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Showstoppers - Recap

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Jessica Simpson, Nicole Richie and John Varvatos are back for another season of ‘Fashion Star’. Louise Roe is the new host for the season and Macy’s buyer Caprice Willard, Saks Fifth Avenue’s buyer Terron Schaefer and Express buyer Erica De Salvatore make up the buyers. This season, the mentors are going to have a team of designers rather than all of them grouped together. The mentors meet with their designers and they welcome them. Hunter Bell, Tori Nichel, David Appel and JesseRay Vasquez & Garrett Gerson are on Team Jessica, Amber Perley, Cassandra Hobbins, Silvia Arguello and Brandon Scott for Team John and Priscilla Barrosso, Bret Young, Johana Hernandez and Daniel Silverstein for Team Nicole. Everyone is happy for the chance.

The mentors take their newly formed teams to the side and talk to them about what they are going to have to do. Each mentor is ready to get them going. Hunter says that her dresses were in Saks Fifth Avenue for a year until they decided to cut them. Cassandra used to be Head Designer and quit for ‘Fashion Star’. Daniel is the youngest and Nicole is excited to see where he is going to go with this. Priscilla says that she is the owner of Crowned Bird and says that she likes to bring in the whimsy attitude of a dress. Amber also owns and operates a design company called Southern Couture. John looks at the dress that she is making and he doesn’t like the fabrics. Johanna is Head of her own company Gludi and says that it is great to be there. Garrett & Jesseray are told that their work needs a little bit more sexiness to their outfit.

Hunter continues to work on her project and she wants Sax to bid on her. Brett says that he is going to go with Women’s Wear and shock everyone. Nicole advises against it and says that he should stick to what he knows right off the gate. David wants to impress with a, as Jessica says, “a two-fer”, a vest that has the sleeves come off. Brandon says that his is going to be great, but John is worried. Silvia says that she wants everything to be amazing and is worried of what it si going to be. Amber has listened to John and has a lighter fabric. The designers get ready for the showcase and they are nervous. This week’s theme is “Show Stoppers”.

First up is Team John. Amber Perley’s “Mod Flare Dress” comes out and the mentors comment on how the fabric works better. Cassandra Hobbins’s “Crop Moto Jacket” comes out next and the mentors like it. Brandon Scott’s “Hoodie Jacket Combo” and John says that this is a good version. They like the two-fer. Silvia Arguello’s “Coatdress” comes out and John says that is a show stopper for sure. The designers come out and John says that it is a hard challenge and they all did a fantastic job. They turn to face the buyers. For Amber: Macy offers $70,000. Saks puts in $75,000 and Express offers $175,000. Express wins it and Erika says that she loves the peek-a-boo. For Sylvia: No Offer from Macy’s or Express, but Saks gives her $75,000. For Cassandra: No Offers. Erica says that the piece was good, but the back was bossy. For Brandon: No Offers from Saks or Express, but gets a $120,000 offer from Macy’s. Caprice says that she can see her husband wearing that. Cassandra is up for elimination at the end of the night.

Next up is Team Nicole. Daniel Silverstein’s “Cocktail Dress” comes out and the mentors like the design. Johana Hernandez’s “Tulip Dress” comes out and the mentors say that it is flattering. Priscilla Barrosso’s “Moonlight Romper” comes out and the mentors say that the prints are cute, but the style is a little tough. Bret Young’s “Skinny Pants” come out and it is not really flattering. The designers come out and Nicole says that she is proud despite the fitting issues. They face the buyers. For Daniel: No Offer from Macy’s or Express, but gets a $150,000 bid from Saks. Terrance says that he has a really big talent and welcomes him. For Priscilla: No Offers from Saks or Express, but she gets an $80,000 bid from Macy’s. Caprice congrats her and says that it is perfect. For Johana: No Offer from Saks, but Express and Macy’s bid and Macy’s wins it for $55,000. For Bret: No Offers. Caprice was shocked that he didn’t go with Men’s Wear. Bret is up for elimination at the end of the night.

Lastly is Team Jessica. Hunter Bell’s “Midi Dress” comes out and the mentors say that it’s so flattering. David Appel’s “Utilitarian Jacket” comes out and John says that it is a great piece. Jesseray Vasquez & Garrett Gerson’s “Shift Dress” comes out and the mentors agree that it is a little dated. Tori Nichel’s “Trench Coat” comes out and John says that he gives the risk points, but don’t seem happy about it. The designers come out and Jessica says that she can’t wait to see what the buyers say. They face the buyers. For Tori: No Offers. Caprice says that it was a little too tailors. For David: No Offers. Erika says that was the military trend and it is saturated. For Jesseray & Garrett: No Offers. Jessica says that they needed to bring the sex. Terrance says that he was disappointed. For Hunter: Macy’s, Express and Saks bid and Saks and Express bid the max of $200,000. This means that Hunter has a choice and she goes with Saks. Tori, David and Jesseray & Garrett are up for elimination at the end.

The mentors get together and talk amongst themselves as to who is going to go home. The designers come out and Jessica says that Jesseray & Garrett and Bret are their two that they are going to decide on. Erika from Express says that her vote is for Jesseray & Garrett to go home. Terrance from Saks says that Bret is going home. Caprice from Macy’s decides on Bret to go home. This means that Bret Young is on his way home. The episode ends. Next week is “Sex Sells” theme.

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Warning: Fashion Star season 2 episode 1 guide may contain spoilers
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