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Mentor's Choice - Recap

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With Barbara Bates out of the competition, it is down to Orly Shani (26), Nikki Poulos (43), Ross Bennett (27), Sarah Parrott (31), Ronnie Escalante (32), Luciana Scarabello (30), Kara Laricks (38) and Nzimiro Oputa (28) to create something that all the buyers are going to want. This week is Mentor’s Choice. Elle MacPherson comes out and welcomes the buyers from Macy’s, Saks and H&M.

First up for the night is Ross Bennett (27) and Kara Laricks (38). Nicole goes up to Kara and tells her to create a suit. John goes up to Ross and tells him that he would want a stylish dress. Kara and Nicole work on the suits while John and Ross go fabric shopping. Ross doesn’t agree with John when he offers to help. They get into the studio and Ross says that Kara’s style of clothing shouldn’t be in America. The dresses come out and for Kara’s “Women’s Suits”, she gets a clap from Caprice of Macy’s. Ross’ “Flowy Gown” gets John to say that it looks like Little House on the Prairie. The designers come out and John says that Ross missed the mark on this. He says that the collar was strange. Jessica says that her crush is on Kara now because she loved her suits. They face the buyers and for Ross: No Offers. Nikki says that the quality wasn’t that good and not up to par. For Kara: No Offer from Macy’s or H&M and Saks waits. John says that Kara’s suits are amazing. Terran tricks them and gives her a $100,000 offer.

Next up is Nzimiro Oputa (28) and Sarah Parrott (31). John goes up to Nzimiro to do Tailored Suits. Jessica says that she wants an Elegant Dress from her. Nzimiro says that he wants to keep his suit jacket his own signature. Sarah isn’t sure about her design that Jessica helped her with. Even though she stresses, Sarah usually gets it right on. She is second guessing herself on the dress a little. The dresses come out and for Nzimiro’s “Two Piece Suit”, it gets the designers smiling. Sarah’s “Faux Wrap Dress” gets frowns. The designers come out and John says that he is proud that Nzimiro pulled it off. Jessica says that they wanted to see more elegance. Sarah admits that she was lost on this. Nicole says that she needs to stand by her dresses. For Sarah: No Offers. Nikki says that she should never put down her dresses. For Nzimiro: No Offers. Caprice says that the detailing took away from the trends now.

Next are Ronnie Escalante (32) and Orly Shani (26). John goes up to Orly and tells her that he would love to see her do something soft and tough. Nicole goes up to Ronnie and says that he needs to do some Gowns. John and Orly go fabric shopping and Orly wants to make something that is inspiring. Nicole says that Ronnie needs to dig deep. They get back to the studio and Orly is confused of how to arrange it. The dresses come out and Ronnie’s “Evening Dress” gets some attention from John. Orly’s “Column Dress” gets a smile from Jessica. The designers come out and John says that Orly did a good job. Nicole says that Ronnie did an excellent job. Jessica says that she wouldn’t mind to have him on board for the bridesmaid dresses. They face the buyers and for Orly: No Offer from Macy’s but Saks and H&M have a bidding war. They cap at $70,000 and it is Orly’s choice. She goes with Nikki at H&M. For Ronnie: No Offers from Saks or H&M, but Macy’s gives him a $50,000 offer. Caprice says that they are excited.

Last up are Nikki Poulos (43) and Luciana Scarabello (30). Jessica goes up to Luciana and says that she wants to have her do a classy dress. She says that she needs more structure. Nicole goes up to Nikki and says that she wants her to do a mini-skirt. She says that is not where she wants to be. Jessica and Luciana go to the fabric store and decide on fabric right away. However, Nikki finds it hard to find the right fabric. Nikki goes up to Nicole and says that she is just hoping to find fabrics. They get ready for the showing. The dresses come out and for Luciana’s “Structured Dress”, it gets some attention. For Nikki’s “Mod Moni Dress”, the judges show some interest. The designers come out and Jessica says that she loved Luciana’s dress and says that she has grown. John says that all three buyers could buy that. Nicole says that she wanted to bring out more for Nikki and says that she did a great job. They go to the buyers and for Nikki: No Offers. Nikki says that she wanted more detail on the top. For Luciana: No Offer from Macy’s and 60,000 from Saks. However H&M bids $70,000. She is the first designer to sell to all three stores.

This leaves Nikki Poulos (43), Ross Bennett (27), Sarah Parrott (31) and Nzimiro Oputa (28) in danger of leaving the competition. They all go to the center of the stage. Nicole says that they have to look at the designer who is going to take it to the next level and they decide to keep Nzimiro. Nikki and Ross and Sarah face the buyers. Caprice says that Nikki was expected to show a wider range. Terran says that Sarah hasn’t sold to Saks or Macy’s. Nikki says that Ross isn’t doing good in this at all. They decide to send Sarah Parrott home.