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Annihilation - Recap

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A Skrull warrior faces off against robot duplicates of the Fantastic Four. He displays all the powers of the Fantastic Four and easily defeats the robots. He then talks with the person who provided him with the necessary genetic codes: Ronan the Accuser. Ronan insists that the “super” Skrull do what he wants with the others, but the Human Torch must be turned over to him.

Sue has decided to hold a promotion contest to make up for all the times they’ve inadvertently destroyed parts of the city, and stages a “Fantastic Fifth for a Day” contest. Her teammates are not thrilled, particularly when dozens of wannabes show up. Reed is scanning the crowd and spots a number of Skrulls shape-shifted into innocent civilians. He quickly selects one applicant, Rupert, at random, then they all go into the Baxter Building. The Skrull have infiltrated the staff and the team goes up to the upper floors, only for a Skrull battle cruiser to arrive.

The Super Skrull emerges and attacks them, throwing the Thing into the river. He subdues the other three members and easily disposes of Rupert when he confronts the alien. Reed, Rupert, and Sue are confined in the laboratory where the Skrulls prepare to dissect Rupert to determine if he has any powers. Johnny is fitted with a power-dampener collar and locked up until Ronan gets to him. Meanwhile, Reed tries to provoke the other Skrull soldiers, noting that right now only their commander, the Super Skrull, has the team’s superpowers. The Super Skrull orders his underlings not to question his decision.

Ronan arrives but Johnny claims not to recognize him. The Kree explains that he was forced into exile after Johnny defeated him, but Johnny still doesn’t remember him. Furious, Ronan hits him with an energy blast, destroying the collar so that Johnny can flame on. Meanwhile, the Thing has made his way back from the river and launches an attack on the Skrulls. Reed frees himself and then frees Sue and Rupert. Ben and Sue fight the Skrulls while Reed lowers Rupert to the ground, but the Super Skrull comes after them.

Johnny and Ronan fly out of the ship and fight it out as well, and the Super Skrull manages to defeat the Fantastic Four momentarily. When Johnny knocks Ronan down, Rupert grabs the Kree’s hammer and blasts the Super Skrull back. The other Skrulls arrive and realize that their commander is conspiring with their most dreaded enemy, the Kree. They leave in their battle cruiser and Ronan and the Super Skrull make their escape. Rupert admits that he learned how to handle the alien power-hammer from playing with his alien action figures. Sue is impressed and invites him back, much to everyone else’s dismay…