Girls Own Juice - Recap

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Van and Deaq are walking into the Candy Store. They're arguing about who has dibs on what from the busts. Deaq claims the new helicopter is his. They walk up to Billie who is waxing a new Mustang in the Candy Store and found out she traded the helicopter for it. The car is Steve McQueen's car from Bullitt, a movie that she claims is the reason she became a cop. Billie won't let them take it out because there's a chance of rain. She takes off and they decide to go to a party in the car anyway. They're out on the road arguing about music when they stop and three guys on dirt bikes fly over the hood of the car. Then a police bike tries and lands in the back windshield. Van and Deaq peel out in pursuit. While pursuing, the bikers fire guns at them and shoot up the car. Van and Deaq are forced to stop and as the bikes speed away, van looks and sees a thong stick out of one of them. He then realizes they're women.

Back at the Candy Store with the wrecked Mustang, Van and Deaq are trying to apologize and tell Billie that the bikers were diamond thieves. They want to go after them because the know the bikers are girls and LAPD doesn't. Billie decides to go along. At the thieves house, the girls (Jade, Gina, and Shelly) are looking over the loot and celebrating. Jade lays down the rules: keep a low profile, no buying things, and they got to move the stones fast. Inside a local restaurant, Van and Deaq meet up with Aquarius and want to know if he might know where to lead them. He knows something and will help them if they help him get a buddy out of jail. They agree. Aquarius lead them in the direction Jade and warns them she's killed her ex-boyfriend. In the Candy Store, Van is going through Jade's criminal file. Deaq thinks Van get to close to the marks and Van completely disagrees. They head out to find the girls. They find them in a bar where Van and Deaq wager on the right way to play these girls. Loser sings karaoke. Van makes his move and it seems to work. Deaq heads off to the stage for a little Stevie Wonder. The play actually doesn't work and Jade jumps Van as he's headed back from the bathroom.

In the back of the bar, Jade puts a knife to Van's throat. Van explains that they're fences and they heard she might have something to move. She denies it, but takes his number anyway. At the Candy Store, Deaq meets up with Van and he explains what happened and that Deaq actually won the bet. Billie comes in and gets caught up and is upset that they blew it. They decide to get the girls fence, Jimmy Lipps, out of the way and see where that leads. At the girls house, they find out that Jimmy Lipps has gotten busted and decide to call Van about moving the stones. Jade calls and Van agrees to meet with her. They meet at a local biker hand out. Van and Deaq meet the three girls and split up. Van goes with Jade and Deaq with Gina and Shelly.

In a bathroom, Deaq verifies the stones are legit. Meanwhile, Jade frisks Van and tell him to follow her. They take off and Van keeps up, barely. They finally stop and Jade shows gives Van seventy-two rocks. Van gives her $20K as a down payment and offers her 230K for the whole lot. She agrees and they kiss. Later, Gina is in a car with 2 detectives. They tell her if she sells the other two out, then she walks. If not she'll lose her son. Inside the Candy Store, Van meets up with Deaq. Van's late and Deaq isn't happy about it. Van says he needed to clear his head, because it's hard on him to lie to everyone.

Now in Billie's office, they go over the bust and Van wants to know why she's always got cigarette but doesn't smoke them. She tells him it's all about will power. The girls are at their house getting ready for the deal. Jade is on the others a little because she doesn't want to come off as amateurs. The LAPD Detectives show up first and Shelly opens fire on them. They return fire kill her. Jade joins in and shoot Det. Cornwright in the chest. Jade grabs the stones and her and Gina take off as Van and Deaq roll up. They follow. Now at Jade's bike garage, the two girls are in a van ready to run. Gina is hesitant because she doesn't want to leave her son. Meanwhile, Billie arrives at the house expecting to make a bust, but instead finds the place shot up and a cop down. The detective is still alive and she begins to help him. Back at the garage, the van won't start and Gina lets something slip and Jade figures out that she was the one that set them up. Jade pull Gina out of the van and puts a gun to her head as Van and Deaq pull up.

Van tries to talk Jade out of shooting Gina. The garage is now surrounded by the cops. Jade decides she is gonna use Gina as a hostage, but Gina gets free runs out with the money to the police. Jade then takes Deaq as her new hostage and to stop them Van shoots Deaq in the ass. Van tries to stop Jade from running by telling her that he cares. She believes him, but runs out anyway and is gunned down by a sniper. After in the Candy Store, Van is changing Deaq's dressing on his wound. Deaq is complaining that Van shot him and Van apologizes, but says it did save his life. Van decides to stick around and keep Deaq company much to Deaq's dismay. Van turns on the TV and Bullitt is playing.