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Family Guy: Three Kings

Peter hosts a special episode that features adaptations of 3 of Stephen King's greatest works: Stand By Me, Misery & The Shawshank Redemption.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 7x15
Production Number: 6ACX15
Airdate: Sunday May 10th, 2009

Director: Dominic Bianchi
Writer: Alec Sulkin

Alternate Airdates:

UK (itv2) Jul 19, 2009

Guest Stars
Adam WestAdam West
voiced Ace Merrill
Alec SulkinAlec Sulkin
voiced Parole Board Officer
Chris CoxChris Cox
voiced Higgins (Magnum B.M. cutaway)
Danny Smith (1)Danny Smith (1)
voiced Stephen King
George WendtGeorge Wendt
voiced Norm Peterson
John VienerJohn Viener
voiced Various
Patrick WarburtonPatrick Warburton
voiced Joe Swanson (as Joey Duchamp, Buster & Boggs)
Ralph GarmanRalph Garman
voiced Various
Richard DreyfussRichard Dreyfuss
voiced Himself (Voiceover for “Stand By Me” segment)
Roy ScheiderRoy Scheider
voiced Himself (Voiceover for “Stand By Me” segment)
Main Cast
Seth MacFarlaneSeth MacFarlane
voiced Peter Griffin | Stewie Griffin | Brian Griffin | Various Characters
Alex BorsteinAlex Borstein
voiced Lois Griffin | Various Characters
Mike Henry (1)Mike Henry (1)
voiced Cleveland Brown | Various Characters
Episode Notes
This episode drew 6,357,000 viewers & was FOX's #10 show for the week

Seth Green & Mila Kunis do not appear in this episode.

Meg however, does appear as the dead body in the “Stand By Me” segment

Roy Scheider (who last appeared on "Bill and Peter's Bogus Journey") appears in this episode (on the voiceover part with Richard Dreyfuss), even though Scheider died in February 2008. The part with Roy Scheider and Richard Dreyfuss was recorded in 2007, even though the part wasn't used in a Family Guy episode until 2009.

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
Buddy Holly“Everyday”02min 37sec
Gwen Stefani“Hollaback Girl”16min 19sec
The Rembrandts“Friends” Theme Song18min 58sec

Episode Goofs
Peter's narration says “the year was 1955, however “Stand By Me” takes place in 1959 and King's story, “The Body” takes place in 1960.

Cultural References
The first segment, as Peter mentions, is a parody of the 1986 movie “Stand By Me”

Peter plays “Petey Lachance”, which was Wil Wheaton's character, “Gordie Lachance”.
Joe plays “Joey Duchamp”, which was Corey Feldman's character, “Teddy Duchamp”.
Glen plays “Quag Chambers”, which was River Phoenix's character, “Chris Chambers”.
Cleveland plays “Cleve Brown”, which was Jerry O'Connell's character, “Vern Tessio”.
Mayor Adam West plays Kiefer Sutherland's character, “Ace Merrill”

Petey/Joey/Quag/Cleve: (singing) “Have gun will travel reads the card of a man. A night without armor in a savage land”

The song the guys sing is the “Ballad of Paladin”, which was the closing theme for the CBS western series, “Have Gun, Will Travel” (1957-1963).
The same lyrics are sung by Gordie, Teddy, Chris & Vern in “Stand By Me”

Petey: “Okay I got another one. (starts singing) Show me that smile again, don't waste another minute on your crying”

Petey is singing the theme song for the 80's sitcom “Growing Pains” (1985-1992)

American musician Little Richard (1932-) is mentioned in this episode and his trademark “Whoooo” is heard in his fictitious song “Piano Riff Whoo”.

Richard Dreyfuss Voiceover: “It was the meanest guy in town, Ace & his whole gang. Beastman, Merman and for some reason Norm from Cheers”

“Beastman” & “Merman” are characters from the animated series “He-Man & the Masters of the Universe” (1983-1985)(2002-2004).

As said, “Norm” was a character played by George Wendt from the long running NBC sitcom “Cheers” (1982-1993)

Petey: “Kiss my grits you dime store hood”

“Kiss my grits” was the saying used by the character “Flo” (played by Polly Holliday) from the sitcom “Alice” (1976-1985)

Richard Dreyfuss Voiceover: “Cleve grew up and went on to marry Rebecca Romijn. Actually I'm not even joking about that, the fat kid from Stand By Me in now married to Rebecca Romijn can you believe that?”

Jerry O'Connell and Rebecca Romijn married on July 14th, 2007 and have twin girls.

Richard Dreyfuss Voiceover: “Quag grew up to become a famous Hollywood actor, unfortunately about a week ago he took an overdose of designer drugs at the Viper Room. He died on the curb out side. And now, we're left with a hare lipped reminder of what might have been”

Allusion to the circumstances surrounding the death of actor River Phoenix (1970-1993) & an unflattering comment about his brother Joaquin Phoenix (1974-)

The second segment, as Peter mentions, is a parody of the 1990 movie “Misery”.

