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It's Getting Hot In Here - Recap

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With David Appel from Jessica’s team sent home last week, they are down to Team Jessica: Hunter Bell, and JesseRay Vasquez & Garrett Gerson, Team John: Amber Perley, Cassandra Hobbins, Silvia Arguello and Brandon Scott and Team Nicole: Priscilla Barrosso, Johana Hernandez and Daniel Silverstein. They need to show Jessica Simpson, John Varvatos and Nicole Richie that their outfits are going to please Macy’s buyer Caprice Willard, Saks Fifth Avenue’s buyer Terron Schaefer and Express buyer Erica De Salvatore. Louise Roe comes out and says that this week, the theme is “Looks for the Summer”, but they are going to be working in teams.

The mentors tell the topics are Tropical Vacation, Pool Party and Summer In The City. They have to work in teams. Team Nicole is going to do Summer In The City. Priscilla doesn’t like Johana’s style. Team John goes with Tropical Vacation. Brandon says that Amber is not seasoned like the rest of them. Team Jessica goes for Pool Party. Garrett & JesseRay are excited to work with Hunter. John says that they are going to have to see where they are and that the more they work together; the better it is going to be. Nicole talks to the team and says that they have to be all on the same page. Jessica talks to her team and says that halter or romper is the way to go and says that it should have a lot of color. The designers get to work and Daniel says that she wants to have it lightweight. Priscilla says that she is determined not to be on the chopping block. Johana feels in her own world because Priscilla and Daniel are bonding.

On Team John, the designers are working hard to see what they want and Silvia says that it is going to be fun. Cassandra is going out of her comfort zone. Brandon says that he found a cool print with his design. Amber needs to sell to Macy’s and wants to impress. John says that Ambers design is a little clumsy. Cassandra feels that Amber is all over the place with her design. Jessica checks in on her team and they show her what they are going to do. Nicole checks on Johana and she wants to do something that might clash and Priscilla and Daniel are upset that she is going to clash. Priscilla and Daniel are not happy that Johana has changed everything. Johana comes back and Priscilla is not happy that Johana changed. Hunter doesn’t like the design of what she is doing and Garrett & JesseRay is worried. Brandon gets his design shut down and he feels like it is going to have to change. Hunter says that she wants to change it a bit and Jessica tells her to run with it. Amber works on her pants and Cassandra is shocked that she was not ever put up for elimination. Amber hears this and tells Silvia. She confronts Cassandra about it and says that if she has anything to say to her, to simply say it.

The outfits come out. First up is Team John. Silvia Arguello’s “Skirt/Strapless Dress” comes out and Jessica likes how it sits on the hip. Brandon Scott’s “Aztec Printed Short” comes out and no comments. Amber Perley’s “Flared Beach Pant” comes out and the mentors don’t like the white. Cassandra Hobbins’ “Halter Maxi Dress” comes out and Jessica says that it is beautiful, but there is too much tye-dye. The designers come out and John says that they did a great job and it felt like a strong runway. They face the buyers. For Silvia: No Offer from Express, but Macy’s and Saks Fifth Avenue bid and Saks wins it for $55,000. Terron says that he is happy. For Brandon: No Offers from Macy’s or Sak’s Fifth Avenue, but Express gives a bid of $50,000. Erika says that she loves the shorts. For Cassandra: No Offer from Macy’s, but gets bids from Saks Fifth Avenue and Express and Express wins it for $75,000. For Amber: No Offers. John says that there were things about that which were wrong. Caprice says that she needs to cater to the buyers. This means that Amber is up for elimination at the end of the night.

Team Jessica is next. Hunter Bell’s “Caftan Mini” comes out and Jessica likes the print. JesseRay Vasquez & Garrett Gerson’s “Empire Dress” comes out and Nicole thinks that it is pretty. The designers come out and Jessica says that she isn’t feeling pressure because it was a beautiful pool party. They face the buyers. For JesseRay & Garrett: No Offer from Express, but Saks Fifth Avenue and Macy’s bid. Macy’s wins it for $60,000. Caprice says that she liked the attention to detail. For Hunter: No Offer from Express, but Saks Fifth Avenue and Macy’s have a bidding war. Macy’s wins it for $110,000. This means that Hunter is the first designer to be sold in all three stores.

Lastly is Team Nicole. Daniel Silverstein’s “Chelsea Blazer” comes out and John expected more from Daniel. Johana Hernandez’s “Strapless Jumpsuit” comes out and Nicole says that the styling and print are cute. Priscilla Barroso’s “Soho Shorts” come out and Jessica says that it is grabbing the crouch a bit. The designers come out and Nicole says that there is a big difference between their designs and Daniel says that it was horrible and Johana says that they worked as a team. They face the buyers. For Priscilla: No Offers. Erika says that she is really specific with her designs. For Daniel: No Offers. Terron says that the jacket was a bit over-engineered. For Johana: Macy’s, Saks and Express all bid. After a bidding war, Express wins it for $100,000. Erika says that the jumpsuit was amazing. This means that Priscilla and Daniel are up for elimination at the end of the night.

The mentors get together and discuss which two designers are going to have to go up for elimination. Daniel, Priscilla and Amber come out and John says that they have decided to put Amber and Priscilla up for elimination. Daniel and Priscilla face the buyers and Caprice sends home Amber. Erika sends home Priscilla. Terron sends home Priscilla. This means that Priscilla Barroso is on her way home. Next week’s theme is “Paired Up”.