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Family Guy: The Cleveland-Loretta Quagmire

When Peter and Brian walk in on Loretta and Quagmire, they feel they owe it to Cleveland to tell him. When Cleveland confronts Loretta about it, she actually kicks him out! Although, Cleveland doesn't seem phased by any of this. But, with a little motivation from Peter, Cleveland becomes furious...and goes to kill Quagmire.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 4x5
Production Number: 4ACX08
Airdate: Sunday June 12th, 2005

Guest Stars
Seth MacFarlaneSeth MacFarlane
voiced Glenn Quagmire
Alex BorsteinAlex Borstein
voiced Loretta Brown
Danny Smith (1)Danny Smith (1)
voiced Various
Jennifer TillyJennifer Tilly
voiced Bonnie Swanson
Patrick WarburtonPatrick Warburton
voiced Joe Swanson
Randy SavageRandy Savage
voiced Macho Man Randy Savage
Main Cast
Seth MacFarlaneSeth MacFarlane
voiced Peter Griffin | Stewie Griffin | Brian Griffin | Various Characters
Alex BorsteinAlex Borstein
voiced Lois Griffin | Various Characters
Seth GreenSeth Green
voiced Chris Griffin | Various Characters
Mila KunisMila Kunis
voiced Meg Griffin
Mike Henry (1)Mike Henry (1)
voiced Cleveland Brown | Various Characters
Episode Notes
When Cleveland chases Quagmire through his house the fridge, the bar, the couch, and everything else Cleveland hits have beds flip out from the wall.

FOX and some of it's affiliates bleeped out the word "nuts". Adult Swim did not.

Cleveland Jr. does not appear in this episode, even though it would be logical that he would.

Episode Quotes
Bonnie: Somebody save him, he can't swim!
Peter: Oh, he's not even kicking. Kick Joe, kick.
Lois: Peter, he's a paraplegic!
Peter: That doesn't mean he can't hear. Kick Joe, kick!

Darrin Stevens: (Sprinkling holy water on Endora) The power of Christ compels you, bitch!

Stewie: (stands up next to CPR dummy and puts on clothes) I can't believe we just did that. Um, but that stuff about spending the day together tomorrow, um, I forgot, er, I have a thing, but, er... you know... you have my e-mail address, so drop me a line, I have yours, and we'll... er... take it from there. So um...(pokes the dummy's belly button) Boop! Boop! Belly button! Well, I'll see you later.

Quagmire: (as President Clinton) My fellow Americans, I have not been entirely truthful with you. I did gi-googidy that girl. I geschmoegedied her geflaivedy with my googus. And I am sorry.

Peter: Alright Cleveland, if this doesn't light a fire in your belly, nothing will. (puts on a mask of Quagmire's face) Hey, look at me, I'm Quagmire! I had sex with your wife! Giggidy giggidy giggidy giggidy!
Cleveland: Hahaha! Those are so his mannerisms!

Stewie: I wanna touch his hair. Can I touch his hair? I'm gonna do it-I'm gonna touch his hair. (touches Cleveland's hair) OOOOOOOO, it feels like a sheep!

Loretta: Shut-up and put some more of that sugar in my bowl.

Brian: Hey, do you hear that?
Peter: What?
Brian: Sounds like someone's screaming.
Peter: What? What is it boy? What are you trying to say?
Brian: It sounds like Loretta is screaming.
Peter: Trouble at the old mill?
Brian: What are you insane?
Peter: Somebody fall through the ice?
Brian: It's summer.
Peter: Bobcat?
Brian: (Barking) RURURURURURU!!!
Peter: Loretta's in trouble?! Come on boy!

Peter: You know for a large heavy-set black guy, Cleveland's got a cute little white ass.

Episode Goofs
When they show an outer view of the Griffin house the deck is on the wrong side of the house.

After finishing up with the CPR dummy, Stewie is only wearing a diaper. But after putting on only his pants his shoes are suddenly on too.

In the promos for this episode, the guy Peter attacks with CPR is black. On the show proper, the guy Peter attacks with CPR is white (a similar incident happened on the promo for "Mind Over Murder" where the guy hitting on Lois at the supermarket was black in the promo, but in the actual episode, he was white).

When Joe is starting his charades and falls into the ocean, his shoes are brown but when he's rescued and brought back on board, his shoes are white.

Cultural References
Lois: You're not helping!

The man Lois pushes out of the way is the evil Darth Sidious from Star Wars.

Cleveland: I hate Bewitched!

Bewitched was a popular tv show that ran from 1964 - 1972, it was also later made into a movie.

Cleveland: Are you sure you want to do this?

At the end of the episode when Cleveland and Quagmire are about to Box and the music starts playing; is a reference to the Rocky movies.

Weird Guy: You've just been Kicked In the Nuts!

When the man with the big orange hair jumps out and kicks Peter in the nuts, they are referring to the TV show Kicked in the Nuts! which only lasted for about two months in 2003.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorSeth MacFarlane
DeveloperDavid Zuckerman  |  Seth MacFarlane
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