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Season 9

194 :09x01 - Out With the Old

Steve gets a makeover for a kissing auction from Laura's sorority. In the meantime, Carl feels degraded by Harriette's success at her job. He gets another part-time job, but it's not doing much for him.
Guest Stars: Tammy Townsend as Greta | Cherie Johnson as Maxine | Richard Fox (1) as Dr. Gabrowsky | Peter Van Norden as Roy | Javier Ronceros as Pepe Perez | Damara Reilly as Sheila | Mercedes Colon as Girl #1 | Alli Spotts as Irene | Lizette Carrion as High Bidder | Laura Meshell as Girl #2
Director: Joel Zwick

195 :09x02 - They Shoot Ducks, Don't They?

Steve tags along with Carl and the commissioner to take pictures of ducks with his camera. In the meantime, Laura "borrows" Harriette's earrings so she can look good at a club.
Guest Stars: Dick O'Neill as Geiss | Bill Kirchenbauer as Dr. Rubin | Damon Chandler as Announcer | Sean LeSure as Marshall | Mindy Hester as Sara Sue | Van Stewman, Jr. as Van Driver

196 :09x03 - Dumb Belle of the Ball

Myrtle returns for a debutante ball; she asks Eddie to take her. Later, Myrtle gets hit by a truck. In the meantime, Laura wears some attractive clothes that Carl disapproves of.
Guest Stars: Jaleel White as Myrtle | Mindy Hester as Sara Sue | Bill Kirchenbauer as Dr. Rubin | Van Stewman, Jr. as Van Driver | Damon Chandler as Announcer | Sean LeSure as Marshall | Reginald VelJohnson as Big Daddy
Director: Joel Zwick

197 :09x04 - Drinking and Jiving

Laura drinks beer, and another, and another, and so on until she's heavily drunk. That night, she and Steve share a kiss. In the meantime, Carl and Harriette share their different anniversary plans with Eddie. When they tell each other, they get into an argument. It's up to Eddie to make things right.
Guest Stars: Cherie Johnson as Maxine | Corwin Moore as Guy at Keg

198 :09x05 - Who's Afraid of the Big Black Book?

Carl is upset that the commissioner didn't give him the title of police captain. In the meantime, Eddie is celebrating his 21st birthday.
Guest Stars: Mari Morrow as Oneisha | Marlon Young as Willie | Tammy Townsend as Greta | Joel Higgins as Geiss' Son | Dick O'Neill as Geiss | Rugg Williams as Rick | Shana Montgomery as Brandy

199 :09x06 - A Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Read

Steve does an experiment which allows him to read minds. In the meantime, Carl has been made the leader of the Junior Woodsmen.
Guest Stars: Wesley Mann as Professor Gates | Justin Chapman as Rupert | Michael Wesley as Norman
Director: Joel Zwick

200 :09x07 - Stevil II: This Time He's Not Alone

Stevil the dummy returns! But this time he brings someone named Carlsbad. Together, they take over the souls of Steve and Carl; they cause mayhem throughout the house. Can the real Carl and Steve fight the power of these evil dummies?
Guest Stars: Richard Correll as Stevil | Sally Colon as Girl #1
Writer: Jim Geoghan

201 :09x08 - Trading Places

Steve and Stefan switch lives, but it's not as easy as it looks. In the meantime, Eddie shoots every waking moment of Carl's life on a camera.
Guest Stars: Luigi Amodeo as Vincenzo | Jaleel White as Stefan

202 :09x09 - A Pain in Harassment

Steve gets a shot to win a million dollars for a basketball shot. In the meantime, Harriette's new boss is very obnoxious to all of the workers. When she protests against him, she ends up getting fired. She must now fight the system.
Guest Stars: Ron Fassler as Announcer | Mark Linn-Baker as Mr. Brenner | Suanne Spoke as Susan | Patrick T. O'Brien as Mr. Denton | Charles C. Stevenson, Jr. as James | Michael Dyer as Kevin
Director: Joel Zwick

203 :09x10 - Original Gangsta Dawg

Steve's cousin O.G.D. comes to visit the Winslows. He makes a bad impression by trying to put the moves on Laura; he is also a bad influence on 3J; he also has arguments with Carl.
Guest Stars: Jaleel White as O.G.D. | Mongo Brownlee as Fresh Squeeze | Missy Elliott as Herself

204 :09x11 - Deck the Malls

Steve becomes a gift wrapper. This means spending less time with Myra. In the meantime, Carl plays Santa and Laura plays an elf at the mall. Also, Richie wants to spend Christmas with his mother. Unfortunately, she isn't with him.
Guest Stars: Marlon Young as Willie | Telma Hopkins as Rachel | Dee Jay Daniels as Brian | Lindze Letherman as Allyson

