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Sex Sells - Recap

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With the elimination of Bret Young from Nicole’s team, Team Jessica: Hunter Bell, Tori Nichel, David Appel and JesseRay Vasquez & Garrett Gerson, Team John: Amber Perley, Cassandra Hobbins, Silvia Arguello and Brandon Scott and Team Nicole: Priscilla Barrosso, Johana Hernandez and Daniel Silverstein are left to show mentors Jessica Simpson, John Varvatos and Nicole Richie what they have and to sell to Macy’s buyer Caprice Willard, Saks Fifth Avenue’s buyer Terron Schaefer and Express buyer Erica De Salvatore. Host Louise Roe comes out and says that this week’s theme “Sex Sells” where the designers are going to have to show their sexy side.

The mentors go in and talk to their remaining designers and Nicole asks what is sexy to her team. Jessica says that sexy is not “hoochie mama” clothes. Silvia wants to go with Red and tight and says that she is Latina. She may be sexy, but she is conservative. Brandon says that this is more than a competition to him and says that his business is a family business and they need this to survive. John talks to Brandon and says that the fabrics are not good and that ‘black; would be better. Daniel’s outfit is a little “too sexy”. David feels that it is all about the fit and needs it to be sexy for men. However, his confidence is a little shot down. Priscilla works on her outfit and is keeping it traditional. Tori works with Silk this time and Jessica says that she is concerned that it might be too ‘Dancing with the Stars’. Amber says that she is putting darks in the dress.

The designers continue to get their outfits together and Silvia loses her fabric and goes into panic mode. Hunter says that her part of the dress could be thought of as ‘hippie’. She loves the competition and says that she needs to get into all three retailers to win it. JesseRay & Garrett are trying to have a mix with a basket woven sweeter. Jessica doesn’t like it and offers to keep it simple and sexy. Johana doesn’t want to have it tight and says that she wants it to make the body slender. She says that she wants to win this for her parents. Silvia says that they had a problem with the black and he doesn’t like what she is left with. Tori makes some changes to her dress and is running out of time.

The outfits come out. First up is Team Nicole. Priscilla Barroso’s “Dream Dress” comes out and John says that it is not fitting very well. Daniel Silverstein’s “Bodycon Dress” comes out and Nicole says that it is stunning and John agrees. Johana Hernandez’s “Sheer Maxi Dress” comes out and Jessica says that is sexy. The designers come out and Nicole tells them that it was great and she loved it. They face the buyers. For Daniel: No Offer from Saks, but gets an offer of $60,000 from Express and $95,000 from Macy’s. In the end Macy’s wins it. Caprice says that she loves it. For Priscilla: No Offers. Caprice says that the fabrics were not put together well. For Johana: No offer from Saks, but gets bids from Express and Macy’s. They have a bidding war and Epress wins it for $125,000. Erika says that all the Express girls will be purchasing that dress including herself. Priscilla is up for elimination at the end of the night.

Next up is Team John. Brandon Scott’s “Double Flap Jacket” comes out and it looks preppy. Nicole likes it if she was drunk. Silvia Arguello’s “Draped Mini Dress” comes out and the green is too much, but the second one is beautiful. Cassandra Hobbins’ “Sheer Midi Dress: comes out and Jessica likes it. John likes the details. Amber Perley’s “Open-Back Dress” comes out and John likes it. The designers come out and John says that a couple people missed the finess. They face the buyers. For Amber: No Offers from Saks or Macy’s, but gets a $60,000 offer from Express. Caprice says that the dress is beautiful, but she needs to push herself more. For Brandon: No Offers. For Cassandra: No Offers from Macy’s and Express, but Saks offers $55,000. Terron says that he loved the dress and is excited to have her. For Silvia: No Offers from Macy’s or Express, but gets a bid of $50,000 from Saks. Terron says that they need to work on colors, but it is a beautiful design. Brandon is up for elimination at the end of the night.

Lastly is Team Jessica. Tori Nichel’s “One Shoulder Dress” comes out and Jessica says that they don’t fit right a bit. Jesseray Vasquez & Garrett Gerson’s “Basket Knit Dress” comes out and John says that it was great and amazing. David Appel’s “Moto Blazer” comes out and John says that David stepped it up. Hunter Bell’s “Mesh Ponte Dress” comes out and John says that she is stepping out. The designers come out and Jessica says that they all stepped it up this week. They face the buyers. For David: No Offers. Caprice says that it wasn’t good for spring. For Hunter: No Offer from Macy’s, but gets a $50,000 offer from Saks and a $75,000 offer from Express. In the end Express wins it. Erika says that she is showing sexiness without having the ‘girls’ popping out. For Tori: No Offers. Terron says that there were positives and negative. For JesseRay & Garrett: Saks, Macy’s and Express all give offers. After a bidding war, Macy’s wins it for $150,000. Caprice says that the fit is amazing and it was great. David and Tori are up for elimination at the end of the night.

The mentors and Nicole says that Priscilla struggled great and Tori was unsure about this. The designers come out and Jessica says that Tori and David are their two that are going to be decided on. Caprice says that her vote is for David. Terron says that his vote is for Tori. Erika votes to send home Tori. This means that Tori Nichel is going home. The episode ends. Next week is “Size Doesn’t Matter” theme.