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Farscape: DNA Mad Scientist

A geneticist offers the crew maps back to their own worlds -- but with a high price. Meanwhile, Aeryn Sun begins a bizarre metamorphosis.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x9
Production Number: #10109
Airdate: Friday June 18th, 1999

Director: Andrew Prowse
Writer: Tom Blomquist

Guest Stars
Adrian GetleyAdrian Getley
As NamTar
Sarah BurnsSarah Burns
As Kornata
Episode Notes
As well as being "Rat Man" spelled backwards, the name Namtar is also minor Sumerian god associated with disease and pestilence.

Namtar was operated by Adrian Getley of Jim Henson's Creature Shop -- walking on a pair of stilts. The face was moved by Sean Masterson, better known for his work on Pilot.

Dave Elsey, creative supervisor for Jim Henson's Creature Shop, names Namtar as one of the weirdest creatures that he ever came up with for Farscape. Elsey turned down ideas that Namtar could simply be a man in a lab coat.

This is the first time we learn that Leviathan and Pilots are bonded together, and without the Leviathans, Pilot wouldn't be able to travel into space. This is shown in more detail in Season 2's "The Way We Weren't".

The Farscape universe expands in this episode as we learn about more Sebacean colonies outside the Charted Territories, many of which are encountered later in the series.

John Crichton makes reference to Josef Mengele, the infamous Nazi scientist who performed torturous experiments on living human subjects during the Holocaust.

Episode Quotes
John: How can you not be angry? Insanely angry?
Pilot: When one of my species is bonded to a Leviathan, we give our lives to the services of others. Ship first, then those that travel aboard her.
John: No matter what those aboard do to you?
Pilot: My species is incapable of space flight on our own. If we wish to journey beyond our home planet, this is the tradeoff we make for the chance to see the galaxy. I consider it a perfectly equitable arrangement.

Aeryn: How could you? Pilot is defenseless.
D'Argo: Compassion? From a Peacekeeper?
Aeryn: For a comrade. You attacked one of your own. Would you do the same to the rest of us?
D'Argo: Of course.

Rygel: Blue-assed bitch.
Zhaan: What did you call me?
Rygel: A blue-assed bitch.

John: It's a happy face.
Aeryn: They're food cubes.
John: See, the pattern forms a… Never mind.

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