Brian is “Paul Sheldon”, which was the character played by James Caan.
Lois is “Marcia Sindell”, which was the character played by Lauren Bacall.
Stewie plays “Stewie Wilkes” which was Kathy Bates's character, “Annie Wilkes”.
Although he is not named, Joe is “Buster”, which was the character played by Richard Farnsworth.

Paul: “OH MY GOD STEPHEN KING!” (Paul hits King w/ the car)

Allusion to a real life event where in 1999, King was hit by a car near his home and suffered multiple injuries.

King was hospitalized with a broken leg, broken hip, broken ribs and a collapsed lung.

TV Announcer: “We now return to Magnum B.M.”

Parody of the CBS drama, “Magnum, P.I.” (1980-1988) starring Tom Selleck.
The characters of “Magnum” (Selleck) & “Higgins” (played by John Hillerman) make an appearance.
The music used in the theme song is even used.

Stewie: “Did you ever see the movie Contact”

The 1997 sci-fi movie “Contact” starring Jodie Foster (1962-), Matthew McConaughey (1969-) & Jake Busey (1971-) is mentioned in this episode.

Visual: “Marmaduke comic”

“Marmaduke” was created by Brad Anderson in 1954 and still continues today.
The strip revolves around the Winslow family and their Great Dane, Marmaduke.

Peter: “Now remember that Stephen King story where the guy went up to the empty hotel and there were those creepy twins and the guy was running around with that axe and the kid talked to his finger? Aww can't you see Stewie doing that?”

Obvious reference to the 1980 horror movie “The Shining” starring Jack Nicholson (1937-) & Shelley Duvall (1949-)

The third and final segment is a parody of the Oscar© nominated 1994 prison drama, “The Shawshank Redemption”

Cleveland is “Ellis Boyd 'Red' Redding”, which was the character played by Morgan Freeman (1937-)
Peter is “Andy Dufresne”, which was the character played by Tim Robbins (1958-).
Seamus is “Captain Hadley”, which was the character played by Clancy Brown (1959-).
Carter is “Warden Norton”, which was the character played by Bob Gunton (1945-).
Joe is “Bogs Diamond”, which was the character played by Mark Rolston (1956-).
Quagmire is “Heywood”, which was the character played by William Sadler (1950-)

Quagmire: “You're on! I'll take the Don Martin looking one”

Don Martin (May 18, 1931 – January 6, 2000) was an American cartoon artist whose best-known work was published in Mad Magazine from 1956 to 1988.

Ellis: “Can you carve me a set of women's private parts out of stone”
Andy: “Sure, or you can just have sex with Helen Hunt”

American Oscar winning actress Helen Hunt (1963-) is mentioned again in this episode as someone you would not want to have sex with.

Andy: “I carve Star Wars figurines out of stone”

Andy has carved the likenesses of Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, R2D2, Princess Leia, Chewbacca, Lando Calrissian, General Grievous, Max Rebo, an Ewok, a Jawa, a Sandperson, a Stormtrooper on a Dewback & the Hoth Probe Droid

Warden Norton: “I want him found now! Not after breakfast, not after CSI, NOW!”

The long running NBC drama “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” (2000-Present) is mentioned in this episode

Warden Norton: “God I'm so angry I could just throw a rock at that poster of David Cassidy”

Former child star David Cassidy (1950-) of “The Partridge Family” is featured as he appeared in his days of being a teen idol.

Audio: “Friends” Theme Song

Andy escapes from prison with the assistance of the theme song from the long running NBC sitcom “Friends” (1994-2004)

Other Episode Crew

CreatorSeth MacFarlane
DeveloperDavid Zuckerman  |  Seth MacFarlane
Executive ProducerDavid A. Goodman  |  Seth MacFarlane  |  Chris Sheridan  |  Danny Smith (1)
Co-Executive ProducerBrian Scully  |  Steve Callaghan  |  Mark Hentemann  |  Richard Appel
Supervising ProducerMike Henry (1)  |  Wellesley Wild  |  Alec Sulkin
ProducerKara Vallow  |  Kirker Butler  |  Shannon Smith
Co-ProducerKim Fertman  |  Cherry Chevapravatdumrong  |  Patrick Meighan
Consulting ProducerTom Devanney
EditorMichael Elias
CastingLinda Lamontagne
MusicWalter Murphy
Supervising DirectorJames Purdum  |  Peter Shin
Executive Story EditorJohn Viener
Main Title ThemeWalter Murphy
Animation ProducerBrandi Young
Writing AssistantDavid Wright (1)  |  Alex Carter (3)
AssistantAndy Goldberg
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