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Finale - Recap

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The Finale of ‘Fashion Star’ is here and it is down to Team Jessica: Hunter Bell, Team John: Cassandra Hobbins and Team Nicole: Daniel Silverstein to win the $3 Million contract and show mentors John Varvatos, Nicole Richie and Jessica Simpson that they can sell to all three buyers. They are going to have to create 3 outfits for each buyer. Louise Roe comes out and Jessica says that she is getting competitive.

The designers are happy that they are in the finale. Cassandra says that she can’t believe it. Daniel says that it is great to be there. Hunter says that she has come off the bidding war that has given her the attitude to win this. Caprice Willard from Macy’s sits down with Daniel and Daniel wants to give her saturated colors. She says that would be great. Terron Schaefer from Saks Fifth Avenue sits down with Cassandra and says that he wants sophisticating outfits. He says that it is will be great. Erika De Salvatore from Express meets with Hunter and tells her that she is looking for the Rock & Roll type of dress. The designers go fabric shopping with the mentors and John tells Cassandra that he likes the white and crème combination. She is keeping it simple for Terron. Hunter shows Jessica what Erika wants and Jessica says that she doesn’t want to overdo it. The designers get back to the studio and Daniel gets down to getting the designs ready. He says that he gets to have his dad in his designs because he has done everything for him.

Cassandra sees that Daniel’s design is like the dress she did last week. Cassandra works on getting her designs started. Hunter says that she grew up in a small town and she has been struggling with her business. She wants everything to look expensive, but nice. Hunter sits down with Jessica and she tells Hunter to stay with who she is. The designers get to work at what they have to do and Hunter realizes that she is behind. Cassandra wants all the designs to be an extension of everything she has done. Daniel sees that his design has been sewn wrong and goes to fix it. Hunter says that she is back in it to win it. Hunter shows Jessica what she has done and Jessica says that she knows that she is going to win. John tells Cassandra that she is spot on and Cassandra says that she was a problem child growing up and that her family has never seen her designs. Nicole says that she loves his designs and knows that he is going to shine. Cassandra looks at the other designers and Daniel says that he has been working on this all his life. He feels that he is the next Fashion Star.

The outfits are completed and Louis Roe talks to the mentors. John says that this is a big challenge. Jessica says that the designers need to think of the every day woman. Nicole says that every piece needs to be perfect. First up is Team Nicole. Daniel Silverstein’s Macy’s Collection comes out. Nicole likes “Tank & Pencil Skirt”. John says that his “Bodycon Dress” looks expensive. The mentors feel that his “Blazer, Blouse & Short” is so cute. His Express Collection comes out and his “Skinny Pant, Shirt & Vest” gets them smiling. His “A-Line Skirt & Sleeveless Shirt” isn’t scoring any favors. John says that the “Tiered Dress” is Express and it has to be bought. Last is Saks Fifth Avenue Collection. The mentors love the “Organza Tunic”. Jessica loves the “Bustier Dress & Jacket”. Jessica wants the “Lace Godet Dress”. Daniel comes out and they give him a standing ovation. Nicole says that he killed the runway. John says that he knocked the pants off of them. Terron says that he was pleased with his collection. Erika says that he stepped out with the blue, but there were some that were not that great. Caprice says that he did a great job with Macy’s.

Next is Team John. Cassandra Hobbins’s Express Collection comes out. The “Hi-Low Maxi Dress” comes out and gets smiles from Erika. The “Tank, Blazer & Pants” gets little reaction. Her “Bodycon Dress” impresses a lot. Her Saks Fifth Avenue Collection comes out. “Trouser & Blouse” is loved by all mentors. The “Full Length Slip Dress” gets smiles. The “Sheath Dress & Blazer” gets little attention. Last, the Macy’s Collection comes out. Jessica loves the “Maxi Dress & Vest”. Caprice smiles at the “Racer Dress & Jacket”. The “Silk Short & Blouse” gets little attention. Cassandra comes out and John says that she is spot on with everything. Nicole says that she is bringing everything to her customer. Jessica says that she did a great job. Terron says that he admires her and says that one of the dresses was a bit much, but he loved it as a whole. Erika says that she blew her hair back with the dresses. Caprice says that she did a great job and says that she is a trend setter.

Last up is Team Jessica. Hunter Bell’s Macy’s Collection comes out. Jessica thinks that the “Peplum Top & Pencil Skirt” is sexy. John is not too keen on the “Printed Short & Jacket”. John likes the “Flared Scuba Dress”. Her Express Collection comes out. The “Pencil Skirt, Tank & Moto Vest” gets smiles. Nicole loves the “Flare Skirt & Blouse”. The “Moto Dress & Moto Vest” doesn’t get much attention. Her Saks Fifth Avenue Collection comes out. The designers love the “Sheath Dress”. Jessica likes the “Palazzo Pant & Blouse”. Nicole says that the “Maxi Dress & Moto Vest” is sexy. Hunter comes out and gets a standing ovation. Jessica says that every woman wants to wear her designs. John says that there were strong pieces and some were off. Nicole says that she knows how to reach. Terron says that he loved the long dresses and says that it was well done. Caprice says that her three showcases were a collection. Erika says that she was great and says that one of the dresses was a little too little.

The designers come out and Nicole says that Daniel is an artist and has a story. She says that Daniel has nice legs too. Jessica says that every woman wants to wear a Hunter piece. She says that she loves it when a blond could be powerful. John says that Cassandra is the underdog and is his Cinderella story. The designers go backstage while the buyers talk with one another. They feel that they have a hard choice and it comes between Hunter and Cassandra. They eventually come to a decision. The designers come out on stage again and the designer going home now is Daniel Silverstein. This means that it is down to Hunter and Cassandra. The winner of ‘Fashion Star’ is Hunter Bell! The season ends.