Season 4

63 :04x01 - The Devil and Mandy Breem/Instant Millionaire

"The Devil and Mandy Breem" Mandy Breem (Carol Linley) has to come to the island to renegotiate the deal he made with the Devil (Roddy McDowall) years ago. The Devil accepts only on the condition that she brings him a rare flower. "Instant Millionaire" Tattoo has accepted the fantasy of a man who wants to become a millionaire. The problem is that he did it without Roarke's authorization.
Guest Stars: Arte Johnson as Fred Catlett | Adam West as Philip Breem | Ross Martin (1) as Ace Scanlon | Arlene Golonka as Ava Foster | Carol Lynley as Amanda 'Mandy' Breem | Roddy McDowall as Mephistopheles the Devil | Richard Sanders as Race Track Announcer |
Co-Guest Stars: Joe Turkel as Herb Glazer
Director: Vince Edwards

64 :04x02 - Flying Aces/The Mermaid Returns

Tony Chilton, a commercial airline pilot, has a dream of joining a famous flying squad during WW II, but he's keeping a secret; Princess Nyah, a mermaid, beseeches Roarke a chance to meet her dream lover.

"The Mermaid Returns", in which a beautiful mermaid (Michelle Phillips) convinces Mr Roarke to exchange her tail for a pair of legs so that she might experience for herself human love, and "The Flying Aces", in which a young pilot (Sam Melville) travels back to World War II to find the father (Tom Wopat)he never knew.
Guest Stars: Michelle Phillips as Princess Nyah | Robert Mandan as Captain Rosacker | Sam Melville as Tony Chilton | Tom Wopat as David Chilton | Hal England as Harvey | Dolly Read as Betty | Charles Lucia as Jerome | John Nolan (1) as the Bartender | Janet Hills as Belinda | Donald Petrie as Flyer | Tom Bailey (1) as Barman | Tom Demenkoff as Eddie Allen
Director: Earl Bellamy

65 :04x03 - The Skater's Edge/Concerto of Death

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Guest Stars: Dack Rambo as Mike O'Brien | Dennis Cole as Jeremy Hale | Chet Swiatkowsky as Sir Gay Marco | Erin Gray as Carla Marco | Charlene Tilton as Charlotte 'Charlie' Johnson | Juliet Mills as Viola Burnstein | Dick Shawn as Burnstein | Jack Carter as Morgan Townsend | Bradford Dillman as Vincent Stollmann | Peggy Fleming as Laura Henderson | Mary Ann Mobley as Linda Roth | Allen Ludden as Judge Meyer | Paul Flick as Farrell

66 :04x04 - Don Quixote/The Sex Symbol

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Guest Stars: Paul Williams (1) as Donald Quick/Don Quixote | David Doyle as Sam Woolf/Sancho Panza | Phyllis Davis as Helen Hendrix | Michael Callan as Sterling | Mary Louise Weller as Dulcie Merchant/Dulcinea | Don Stroud as Orville Weems | Edd Byrnes as Ron Barker | Robert F. Lyons as Carl | John Furlong as Biker | Doug Llewelyn as Newsman | Dawn Merrick as Biker Girl
Director: Mike Vejar

67 :04x05 - The Love Doctor/The Pleasure Palace / Possessed

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Guest Stars: Loni Anderson as Kim Holland | Christopher George (1) as Dr. Greg Miller | Barbi Benton as Molly Delahanti | Gary Burghoff as Gordon Hughes | Barbara Parkins as Lorna Hendricks | Dane Clark as Lt. Bob Blainey | Henry Jones (1) as Judge Ralph | Ruta Lee as Lily Niles McHenry | France Nuyen as Unknown | Missy Gold as Unknown | Roz Kelly as Olivia | Leo Gordon as Jim Corbett the Bartender | Heather Hewitt as Wilma | Barbara Stock as Pru | B.J. Ralke as Samantha | Ken Medlock as Spaceship Commander | Ruben Moreno as the Jungle Chief | Jade McCall as Alien Commander | Yolanda Márquez as the Mother

