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Message Posted On Thursday, September 14th 2006 at 2:36 pm
(originally posted in the Batman Beyond forum... hence the BB links.)

Well, since this is MY guide and I want some things done my way around it I've decided to post guidelines that will help you contribute to my guide and not have them being rejected... so please follow these guidelines!

Character Guides:

Character guides are a great thing to contribute to a show... they enrich a persons mind about the character. A good example of what I would except would be the Bruce Wayne character guide for this show. I want the origin of the character to be told in these bios as wells as some brief history about their role about the character. Please use your own screen grabs or if you have permission to use them... use them and make a comment in the comments section telling me that you had permission to use the screen grabs. You must also notify me of the site name so that I can put them in the credits section.

-if you don't follow these guidelines for the character guides... they will be rejected.


Well, you can pretty much do anything with this as long as it features DETAILS about the episode that you are writing about. Please don't submit "coming soon" or "TBA." they will be rejected. Also, please don't just summarize it. That is what the episode summaries are for. I want the Recaps section to only have a RECAP. Not a summary of the episode. view an example here

Episode Summaries

This is a pretty good contribution to go on a rant about. DON'T PUT SPOILER TAGS IN THE SUMMARIES. If it is a spoiler don't PUT it IN there. I don't think you need to spoil the whole episode... that's what the recaps section is for.

Episode Extras

Notes - This is to reveal some good info about the episode. Not PLOT KEYS. view an example here

Quotes - This is for what the character said. Don't do it off of memory. Only write quotes as you see the episode for accuracy. view an example here

Goofs - Goof-ups in the episode. view an example here

References/Cultural References - CR for series references or an other DCAU cartoon and then the References to previous episodes and references to movies.


This section must contain good information about a release from the show.

That is all.