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Farscape: Throne for a Loss

Rygel is kidnapped by well-armed soldiers, who hold him for ransom. The crew must rescue him and Moya but soon succomb to the drug-induced effects of the Tavlek's weaponry.

Episode Info

Episode number: 1x4
Production Number: #10104
Airdate: Friday April 09th, 1999

Guest Stars
Tim MievilleTim Mieville
voiced Jotheb
Zoe DimakisZoe Dimakis
As Hontovek
Episode Quotes
John: We know almost nothing about the Tavloids-
Aeryn: Tavleks.
John: Whatever. What we do know if they're willing to pay us to haul cargo, which they're not going to do if you go in there doing your John Wayne impression.
Aeryn: John Wayne, who's that? A relative?
John: John Wayne. The big guy. True Grit. Searchers, the Cowboys, Genghis Khan... Forget about Genghis Khan, everyone has a bad movie. The point is...
Aeryn: No, the point is, I'm not going to meet that shuttle unarmed. Simple as that.

D'Argo: All of you, shut up!
Rygel: That's right. Shut up. Now the Tavleks believe...
D'Argo: Shut up includes you.

John: Pilot, get a tractor beam on that shuttle.
Pilot: Tractor beam? What's that?
John: Graviton shield, tracto ray, Super Glue, whatever you yanked me aboard with.

Aeryn: I've got a plan.
John: Please, let me guess. Your plan. Jam down to the planet, conduct a commando-style raid against what, a couple dozen heavily-armed Tavloids and haul ass back to the ship.
Aeryn: Tavleks.
John: That's your plan? Wile E. Coyote would come up with a better plan than that! You're just going to go down there by yourself?
Aeryn: Of course not. You're coming with me.
John: In your dreams I'm coming with you!

Zhaan: Is nudity a taboo in your culture? Are you ashamed of your bodies?
Tavlek: Well, we would be if we looked like you.
Zhaan: I doubt it.

Rygel: Which means you're going to have to take me back as I am, or disembowel me here.
John: Don't you tempt me, Fluffy.

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