68 :04x06 - With Affection, Jack the Ripper/Gigolo

A determined young woman travels back in time to pursue murderous Jack the Ripper, and ends up leading him back to Fantasy Island, where he finds a whole new world of victims; and a shy man runs into romantic trouble when his fantasy of being paid to love women is fulfilled.
Guest Stars: Carolyn Jones (1) as Jessie DeWinter | Barbara Horan as Lana | Ken Berry as Stanley Hocker | John Brandon as Bobby | Philece Sampler as Lola | Alex Cord as Robert West | Lynda Day George as Lorraine Peters | Victor Buono as Dr. Albert Z. Fell | Meredith MacRae as Dina DeWinter | Lyle Waggoner as Monty | Robert West as Unknown | Patricia Everly as Terry | Kathryn Fuller as Old Woman | Angela Slater as Gracie | Michael Hadlow as Barman | Rosemary Lord as Lelani | Catherine Campbell (1) as Helga | Frank Birney as Head Waiter | Charissa Ann Ewing as Mavis
Director: Mike Vejar

69 :04x07 - The Invisible Woman/The Snow Bird

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Guest Stars: Dick Gautier as Denny Palumbo | Pamela Sue Martin as Velda Ferini | Don Ameche as Ferini | Douglas Barr as Ned Pringle | Elaine Joyce as Harriet Winkler | Sonny Bono as Monty Green | Neile Adams as Trish | George Maharis as Mario Ferini | Jon Crosby as Unknown | Betty Jean Samuelson as Roseanna | Debra Jo Fondren as Rose | Bob Boyd as Kenneth De Jong
Director: Don Weis

70 :04x08 - Crescendo/Three Feathers

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Guest Stars: Monte Markham as Edmond Dumont | Hugh O'Brian as Alan Colshaw | Toni Tennille as Susan Lohman | Diane Baker as Lena Jordan | Peter Lawford as Jesse | James Wainwright as Jake Lawrie | Skip Homeier as Mike Thurwood | James Hong as the Butler | Cliff Carnell as the Bartender

71 :04x09 - My Late Lover/Sanctuary

Eva Gabor appears as a woman trying to decide which of three men to marry on Fantasy Island, and taking cues from his deceased lover's ghost.
Guest Stars: Bobby Sherman as Thomas Henshaw | Eva Gabor as Anastasia Dexter | Gene Barry as 'Dex' Dexter | Michael Cole as Falco | Morgan Brittany as Tessa Brody | John Ericson as Ellis Lathrop | Craig Stevens (1) as Walter Blair | Sid Haig as Harlen | Russell Nype as Donald McKenzie | Georganne LaPiere as Sandra

72 :04x10 - High Off the Hog/Reprisal

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Guest Stars: Stephen Shortridge as Hadley Boggs | Lewis Arquette as Slocumb | Holly Gagnier as Janet Martin | Dody Goodman as Mona Boggs | Shecky Greene as Roger Fox | Maureen McCormick as Trudy Brown | Janis Paige as Mabel Martin | Noah Beery, Jr. as Otis T. Boggs | Misty Rowe as Emily Boggs | Bob Seagren as Chad | Kathrine Baumann as Kathi Fox | Ed Ruffalo as Frank | Joan Benedict as Matron | Richard Gilliland as Bud Simmons
Director: Mike Vejar

73 :04x11 - Elizabeth's Baby/The Artist and the Lady

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Guest Stars: Eve Plumb as Elizabeth Blake | Michelle Pfeiffer as Deborah Dare | John Myhers as Spencer | Peter Brown (1) as Patrick O'Herlihy | Alison Arngrim as Liza Blake | Don Reid (1) as Steven Blake | Don Most as Kermit Dobbs | Mike Henry (2) as Mike | Don Hutton as Hud | Heather O'Rourke as Liza Blake | Jeff Pomerantz as Victor | Susan Cotton as Helen | Jerome Guardino as Eddie | Frank Arno as Stranger | Michael Shackleford as One of the twins | Kim Marie as Liza Blake | Jenny Sherman as Maybelle | David Shackleford as One of the twins | Nanci Roberts as Beauty
Director: Mike Vejar