205 :09x12 - Grill of My Dreams

Steve becomes a chef at a Japanese steakhouse. Meanwhile, Carl takes care of the commissioner's parrot. The parrot says some offensive words about the commissioner influenced by Carl.
Guest Stars: Dick O'Neill as Geiss | Cherie Johnson as Maxine | Pat Morita as Tanaka | Cindy Lu as Hostess
Director: Gary Menteer

206 :09x13 - Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

Myra breaks up with Steve. This breaks his heart, but he decides to go chase Laura again. Myra then realizes she made a mistake, so she decides to go after Steve again. In the meantime, Eddie quits school and decides to become a cop like Carl.
Guest Stars: Jeff Doucette as Phil

207 :09x14 - Crazy for You (1)

Myra and Stefan team up to ruin Steve's date with Laura. In the meantime, Eddie trains with Carl to become a cop.
Guest Stars: Ray Laska as Keresey
Director: Richard Correll
Writer: Jim Geoghan

208 :09x15 - Crazier for You (2)

Steve finds out that Myra's not only been spying on him, but also dressing like Laura. In the meantime, Harriette finds out a terrible secret about her wedding ring.
Guest Stars: Phynjuar as Mrs. Monkhouse | Michelle Thomas as Myra

209 :09x16 - Whose Man Is It Anyway?

Greta and Myrtle fight for Eddie's affections. In the meantime, 3J wants to know who his real mother is.
Guest Stars: Tammy Townsend as Greta | Cherie Johnson as Maxine | John Del Regno as Boxing Announcer | Tanika Ray as Waitress | Raf Mauro as Referee | Jaleel White as Myrtle
Director: Richard Correll
Writer: Meg DeLoatch

210 :09x17 - Polkapalooza

Eddie gets a new apartment. He invites Carl; he starts freeloading off of Eddie. In the meantime, Steve and Laura go to a polka fest. Laura is amazed to discover that Steve is a big part of the polka community.
Guest Stars: Tammy Townsend as Greta | Cherie Johnson as Maxine | Richard Barnes as Oskar | Mary Pat Gleason as Berta | Heidi Fecht as German Woman | Bill Moynihan as German Man | Hana Hatae as Steve Urkel #3 | Emmanuel Johnson as Steve Urkel #1 | Cody Dorkin as Steve Urkel #2
Director: Richard Correll

211 :09x18 - Throw Urkel From the Train

Maxine gets a new boyfriend. He is rich, but Laura doesn't like him that much.
Guest Stars: Derek McGrath as Conductor | Martin Grey as Joe | Kristoff St. John as D'Andre | Marlon Young as Willie | Cherie Johnson as Maxine
Director: Joel Zwick

212 :09x19 - Don't Make Me Over

Myrtle still wants Eddie. Unfortunately for her, he doesn't want her. Laura and Maxine decide to give Myrtle a makeover.
Guest Stars: Cherie Johnson as Maxine | Tasha Taylor as Ariana | Jaleel White as Myrtle
Director: Joel Zwick

213 :09x20 - Pop Goes the Question

Steve and Stefan both propose to Laura. Who will she choose? Who will she risk losing forever?
Guest Stars: Annie Gagen as Waitress | Marlon Young as Willie | Jaleel White as Stefan | Bob Stephenson as Delivery Boy
Director: Joel Zwick

214 :09x21 - Lost in Space (1)

Steve becomes a student astronaut for the testing of his invention: artificial gravity. In the meantime, Harriette is worried about Eddie's job as a cop.
Guest Stars: Dick O'Neill as Geiss | Matt McKenzie (1) as Mitch | Kevin Richardson (1) as Alan | Jennifer Rhodes as Blanche Geiss | Holmes Osborne as Buzz Conrad | Jim Meskimen as Mission Controller | Perry Stephens as Anchorman | Tim Farmer as Technician
Director: Joel Zwick

215 :09x22 - Lost in Space (2)

Eddie's job as a cop takes a turn for the worse. In the meantime, the spacecraft that Steve is in gets punctured by a satellite. It's up to him to fix it so he can get home.
Guest Stars: Matt McKenzie (1) as Mitch | Kevin Richardson (1) as Alan | Jennifer Rhodes as Blanche Geiss | Holmes Osborne as Buzz Conrad | Jim Meskimen as Mission Controller | Perry Stephens as Anchorman | Dick O'Neill as Geiss | Tim Farmer as Technician
Director: Joel Zwick
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Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy | Family
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Airs: Fridays
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 22, 1989
Ended: July 17, 1998
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