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Here Comes Summer - Recap

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With Oscar Fierro gone from the competition, it is Orly Shani (26), Edmond Newton (32), Nikki Poulos (43), Barbara Bates (55), Ross Bennett (27), Sarah Parrott (31), Ronnie Escalante (32), Luciana Scarabello (30), Lisa Vian Hunter (47), Lizzie Parker (41), Kara Laricks (38) and Nzimiro Oputa (28) who still all have a chance to win the contract of a lifetime. Jessica Simpson, Nicole Richie and John Varvatos sit as judges. The buyers of Macy’s, Saks Fifth Avenue and H&M are there to see which outfit they want. This week, they are going to have to design for the summer season. LMFAO come out and perform on stage.

First up are Orly Shani (26), Barbara Bates (55) and Ronnie Escalante (32). Orly says that this would be a good way to prove her family right and she wants to mix prints. Nicole says that she needs to make it pop. Barbara thinks that she is going to some color blocking. Rossie says that he wants a buy tonight and Nicole tells him to let go. John talks to Orly and says that she needs to relax and says that the magic will come out. Orly’s mother and brother come to see her. The dresses come out and for Orly’s “Sheath Dress” gets the buyers looking. For Barbara;’s “Shirt Dress”, the judges take notice. For Ronnie’s “Asymmetrical Draped Dress”, the buyers start writing. The designers come out and Nicole tells Ronnie that she loved the colors, but felt that it was too much fabric. John says that Orly’s dress was great and Jessica says that she is in love with Orly’s dress and says that she wants an order on all three colors. Nicole says that Barbara did a great job and says that she loved it. For Orly’s dress: No Offer from H&M, but Macy’s gives an offer of 70,000. Saks Fifth Avenue offers $110,000. Terran says that this is a Saks dress. Macy’s matches the amount and Saks offers $120,000. For Barbara’s dress: No Offer from anyone. For Ronnie’s dress: No Offer from anyone as well. Nicki says that she loved the print, but the construction of it was too much.

Next up are Nikki Poulos (43), Sarah Parrott (31) and Nzimiro Oputa (28). Nicki says that she is used to making swimwear, but this is going to be fun. Sarah says that she is going to be pushed more and wants to make sure that she is going to stand out. Nzimiro is getting into the men’s clothing and Nicole says that he needs to stay away from the feminine look. At last moment, Nicki fixes the dresses. The dresses come out and Nikki’s “Palazzo Jumpsuit” gets some attention. Sarah’s “Wrap Maxi Dress” gets the buyers looking. Nzimiro’s “European Cut Shorts” make some heads look up. The designers come out and John says that Jumpsuits were not executed the right way. Jessica says that Nzimiro says that she wants her fiancé to be rocking in them. John says that he likes that Sarah went for it, but he didn’t like the print. Jessica says that the print was great. For Sarah’s dress: No Offers from Macy’s or Saks Fifth Avenue, but gets an offer of H&M of $50,000. Nicki says that she loved it. For Nikki’s dress: No Offers from Saks Fifth Avenue or H&M, but gets $50,000 from Macy’s. She says that they might have to work on it a little bit, but it is great. For Nzimiro’s shorts: No Offer from Saks or Macy’s, but gets a $50,000 offer from H&M. Nicki says that she loved the colors and theme.

The next designers, Ross Bennett (27), Luciana Scarabello (30) and Lisa Vian Hunter (47) come out in a quick video montage and Ross says that he has been trying to make it so that he can get a buy from either one of the buyers. Lisa and Luciana had No Offers, but when it comes down to the results of Ross, he gets a match of $70,000 from Macy’s and H&M. Macy’s eventually gets it for $120,00.

Next up is Edmond Newton (32), Kara Laricks (38) and Lizzy Parker (41). Edmond says that he knows what he is going to do, but Jessica comes up and says that she didn’t like it and helps him. Lizzie says that she is going to incorporate Heavy Metal in her design. Kara says that she has a lot to prove still and she says that she can stay true to herself. John comes over and helps her with color coating. The dresses are brought out and for Edmond’s “Maxi Dress”, it turns heads. Kara’s “Tuxedo Pants” get the buyers writing. Lizzie’s “Sheath Dress” comes out and gets the buyers frowning. The designers come out and John says that the pants that Kara designed were really good. Nicole says that Lizzie stepped out, but it is not her favorite dress. Nicole says that Edmond’s dress was great and loved the detail. For Kara’s pants: No Offers from Macy’s or H&M, but she gets a $50,000 offer from Saks Fifth Avenue. For Lizzie’s dress: No Offers from anyone. Caprice says that the design was awkward, but loved the draping. For Edmond’s: No Offers from anyone. Terran says that it was awkward.

Edmond Newton, Barbara Bates, Ronnie Escalante, Luciana Scarabello, Lisa Vian Hunter, and Lizzie Parker are up for elimination and the Bottom Three are: Lizzie Parker, Luciana Scarabello and Edmond Newton. They come out and the judges decide to save Edmond. Lizzie and Luciana go up to the buyers and they decide to save Luciana. This means that Lizzie Parker is eliminated from the competition.