murphy Brown” (played by Candice Bergen (1946-)), “Frank Fontana” (played by Joe Regalbuto (1949-)), “Jim Dial” (played by Charles Kimbrough (1936-)) & “Corky Sherwood” (played by Faith Ford (1944-)) discuss John Sununu (1964-) the former Republican (GOP) United States Senator from New Hampshire & was the youngest member of the Senate for his entire six year term, Tipper Gore (1948-), the former Second Lady of the United States, and the wife of Al Gore (1948-), the Ayatollah although not the name of a person is a high ranking title given to Usuli Twelver Shī‘ah clerics & Bishop Desmond Tutu (1931-), a South African cleric and activist who rose to worldwide fame during the 1980s as an opponent of apartheid.

Antonio: “There's Kate Moss”

Kate Moss is a British model who ushered in the “waif” look of the early 90's with her 5'7'', 100-lb. frame.
She is more recently known for getting caught on tape in 2005 doing several lines of cocaine.

Chris: “Are you the Matrix”

Chris asks Kate if she is from the computerized artificial world that existed in the 1999 scifi movie “Matrix” that starred Keanu Reeves

Peter (singing): “I had a dream, it's all about you Meg Griffin...”

Peter's song “I'm Gonna Make You Famous” is a parody of “Everything's Coming Up Roses” from the 1959 musical, “Gypsy: A Musical Fable”.

Peter (singing): “ that Princess who died...”

Reference to Princess Diana (1961-1997), former Princess of Wales, who died as a result of a car crash in Paris in August 1997.

Peter: “Every body's good at something. It's just a matter of finding that one special hidden talent. But promise me, when you make it big, you'll let me take advantage of all the...”

What stops Peter and Meg in their tracks is the fact they have walked out of Manhattan and into the background of “Bedrock”, the locale of “The Flintstones” (1960-1966).

Brian: “I roomed with Scott Hamilton at prep school”

Scott Hamilton (1958-) is an American figure skater and Olympic gold medalist.
He won four consecutive U.S. championships (1981-1984), four consecutive World Championships (1981-1984) and the Gold at the 1984 Olympics.

Peter: “Do it again! Do it again!”
Meg: (whistles)

The bird that answers Meg's call is none other than the character “Big Bird” (voiced by Seth MacFarlane) from the long running PBS kids show “Sesame Street” (1696-Present).

Peter: “Don't you shell out 5 bucks for Magnolia”

The 1999 drama “Magnolia” starring Tom Cruise, John C. Reilly, William H. Macy, Julianne Moore & Philip Seymour Hoffman is mentioned in this episode.

Antonio: “Georgia O'Keeffe paints a lot of flowers that look suspiciously like vaginas”

American artist Georgia O'Keeffe (1887-1986) is mentioned and is known for exactly what the line says although of course her work varies from the realistic to the abstract as well as paintings of flowers.

Chris: “HEY! That's my dad”

Chris' paintings of multiple Peters in different colors if an allusion to Andy Warhol's “Marilyn” Prints.

American actress Gina Gershon (1962-) is mentioned in this episode.

American fashion designer Calvin Klein (1942-) is mentioned in this episode.

Episode References
In a “breaking-the-fourth-wall” instance, during the cold opening, Brian is played by an actor named Carter Banks.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorSeth MacFarlane
DeveloperSeth MacFarlane  |  David Zuckerman
Executive ProducerDavid Zuckerman  |  Seth MacFarlane
Co-Executive ProducerCraig Hoffman
Supervising ProducerDanny Smith (1)
ProducerMike Barker (1)  |  Matt Weitzman  |  Sherry Gunther
Co-ProducerChris Sheridan  |  Ricky Blitt
Consulting ProducerGary Janetti
Associate ProducerLouis J. Cuck
EditorJohn Walts
CastingKaren Vice  |  Linda Lamontagne
Line ProducerDebby Hindman  |  Ken Dennis
Staff WriterSteve Callaghan  |  Bobby Bowman  |  Alex Borstein
MusicRon Jones (1)
Story EditorNeil Goldman  |  Jim Bernstein  |  Michael Shipley  |  Mike Henry (1)  |  Mark Hentemann  |  Garrett Donovan
Supervising DirectorPete Michels (1)  |  Peter Shin
Main Title ThemeWalter Murphy
Assistant DirectorStephen Sandoval  |  Brett Varon
Writing AssistantDave Collard  |  Ken Goin
Production ControllerLiddane Sanders
AssistantLane Schnaitter
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