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His And Hers - Recap

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With Johana Hernandez eliminated, it is up to Team Jessica: Hunter Bell, and JesseRay Vasquez & Garrett Gerson, Team John: Cassandra Hobbins and Silvia Arguello and Team Nicole: Daniel Silverstein to show Jessica Simpson, John Varvatos and Nicole Richie that they can sell to Macy’s buyer Caprice Willard, Saks Fifth Avenue’s buyer Terron Schaefer and Express buyer Erica De Salvatore. Louis Roe comes out and says that this week is “His and Hers”.

The mentors go into the studio and tell the contestants that it has been 8 weeks and this week they are going to have to design something for a man and one piece for a man. Both are in two colors. Hunter is a little nervous. They get down to work. Jessica goes up to JesseRay & Garrett and tells them that they are so good at going out of their comfort zones. John talks to Silvia and Cassandra and Cassandra says hat the time is going to be an issue. John tells them that they need to put the expectations higher. Cassandra wants to take a risk. She says that her parents are going to be there and see what she has been doing. She has to get to the Final Three. Nicole focuses her energy on Daniel and he says that he doesn’t feel good when he doesn’t take risks. John goes fabric shopping with the designers. He tells them that they want it to look as their label. Afterwards, Jessica tells JesseRay & Garrett that their women’s wear is interesting.

Silvia talks to John and he tells her that may not be showing enough of what she is. The designers continue and Daniel is into Denim. Nicole likes the design and he says that he was experimenting all his life and it has been a long road. Hunter freaks out because she hasn’t made her men’s wear. She is going to do jackets and Jessica says that she is a little nervous for Hunter and says that it is completely out of the box. Daniel says that Hunter has a free pass, but Hunter doesn’t agree. Cassandra says that she is doing a pant and tells John to roll with him and he says that she is on a roll. Hunter messes up with the men’s wear and starts basically from scratch. Daniel sees Silvia’s polo shirt and is interested why she is doing simple. Cassandra is not a fan of the jacket of JesseRay & Garrett. Daniel stresses his outfit by stepping on it. The designers race to complete the outfits and Silvia is getting stressed because she is having problems with the workers. She cries to herself.

The outfits come out. First up is Team John. Cassandra Hobbins’ “Japan Pant” and “Plaid Pant” comes out and Nicole likes the woman’s pants. Silvia Arguello’s “Asymmetric Top” and “Polo Shirt” come out and Jessica likes the Top. John doesn’t know if the Polo is enough. The designers come out and John says that they are looking to show, but he is not feeling the wow. They face the buyers. For Cassandra’s woman’s pant: No Offers from Express or Saks Fifth Avenue, but she gets $50,000 from Macy’s. Caprice says that it was great and says that the pant is fresh. For Cassandra’s men’s pant: No Offers from Macy’s or Saks Fifth Avenue, but Express gets it for $60,000. Erika says that it is great for spring and is fashion forward. For Silvia’s men’s polo: No Offers. Caprice says that it is a basic polo and says that she is nervous. For Silvia’s top: No Offers from Macy’s or Express, but Saks Fifth Avenue gets it for $100,000. Terron says that the top was sexy.

Next is Team Nicole. Daniel Silverstein’s “Denim Romper” and “Denim Jacket” come out and John likes the color combination. John doesn’t like the details of the jacket. Daniel comes out and Nicole says that she thought that he did a great job and that she loves him. John says that the fit of the jacket was good. Daniel faces the buyers. For Daniel’s men’s wear: No Offers from Macy’s or Sax Fifth Avenue, but Express gets it for $75,000. Erika says that they are going to eat it up. For Daniel’s women’s wear: No offers from Macy’s or Sak’s Fifth Avenue, but Express gets it for $125,000. She says that it is going to sale. Louise tells Daniel that he has sold $800,000 worth of clothes, the most anyone has sold. Nicole says that congratulations.

Lastly is Team Jessica. Hunter Bell’s “Anorak Jacket Vest” and “Anorak Jacket” come out and Nicole likes the Jacket Vest. John says that the color is a little fat on the jacket. JesseRay Vasquez & Garrett Gerson’s “Shirtdress” and “Shirt Jacket” come out and John says that it is good that the Shirtdress has the zipper in front. They like the print on the shirtdress. The designers come out and Jessica says that they did a great job to capture the All American Girl. They face the buyers. For JesseRay & Garrett’s men’s wear: No Offers. For JesseRay & Garrett’s woman’s wear, it is a bidding war with all buyers. They go to $200,000. Caprice says that they are fantastic and she expect them to make the right choice. Terron says that he is Saks Fifth Avenue. JesseRay & Garret decide to let Caprice win it. For Hunter’s men’s wear: No Offers. For Hunter’s women’s wear: No Offers. Erica says that the women’s piece was not right. Nicole says that it is hard for them sitting there and they can’t base it what the past was.

The mentors talk with one another about who they are going to have to put up. They feel that at this point, everyone’s great. The designers come up and Jessica says that Hunter and Silvia are the two designers going up. They face the buyers. Terron votes to send Hunter home. Caprice votes to send home Silvia home. Erika votes to send home Silvia. This means that Silvia Arguello is going home. She says that this has been a great experience. Next week is “Latest Trends”.