Molehattan - Recap

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The day starts normally, with the Torch using the Thing as a frying pan and Reed Richards vaguely having created some scientific gadget. However, Sue is more concerned about the fact that the news has been broadcasting editorials against their presence in the city. The mayor and the police chief arrive… to kick them out of the city.

The team discovers that their security access to the city has been taken away, and they soon split their time between finding new jobs and trying to determine which old enemy is responsible. They suspect that Alicia’s father Phillip, the Puppet Master, is responsible, but take refuge at her apartment and she says he’s still locked up in prison. She goes to check up on him and when she returns she kicks them out of her apartment. It quickly becomes clear that the Puppet Master is controlling everyone from prison.

The team takes refuge in the riverside warehouse belonging to Reed’s father, but Johnny inadvertently leads the police there and they use equipment provide by Reed to attack the team. Red tells the others to let themselves be taken prisoner while he escapes to clear their names.

The team is locked up in prison where Puppet Master plays a tape explaining that he is responsible… and he’s been controlling Reed for the last several weeks. Johnny, Ben, and Sue break out but the guards come after them and the team has to be careful not to harm them. Reed takes the Puppet Master to the Baxter Building and reveals that he’s been secretly forcing Reed to make a mind-amplifying outfit. Puppet Master uses the helmet to take control of the entire city and forces them to attack the other Fantastic Four members.

Ben, Johnny, and Sue get to the Baxter Building but the Puppet Master forces Reed to attack them. Then he tries to control the others, but all they do is itch their noses. Free of the Puppet Master’s Control, Reed destroys Phillip’s mind controls statues and reveals that is mind control device was cosmic-powered, so it enhanced the team’s powers to match the Puppet Master’s, making them immune to his control. Phillip is put back in prison while the city recovers and acknowledges the Fantastic Four as their heroes. The Puppet Master is put in a high-security facility but prepares to escape using some hidden clay… until an invisible Sue, watching him, takes it away.