74 :04x12 - The Heroine/The Warrior

"The Heroine" Florence, an authoress of romance novels, wishes to become one her heroines. A romance novelist (Mary Ann Mobley) wants to star in one of her own stories. "The Warrior" Bob Graham, a mediocre martial arts student dreams to defeat “the very best in that field” as Mr. Roarke puts it. As the prize, the dude offers up his wife, Linda. Hopefully, he’s better at karate than he is at being a husband. A mild-mannered man (James MacArthur) hopes to prove his love to his wife (Shelley Fabares) by displaying a mastery of the martial arts.
Guest Stars: Mako as Kwong Soo Luke | Mary Ann Mobley as Florence Richmond | Shelley Fabares as Linda Graham | James MacArthur as Robert Graham | Cesare Danova as Brent Hampton | Don Galloway as Peter Styles | Robert Loggia as Porter C. Brockhill |
Co-Guest Stars: Victoria Carroll as Nina | Kieu Chinh as Oriental Woman | Richard Lee Sung as Mongolian Warrior
Director: George McCowan

75 :04x13 - The Man from Yesterday/World's Most Desirable Woman

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Guest Stars: Dennis Cole as Major Calvin Doyle | Martin Milner as William T. Keating/Jed Morrison | Barbi Benton as Marsha Garnett/Carla Baines | Elizabeth Baur as Mrs. Keating/Lucy Carson | Edie Adams as Liz Fuller | Teri Copley as Joanne | Stephanie Faulkner as Pauline | Rummel Mor as Petie | William Marquez as 1st Fisherman | Camille Villechaize as Camille | M.G. Kelly as Mark Strutton | Mary Bower as Joyce | Blane Savage as Grady | Delores Cantú as Kathi | Melanie Vincz as Judy

76 :04x14 - The Chateau/White Lightning

Vicky Lee wants to spend a weekend with a famous silent film star. She arrives at his chateau only to learn he worships "the great god Pan" and owns a creepy self-portrait.
Guest Stars: Wendy Schaal as Ruth Ann McAllister | Carolyn Jones (1) as Clora McAllister | George Lindsey as Norris Scoggins | David Hedison as Karl Dixon/Claude Duncan | Pamela Franklin as Vicky Lee | Randolph Powell as R.J. Scoggins | Ed Begley, Jr. as Amos NcAllister | Richard Lineback as Otis McAllister | Ernie Lively as Bobby Joe Scoggins

77 :04x15 - Loving Strangers/Something Borrowed, Something Blue

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Guest Stars: Shelley Smith as Pamela Archer | John Gavin as Jack Foster | Jane Powell (1) as Margaret Chase Wilkerson | Peter Marshall (2) as Tom Wilkerson | Cesar Romero as Maestro Roger Alexander | Marjoe Gortner as Nick Corbin | J. Pat O'Malley as Reverend | Catherine Campbell (1) as Francine
Director: Cliff Bole

78 :04x16 - Chorus Girl/Surrogate Father

"Surrogate Father" A compulsive gambler wants to hit it big on Fantasy Island. But his daughter’s fantasy is for daddy to stop gambling and start being a father.

A talented deaf dancer receives the gift of hearing and a compulsive gambler crosses fantasies with a social worker.
Guest Stars: Nicole Eggert as Amy Watkins | John Saxon as Evan Watkins | Lisa Hartman as Sheila Richards | Rosemary Forsyth as Margo Glenn | Stuart Whitman as Franklin Adams | Jason Evers as Ben | Joe Bennett as Maxim Leonard | Charles Picerni as Donovan | Vince Howard as the Teller | Nita DiGiampaolo as Elena | Dave Johnson (4) as Track Announcer | Elven Havard as Waiter

79 :04x17 - Also Rans/Portrait of Solange

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Guest Stars: Elissa Leeds as Solange Latienne | Macdonald Carey as Alfred Gerrard | Arlene Dahl as Amelia Selby | Larry Linville as Jerome Pepper | David Groh as Mark Ellison | Joan Prather as Delia Latham | Don Porter as Emmett Latham | Dennis Kort as Ice Cream Vendor

