Doomsday Plus One - Recap

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An ocean liner is putting out to see from New York City when a giant sea creature attacks it and sinks it as the crew leap to safety. The tugboat pulling it out almost goes under with the wreck until a flying man lifts it clear of the water and dumps it on the dock. The man announces to the crowds that he is Namor, Ruler of Atlantis, and all surface-dwellers are banned from using the oceans and seas.

Johnny and Sue are in the crowd and Sue tries to negotiate with the ruler. Johnny is unimpressed and when he starts taunting Namor, a fight breaks out. Namor subdues Johnny and manages to shatter Sue’s concentration when she tries to hold him in a force field. He leaves but Sue decides to go after him and takes herself and Johnny in an airtight force-bubble.

Ben and Reed get word of the situation and the UN asks the Fantastic Four to help: Namor has paralyzed ships across the world. Sue and Johnny have been captured but Sue contacts Reed and lets them know what’s going on and he and Ben go after them in the Fantasti-Car. Underwater, they are attacked by two giant sea creatures but they manage to drive them off.

Sue and Johnny are brought before Namor, who is impressed with Sue’s courage. She tries to negotiate but Ben and Reed break in to “rescue” her and fight breaks out. Finally Sue manages to calm things down to the point where Namor says he’ll consider her arguments… if she’ll stay as ambassador to Atlantis.

Reed initially tells Sue she should stay if she feels she has to, but has a change of hearts and rises to her defense when they’re brought back before Namor. Another fight breaks out and in the rematch, Sue manages to resist Namor’s super-strength and throw him back with he force fields. Impressed by Sue’s willpower and beauty, he agrees to let the Fantastic Four act as emissaries between Atlantis and the surface world. As they leave, Reed wonders if Sue really intended to stay and she doesn’t really say one way or another.