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Night Out On The Town (Fiat Challenge) - Recap

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With Amber Perley out of the running, it is down to Team Jessica: Hunter Bell, and JesseRay Vasquez & Garrett Gerson, Team John: Cassandra Hobbins and Silvia Arguello and Team Nicole: Johana Hernandez and Daniel Silverstein to win it all. Tonight’s theme is A Night Out On The Town as the designers are going to have to push to impress Macy’s buyer Caprice Willard, Saks Fifth Avenue’s buyer Terron Schaefer and Express buyer Erica De Salvatore.

The designers get into the studio and see Fiats inside. John comes out and says that they are going to use the cars to create a Team collection that is going to sale. The winning team will get a 2013 Fiat and they all get to work with renowned photographer Timothy White. Timothy comes out and says that he looks forward to working with them. John says that no one is safe for elimination. The designers get to work and Timothy walks around talking to them. He asks Daniel and Johana what they are going for. Daniel says that he wants it to stand out. Daniel feels pressure because he has to deliver. Hunter talks to JesseRay & Garrett and she feels that it is a ball dress that they are going to go for. Silvia starts looking at all the details and she and Cassandra agree that leather is the way to go. JesseRay & Garret and Hunter talk and she wants to take charge on the challenge so that they don’t go home.

Jessica comes up to JesseRay & Garrett and Hunter and they tell her about their idea. She doesn’t know if color blocking would be good. Nicole talks to Johana and Daniel and she asks if Daniel was mad from being put up last week. He says that he understands. John talks to Cassandra and Silvia and Cassandra says that she is looking for fluidity. Silvia is all about leather and they are sexing it up. JesseRay & Garrett feel that they need to do a pant instead of a dress. Daniel cries to Hunter because he has so many ideas, but no one likes it. Daniel goes around and gets his pep back. Johana tells him to remain focused. Cassandra shows what she has and Silvia likes it. Hunter doesn’t like that JesseRay & Garrett changing anything and Jessica tells them that the need to change things. Hunter doesn’t agree. Nicole is impressed with her team. At the photo shoot, the designers are working to make sure that their design is great.

The outfits come out. First up is Team Jessica. JesserRay Vasquez & Garrett Gerson’s “Blouse & Pant” comes out and Nicole loves the color. Hunter Bell’s “Maxi Dress” comes out and John says that it looks more day time than night time. The designers come out and Jessica says that they did a great job and that the photo made her wonder what the girls are talking about. They face the buyers. For JesseRay & Garrett: No Offer from Saks, but Macy’s and Express bid. Erika wins it for $65,000 and she says that they were really glamorous. For Hunter: No Offers from Saks and Express, but Macy’s buys it for $60,000. Clarice says that she was close to not buying because she didn’t meet the challenge.

Next up is Team John. Silvia Arguello’s “Jacket & Miniskirt” comes out and Nicole likes the jacket. Cassandra Hobbins’ “Maxi Skirt & Tank” comes out and Nicole sees what they are going for. The designers come out and John says that the photo was great of what they wanted to capture. They face the buyers. For Silvia: No Offer from Macy’s, but Saks Fifth Avenue and Express bid. Express wins it for $175,000. Erika says that it is really sexy and all about them. For Cassandra: No Offers. Terron says that he didn’t like the fabric and he was disappointed.

Lastly is Team Nicole. Daniel Silverstein’s “Back Zipper Dress” comes out and Nicole says that it is a great representation of who he is. Johana Hernandez’s “Scuba Dress” comes out and Jessica is confused at what store that would fit in. Pattern is nice. The designers come out and Nicole says that the photo was perfect for the car. They face the buyers. For Johana: No Offers from Saks Fifth Avenue or Express, but Macy’s gives her a bid of $50,000. Caprice says that it was fashion forward. For Daniel: No Offer from Macy’s but Saks Fifth Avenue and Express have a bidding war. Erika wins it for $175,000

The mentors sit down and talk about which picture is going to be the best. They talk about who they feel is the weakest of group. The designers come out and the mentors say that Johana & Daniel are the winners of the photo contest and the winners of the 2013 Fiat. The two up for elimination are: Cassandra and Johana. They face the buyers. Caprice decides to send home Johana, Terron decides to send home Cassandra and Erika decides to send home Johana. This means that Johana Hernandez is going home. Next week is His and Hers Looks!