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Fastlane: Gone Native

Van and Deaq are sent in to bring down a Russian gun runner and more importantly his overseas contact. While trying to get close to the Russian and his sister, they find out that they are not he only agency targeting him. An ATF agent has also gotten close and now they must find out if he is truly after the gun runners or if he is beginning to have an agenda of his own. Van and Deaq must decide which side of the law he’s on before a big shipment of secret weapons arrives in the U.S.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x3
Production Number: FAS-105
Airdate: Wednesday October 30th, 2002

Guest Stars
Lamont Johnson (1)Lamont Johnson (1)
As Wisdom Bailey
Rodney RowlandRodney Rowland
As DEA Agent Dallas Roberts
Natasha AlamNatasha Alam
As Katiya Federov
Ilia VolokIlia Volok
As Dimitri Federov
Eric PayneEric Payne
As Rent-A-Cop
Igor YuzovIgor Yuzov
As Red Elvis #1
Oleg BernovOleg Bernov
As Red Elvis #3
Episode Notes
The Bobble Head doll that was in Dallas' apartment was that of Scotty Bowman, coach of the Detroit Redwings at the time, holding the Stanley Cup. This was from his last season as their coach in 2002 when they won the NHL championship.

The name of the band in the Russian bar is the Red Elvises.

This is the third straight episode with a reference to a Steve McQueen film.

The Team's Blackberry handles are:


ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
Anthrax w/ Public EnemyBring the Noise 
QuarashiStick 'Em Up 
Red ElvisesScorchi Chorenie 
Red ElvisesUkranian Dance #13 
RedmanSmash Sumthin 
Timo MaasCaravan 
Timo MaasMagma 

Episode Quotes
Dallas Roberts: Start walkin'. You'll thank me in another life.
Deaq: You got a name, slick?
Dallas Roberts: Sure do,... buuh-bye.

Van: I feel for any guy who is so committed to staying in character, he lets himself get beat down and loogied on.

Dallas Roberts: I know it's messed up, man, but I swear to God I wanna marry her.
Van: Congratulations, until you gotta bust her and everything.
Deaq: Yeah, let us know what penitentiary is going to hold the reception. We'll be there.

Deaq: There's nothing about Dallas that's funny. I mean look at us. How come we're all here at 4 AM and not out with friends we don't have or at home with family we don't see?

Dallas Roberts: Where's the money, Wiz?
Wisdom Bailey: You want money? Why don't you check up the Russian's ass or maybe his nose, but I'd check that ass first. Keep me posted.

Billie: What are we toasting or we just getting lit on the job?

Episode Goofs
The picture of Deaq's family that he shows doesn't coincide with what they look like in the episode, "Overkill". This is most likely due to the fact that Overkill is 16 episodes later and probably had not even been cast yet.

Cultural References
Dallas Roberts: Go back in and tell him you love him in those Tim Conway golf videos.

Tim Conway did a string of comical satires on golf instructional videos called 'Dorf on Golf'. In them he played a midget who tried to improve the viewer's golf game.

(About Wisdom Bailey.)
Deaq: Six months for hanging a white rapper out a window and shooting five or six brothers that tried to leave his label.

This is a lot like the stories of Suge Knight, the CEO of Death Row records. He allegedly hung Vanilla Ice upside down out a window over money and has allegedly threatened rappers he had under contract to stay with his label. He also spent a bit of time behind bars.

Deaq: Alright, how about this one, "We deal in lead, my friend".
Dimitri Federov: Steve McQueen - The Magnificent Seven.

The Magnificent Seven was a 1960 film starring Steve McQueen about an opressed village in Mexico that puts together seven gunfighters to defend their homes and property.

Episode References
Deaq: What is it with you white boys, alright? Can't trust you five minutes around a mark in a dress.

This is a reference to the "Pilot" where Van slept with and fell for the mark, Cassidy.

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