80 :04x18 - The Searcher/The Way We Weren't

"The Searcher"— a young woman and her new husband want to solve the mystery of her father's disappearance: and "The Way We Weren't" — which deals with a couple who have been married for six years and want to recreate the early days of their marriage.
Guest Stars: Jerry Van Dyke as Fred Cooper | Laurette Spang as Karen Saunders-Holmes | Laraine Stephens as Dorothy 'Dottie' Cooper | James Darren as Brian Holmes | Jack Carter as Vic Fletcher | Paul Burke (1) as Noah Jansen/John Saunders | Hermione Baddeley as Aunt Bella | Dawn Wells as Myra | Leo Gordon as Chief Guard | Jenny Neumann as Lisa

81 :04x19 - The Proxy Billionaire/The Experiment

Robert Goulet and Ricardo Montalban will prove that most folks like fantasy over fiction tonight, especially fiction about cops 'n' robbers. Roarke grants Goulet, a Wall St. analyst, his wish to exchange places with a wealthy client. And James Broderick is a doctor who wants to make the dead live. Did he clear this with Bela Lugosi?
Guest Stars: Robert Goulet as Frank Miller/Avery Williams | Phyllis Davis as Jennifer Leston | James Broderick as Dr. Lucas Bergmann | Troy Donahue as Wallis Jaeger | Britt Ekland as Berniece Williams | Woody Strode as Makalo | Laurie Walters as Lisa Bergmann | Delores Cantú as Waitress | Ashley Hester as Dancer

82 :04x20 - Delphine/The Unkillable

"Delphine" Mr. Roarke's goddaughter tries to free herself from her gift for sorcery and in "The Unkillable" two scientists search for a missing link to man's development.

"The Unkillable" Three scientists arrive to the island hoping to find an ancient silicon creature.
Guest Stars: Vic Tayback as Chet Nolan | Alex Cord as Kyle | Elinor Donahue as Madge Nolan | Ann Jillian as Delphine McNab | Annette Funicello as Elizabeth 'Liz' Drake | Don Galloway as Greg Randolph | Randolph Mantooth as Dr. Paul Todd | Doris Roberts as Madame Clooney | Carl Ballantine as The Great Zachariah
Director: Cliff Bole

83 :04x21 - Basin Street/The Devil's Triangle

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Guest Stars: Cleavon Little as Charles Raines | Mabel King as Mama Parker | Raymond St. Jacques as Camptown Dodds | Berlinda Tolbert as Billie Joe | Christopher Connelly as Tom Spencer | Trish Stewart as Kerry Dawson | Joe Namath as Clay Garrett | Howard George as Lieutenant Lavalle | John Schull as Sgt. McAndrew | Kedren Jones as Ginger

84 :04x22 - Hard Knocks/Lady Godiva

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Guest Stars: Michael Alldredge as Tom | Ken Berry as Lord Leo Pomeroy | Michelle Phillips as Sheila Godfrey | Robert Sacchi as Humphrey Bogart | Gunilla Hutton as Lady Godiva | Martha Smith as Monica Hall | Patrick Wayne as John Apensdale | Philip Levien (1) as Steve Pryor | Morgan Woodward as Hall | John Davis Chandler as Eddie Gunn | Janet Brandt as Mady | Marland Proctor as Cop | Julie Inouye as Masseuse | Nina Axelrod as Doreen Rich
Director: Don Weis

85 :04x23 - Man-Beast/Ole Island Oprey

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Guest Stars: David Hedison as David Tabori | Carol Lynley as Elizabeth Tabori | Jimmy Dean as Charlie Rowlands | Anne Francis as Lottie McFadden | Wendy Schaal as Jennie Rowlands | Kevin Hagen as Sam | Keith Atkinson as Joe Henderson | Cal Bartlett as Shepherd

86 :04x24 - Paquito's Birthday/Technical Advisor

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Guest Stars: Randi Oakes as Nancy Harvester | A. Martinez as Manuel Lopez | Linda Cristal as Donna Delores | Jill St. John as Helen of Troy | Jim Stafford as Gene Jefferson | Victoria Racimo as Consuelo Lopez | Anthony Trujillo as Paquito 'Paco' Lopez | Jerry Velasco as Jose | Susan Saldivar as Elena | Blane Savage as Brad
Director: Don Weis
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Fantasy | Mystery
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Airs: Saturdays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: January 28, 1978
Ended: May 19, 1984
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