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Finale - Recap

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It is the Finale and Ronnie Escalante (32), Kara Laricks (38) and Nzimiro Oputa (28) are in it to win the $6 Million clothing line that will be sold at Saks Fifth Avenue, Macy’s and H&M. With the prize that big, the designers are going to have to create three looks. Elle MacPherson shows off Jessica Simpson’s Spring Collection. Jessica says that she feels like she is flying because she has never seen her clothes down the runway.

The night begins with the designers designing three outfits for H&M. Nikki says that Kara has a chance to be great, Nzimiro is good, but is missing something and Ronnie has something that is there. First up is Ronnie Escalante (32). He is going to design something flirty. John says that Ronnie has great confidence and it is doing great. Kara Laricks (38) wants to be able to tailer clothes that will be able to sell to H&M. Nzimiro Oputa (28) says that he needs to make sure that everything is great. The dresses come out and Kara’s Collection turns some heads. Nzimiro’s Collection gets the buyers writing. Ronnie’s Collection gets some attention. The designers come out and John says that Kara did a good job and says that he loved it. Nicole says that Nzimiro says that he proved her wrong with the piece and says that he belongs in H&M. Jessica says that Ronnie could have been a little bit more colorful for H&M, but she loved the dress. They turn to Nikki of H&M. Nikki says that Kara has talent with designing and she loved the dress. With the crouch pants, it was a little too much for the H&M customer. She says that Nzimiro’s outfits blew her socks off and says that he should be so proud. For Ronnie, she says that she has to agree with the lack of color, but loved the dress.

Next, the designers make outfits for Terran from Saks Fifth Avenue. Nzimiro teases Kara and says that she is the Saks Princess. Ronnie says that he is going with a dress and says that he needs to be able to sell to them since he hasn’t yet. Nicole says that Kara stands out and has become a strong designer. She is going to a pant skirt for Saks and they work at getting their collection right that is going to appeal. The dresses come out and Kara’s Collection gets some smiles. Nzimiro’s Collection gets attention too. Ronnie’s Collection gets some cheers. The designers come out and John says that Kara’s dress was gorgeous and so was everything else. Jessica says that Nzimiro nailed it and says that they will fight over him. Nicole loved Ronnie’s white suit and says it was his best. They turn to Terran from Saks Fifth Avenue. He says that Kara has really delivered. He says that she is a leader. He says Nzimiro did a great job too and says that he has come a long way. Ronnie says that he had a hard time understanding how it goes with a collection. He defends his garment and Nikki says that she is proud of him.

Lastly, the designers design outfits for Caprice from Macy’s. Kara wants to make sure that they don’t go too big for Macy’s. Ronnie says that he wants to be showing something that is stylish and comfortable. Nzimiro talks to the mentors and says that he was thinking of a Cardigan. They warn him of that and he agrees. Nzimiro says that to win with Macy’s would be a dream come true. He has some issues with no pockets and he tells her not to make it difficult. Kara doesn’t like her pieces are not being commercial. The dresses come out. Kara’s Collection gets John clapping and Nicole complementing the fabric. Nzimiro’s Collection gets some attention too. Ronnie’s Collection gets Jessica clapping and saying that is a stand out piece. The designers come out and Jessica says that Kara never disappoints. She says that it is kind of out there, but it was great. John says that Nzimiro hit a home run. Nicole says that he has been him the whole time. John says that Ronnie has been the Dark Horse and says that the dress was a little unbalanced though. They turn to face Caprice from Macy’s. She says that Kara’s line has a place on her floor. She says that Nzimiro says that he nailed it. Every look would be great. She says that Ronnie says that he found a way to be himself and says that he is a phenomenal suit desingner and dress. However, she is concerned of the collection.

That is it for the dresses and Ronnie Escalante, Kara Laricks and Nzimiro Oputa are waiting to hear the results of the competition. They show a video of the mentors meeting with the buyers. Nicole says that Nzimiro has been on point through the entire competition. Terran says that Kara has been hitting it out of the park every time. Nikki says that she needs to be a little bit more commercial. They say that Ronnie has been great in the last 4 weeks. They say that he has been great. John says that he is only looking at what will be successful. The designers come to the stage for the last time. John says that it has been fantastic being with all of them. Nicole says that all three of them have sold to one of the biggest retailers of all time. She says that they need to be proud. Jessica gets emotional and says that they are great. They face the buyers and the winner of the collection of $6 Million is…Kara Laricks!!