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What's Your Campaign? - Recap

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With Sarah Parrott out of the running, it is Orly Shani (26), Nikki Poulos (43), Ross Bennett (27), Ronnie Escalante (32), Luciana Scarabello (30), Kara Laricks (38) and Nzimiro Oputa (28) who have a shot still at the prize. Tonight is campaign night where the designers are going to have to create a campaign. Elle MacPherson comes out and shows the Spring Collection of John Varvatos. To help the designers out this week, Cindi Leive, Editor In-Chief of Glamour, comes in. She says that each of the mentors have their advertising that goes with their brand.

Kara Laricks (38) and Nzimiro Oputa (28) are first. John comes over and Kara tells him that she was thinking of a tuxedo shirt. He likes the idea. Nicole goes up to Nzimiro and he says that he was thinking of a sweater. Nicole says that is a bad choice. She says that his first time on the runway was amazing. However, he says that he can create a story. Kara’s story revolves on her life of being openly gay. Nzimiro’s story is about traveling. The dresses come out and Kara’s “Tuxedo Shirt” gets interest. Nzimiro’s “Cardigan Sweater” gets smiles. The designers come out. Nicole says that Nzimiro did a great job and Jessica says that he blew her panties off. John congratulates Kara for the advertisement. They face the buyers. For Nzimiro: No Offers from Saks or H&M, but gets $100,000 from Macy’s. Caprice says that the item is versatile and it was good. For Kara: No offer from Macy’s, but it is a bidding war with Saks and H&M. Saks buys it for $80,000. Terran says that with her tie, it is her signature.

Next up are Luciana Scarabello (30) and Nikki Poulos (43). Nikki says that she is going to do a Maxi-Dress and Jessica suggests that she shows Glamour and says that she needs to step it up. Luciana talks with Cindi and she helps her with the choices. She tells John that she is going to do a dress and says that the message that she wants to portray that she doesn’t care and is still stylish. Nikki works with the design and Ross helps her with structure. He says that she needs to be able to sew it. Luciana creates a fantasy land for her ad. Nikki has some issues with the dress and she doesn’t like the photo shoot and cuts out the dress and just the model. The dresses come out and Luciana’s “Cut Out Dress” gets some attention. Nikki’s “Disco Dress” gets the judges writing. The designers come out and Nicole says that Nikki did a bad thing to have a head shot instead of the dress. Jessica says that if it was a celebrity, then maybe the face would work. However, the dress was good. John says that Luciano did a great job with the ad and the dress was great too. They go to the buyers and for Nikki: No Offers. Terrance says that if the advertising goes unnoticed, everything else is not important. For Luciana: No Offers from Macy’s or H&M, but Saks buys it for $50,000.

Up last are Orly Shani (26), Ross Bennett (27) and Ronnie Escalante (32). Orly talks with Cindi and says that she wants to go for a Motorcycle vest dress. She says that she wants to win and kick some ass. Her ad is like an “it” girl getting stopped and likes it. Ronnie says that he is going to have a story of him getting into Fashion and he wants to make his family proud. Ross says that he is inspired by Jessica Simpson and says that he wants to make a hunter jacket. The dresses come out and Orly’s “Motorcycle Dress/Vest” gets attention. Ronnie’s “Open Back Dress” gets a smile. Ross’ “Hunting Jacket” gets the buyers writing. The designers come out and Jessica says that she kind of wanted different color. Ross says that it seemed washed out. She says that he is going to need his wife to style. Nicole says that Ronnie’s ad was great. John says that the dress is reminiscent with his others, but it was great. John says that Orly’s ad was good, but only one of the dresses was good. They face the buyers. For Ross: No Offers. Terran says that the ad was horrible and Caprice says that the jackets were dated. For Ronnie: No Offers from Saks or Macy’s, but H&M offers $50,000. For Orly: No Offers. Terran says that he couldn’t read the name of the designer.

Nikki Poulos (43), Orly Shani (26) and Ross Bennett (27) are in danger of leaving the competition. They come out on stage. John says that they believe in all of them and are at a stalemate. They have to all face the buyers. Caprice says that Ross had a breakthrough, but he didn’t shine with the signature. Terran says that they love Nikki’s passion, but the dress was not up to par. Nikki says that Orly took a step backward. They decide to send home Ross Bennett.