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Living Department Store Window - Recap

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With Lisa Vian Hunter gone out of the race to the $6 Million, Orly Shani (26), Edmond Newton (32), Nikki Poulos (43), Barbara Bates (55), Ross Bennett (27), Sarah Parrott (31), Ronnie Escalante (32), Luciana Scarabello (30), Kara Laricks (38) and Nzimiro Oputa (28) know that with 10 contestants left, they are going to have to pull out all the stops. This week the designers are going to have to work in Groups and showcase their clothes in windows. Elle MacPherson comes out $1.5 Million in clothes.

The first group is Barbara Bates (55)and Nikki Poulos (43). They get together and Nikki doesn’t like the story part of it and Nikki doesn’t think that Barbara’s dress doesn’t compliment. Barbara doesn’t like to work with Nikki at all. Nicole comes up and Barbara says that she is ready to bash Nikki in the head. Nicole is scared for them because they are definitely polar opposites. They get their styles together. The models come out and Barbara’s “”High Waist Dress” gets some attention. Nikki’s “Vintage Inspired Maxi” gets Jessica to smile. The designers come out and John says that he loved the window. Nicole says that Nikki did a good job and made it really nice. John says that Barbara’s dress had the same fabric and kind of squandered what she had there. For Barbara’s dress: No Offers from anyone. Terran says that the fabric choices were off. For Nikki’s dress: No Offer from Macy’s, but Saks offers 50,000 and H&M offers $60,000. They bid more and H&M wins it for $80,000. Nicki says that she would run in to buy the dress.

The next group is Ronnie Escalante (32) and Luciana Scarabello (30). Ronnie says that they have to make sure that he proves himself. Luciana gets a $100,000 offer. Ronnie however, gets a bidding war between Macy’s and H&M. In the end, Macy’s buys it for $110,000. Caprice says that they appreciate the judges believing in Ronnie. It is Ronnie’s first sale.

Ross Bennett (27), Orly Shani (26) and Sarah Parrott (31) are next up and they say that they are going to have to stand out among the rest and Ross wants a conservative feel, but be hip and sexy. Jessica likes that Ross is keeping it Southern. They are going for a “Gossip Girl” theme. Orly struggles with a fabric and is not used to lace. Nicole says that lace is hard and says that she needs to stick to what she knows. Ross doesn’t like Orly changing her mind. The dresses come out and Ross’ “Double Button Vest” gets John to say that Ross is sexing it up. Sarah’s “Reversible Blazer” gets some attention too. Orly’s “Shorts With Waist Tie” gets some attention. The designers come out and Nicole says that Orly’s shorts were not good and her model had a “wajinna”. John says that Sarah’s jacket was alright, but wasn’t that new to him. Jessica says that Ross is representing Texas and says that it was great. For Orly’s shorts: No Offers from anyone. Terran says that he didn’t understand it. For Sarah’s dress: No Offer from Saks or Macy’s, but H&M buys it for $60,000. Nicki says that she loved it, but they have to sell to all of them if she is going to be the winner. For Ross’ vest: No Offers from Saks or H&M, but Macy’s buys it for $50,000. Caprice says that he is just hitting his stride.

The last designers come out and Edmond Newton (32), Kara Laricks (38) and Nzimiro Oputa (28) are ready to get their designs. Kara pulls out the teacher card when they misbehave. Edmond says that he needs to prove himself and goes over his ideas with Nicole. She tells him to choose the good fabric. Nzimiro doesn’t like that he changed to menswear. Edmond says that this will show his range. Kara says that they can’t let the window be hocky. The dresses come out and Nzimiro’s “Casual Jacket” gets some attention from Nicole. Edmond’s Oxford Shirt gets the buyers writing. Kara’s “Shirt Dress” gets some attention. The designers come out and John says that the black and white one of Edmond’s was alright, but it wasn’t the best. Jessica says that she loved the green in Kara’s dress. Nicole says that “Nzimini” did a great job. John says that he wasn’t ready for a window piece. For Edmond’s shirt: No Offers. Caprice was hoping to see the dress and says that she is confused. For Nzimiro’s jacket: No Offers. Caprice says that she wants to know what is next from him. For Kara’s dress: No Offers from anyone. Nicki says that the dress doesn’t fit the store.

The designers in danger are: Barbara Bates, Orly Shani, Edmond Newton, Nzimiro Oputa and Kara Laricks. The Bottom Three are: Orly Shani, Barbara Bates and Edmond Newton. The judges decide to save Barbara. Caprice says that with a designer to loose sight could be the end to her career. The buyers decide to save Orly. This means Edmond Newton is eliminated from the competition.