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Farscape: PK Tech Girl

Moya and her crew discover an abandoned Peacekeeper cruiser, with a sole technician on board. Aeryn and Crichton must defend the ship from a Shiang attack, while Rygel confronts a ghost from his past.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x7
Production Number: #10107
Airdate: Friday April 16th, 1999

Director: Tony Tilse
Writer: Nan Hagan

Guest Stars
Alyssa Jane CookAlyssa Jane Cook
As Gilina Renaez
David WheelerDavid Wheeler
As Selto Durka
Derek AmerDerek Amer
As Teurac
Peter AstridgePeter Astridge
As Lomus / Voice of Lomus
Episode Notes
PK Tech Girl was the first episode filmed on its own rather than as one of a pair; the change was partly made because of the upcoming holidays.

PK Tech Girl marks the debut of director Tony Tilse, who would bring his unique style of camerawork (nicknamed "Tilse-vision" by Ben Browder) to the series.

Writer Nan Hagan contributed only this episode to the series, although she was also responsible for episodes of The Net and Sliders.

Gilina was Crichton's first real love interest outside Aeryn and would return in Nerve / The Hidden Memory. Originally, the script called for her to die on the Zelbinion.

PK Tech girl was the first Farscape episode ever broadcast. It was shown as a sneak preview on the Sci Fi Channel shortly before the series began properly.

Although this is their full-fledged debut, the Sheyang were first spotted on the CommercePlanet in Premiere.

This is David Wheeler's first appearance as Rygel's nemesis, Selto Durka, who returns to haunt Rygel in Durka Returns.

Episode Quotes
Zhaan: How long have we known each other, Rygel?
Rygel: Long enough for me to see your blue backside meditating, but not long enough for you to touch me.

Gilina: I can't believe you're not Sebacean.
John: Human. It's kinda like Sebacean, but we haven't conquered other worlds yet, so we just kick the crap out of each other.

Gilina: Thank you for stopping her from killing me today.
John: Well, you know, I try to save a life a day. Usually it's my own...

D'Argo: I can not lie to an opponent in battle.
Zhaan: It's not lying... Simply mislead them.
D'Argo: For a priest you certainly have a very flexible morality.

John: You know cosmic theory?
Gilina: Yeah. It's something that intrigues me.
John: I got my doctorate in it.
Gilina: Doctorate? What is that?
John: It's a couple letters they add to the end of your name.

John: Life sucks.
Gilina: It brought us together.
John: Okay, it sucks a little less.

D'Argo: This ship is legendary, even in my culture. It was thought invincible.
John: Well just ask Leonardo DiCaprio. Even the big ones go down.

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