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Farscape: Thank God it's Friday. Again.

D'Argo goes into Luxan hyper-rage, and the crew follows him to a worker planet. All is not as it seems, and John must avoid the natives' mind control to reveal a Peacekeeper plot.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x6
Production Number: #10106
Airdate: Friday April 23rd, 1999

Director: Rowan Woods
Writer: David Wilks

Guest Stars
Mark SlocumMark Slocum
As Sykaran Male #1
Peter BarochPeter Baroch
As Sykaran Male #3
Selina MullerSelina Muller
As D'Argo's Girlfriend
Tina ThomsenTina Thomsen
As Tanga
Episode Notes
This was writer David Wilkis' only contribution to Farscape. He had previously been the story editor on the British TV cop series Dempsey & Makepeace.

Angie Milliken, who play Volmae, returned to voice Yoz in Season 2's Out of Their Minds.

Danish born actress Tina Thomsen, who plays Tanga, is best known for her long run on the Australian soap opera Home and Away.

Like the rest of the first season, the interiors for Thank God It's Friday Again were filmed at the Fox Studios in the center of Sydney, rather than at the show's better-known base at Homebush Bay, to the west of Sydney.

Jonathan Hardy regularly refers to the scenes when Rygel urinates as some of his favorite scenes from the entire run of Farscape.

This is the first time we encounter Luxan hyper-rage, a key component of D'Argo's personality.

Crichton's reference to the "Mel Gibson, Tina Turner...cage match" is to the third Mad Max film, Beyond Thunderdome.

Andrew Prowse nominated this episode as one of his favorites of the episodes in which he was not directly involved.

Episode Quotes
John: It's been three days. He can't still be freaking like that.
Aeryn: It's Luxan hyper rage. It doesn't just go away.
Zhaan: You were wise to hide as you did, John.
Aeryn: D'Argo's been off the ship for three days. But we couldn't find you to tell you. You hide very well. You must have had a lot of practice.
(Rygel laughs)
John: Shut up. It comes natural. Especially when you've got that chasing you. Why the hell is he raging, after me, anyway?
Zhaan: You're male.
John: Spanky here's male. I think. Sorta. How come he's not after you?
Rygel: He knows better.

Zhaan: Will you be all right in this heat, my dear?
Aeryn: I'll be all right as long as it's night.
Rygel: This is night?
John: Back home we call it white night.
Rygel: I call it let's find the Luxan and get out of here and save ourselves heat seizure.

John: My boy D'Argo entered the promised land.
Aeryn: Yes, and he left his brain behind.

Aeryn: She gives me a woody.
(John looks at her surprised and confused)
Aeryn: Woody. Human saying. I've heard you say it often when you don't trust someone, or they make you nervous, then they give you...
John: The willies! She gives you the willies.

Aeryn: We have a situation up here.
John: I'm sure it's not any more interesting than the one down here.
Aeryn: Remember Rygel's assassination attempt? He caused it himself. His body fluids have turned explosive.
John: I stand corrected.

Aeryn: You look terrible, actually. What happened to you?
John: However I look, I feel a hell of a lot worse.

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