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Buyer's Choice - Recap

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Now that Ross Bennett is out of the running, it is down to Orly Shani (26), Nikki Poulos (43), Ronnie Escalante (32), Luciana Scarabello (30), Kara Laricks (38) and Nzimiro Oputa (28). With one challenge left before the finale, the designers will work directly with the buyers and create designs. Tonight everything changes because three designers are going to be going home at the end of the night regardless of making a sale or not. Elle MacPherson comes out and introduces Nicole Richie’s Spring Collection. The buyers went into the studio to help the designers to get the right area of their liking.

First up for the night is Nzimiro Oputa (28) and Kara Laricks (38). The mentors talk to him and say that he needs to make sure that he pays attention to detail. Nikki talks to Kara and says that she hasn’t sold to Macy’s or H&M. She says that she has to keep true to herself, but also conform to the standard of the other stores. The dresses come out and Kara’s Collar & Tie Dress” and “Trench Coat” get attention. Nzimiro’s “Casual Trousers” and “Safari Jacket” get the buyers writing. The designers come out and Jessica says that Nzimiro’s outfits were great. Nicole says that he deserves to be there and is happy with the Safari Jacket. John says that he loved the outfits that Kara made. They turn and face the buyers. For Kara: No Offer from Saks, but H&M and Macy’s have a bidding war. Kara decides to go with H&M for $60,000. For Kara’s second outfit: No Offer from H&M, but Macy’s and Saks offer $50,000. Macy’s bumps it up to $60,000. Kara is sold in all three stores. For Nzimiro: No Offers. Terran says that he didn’t see his signature. For Nzimiro’s second outfit: No Offers.

Next up are Orly Shani (26) and Luciana Scarabello (30). Nikki meets with Orly and says that they need something more sophisticated. Caprice sits down with Luciana and says that she wants to see her ladywear. Luciana takes her advice. For the second outfit, Caprice meets with Orly and says that a structured piece would be great. Luciana wants to do a cropped jacket and the mentors meet with Orly. They tell her that the buyers need to want her. She says that she doesn’t have anything to lose. The dresses come out and Luciana’s Cropped Jacket and Shorts” get some attention. Her “High Waisted Skirt” gets some smiles. Orly’s “Structured Dress” turns some heads. Her “Blazer with Wide Legged Trouser” gets some attention too. The designers come out and Nicole tells Luciana’s jacket was great, but the skirt wasn’t her favorite. Jessica says that Orly’s pants were amazing. She loved the dress too. They face the buyers. For Orly: No Offers from H&M or Macy’s, but Saks picks it up for $60,000. For her second outfit: No Offers from Macy’s or Saks, but H&M gives her $100,000. For Luciana: No Offers. For her second outfit: No Offers. Caprice says that as stand alone items, it wasn’t good. However, they look forward to the future.

Last up are Nikki Poulos (43) and Ronnie Escalante (32). Nikki from H&M sits down with Nikki and says that they need something different and she is determined to do anything. Ronnie says that his goal is to please. He says that he wants to sell to Saks more then anything. He sits down with Terran. Nikki talks to the mentors about her outfits and Jessica is concerned that Nikki’s choice isn’t going to pay off. Ronnie says that he is running out of time. The dresses come out and Ronnie’s “Women’s Suit” gets some attention. His “Menswear Inspired Dress” get some attention too. Nikki’s “Asymmetrical Dress” gets some smiles. Her “Pants & Blouse” turns some heads. The designers come out and John says that Nikki did a great job and evolved her brand. Jessica says that he did an outstanding job. She says that he is a front-runner. They face the buyers. For Nikki: No Offers. For Nikki’s second outfit: No Offer from H&M, but Saks and Macy’s bid $50,000. They leave it in Nikki’s hands and she chooses Saks. For Ronnie: No Offers from H&M or Saks, but Macy’s picks it up for $50,000. For Ronnie’s second outfit: No Offers from Macy’s, but Saks and H&M have a bidding war. H&M ultimately buys it for $110,000.

The designers all come out to the stage. John says that they are up to his league. Nicole says that all of them deserve to be there. They stand up and give them a round of applause. They face the buyers. They all cry and Orly says that they all are a bunch of cry babies. Kara Laricks, Ronnie Escalante and Nzimiro Oputa are in the Final Three. Nikki Poulos Luciana Scarabello and Orly Shani are going home.