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Fastlane: Ray Ray

While undercover posing a mob boss’ henchman, a counterfeiting job goes wrong. Van is forced to get his father, Raymond Ray, a renowned counterfeiter himself, out of prison on a furlough to help. The mob boss and Ray Ray have a heated past themselves and Van and Deaq now must protect him and make a difficult deadline in hopes of bringing the boss down.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x6
Production Number: FAS-107
Airdate: Wednesday November 20th, 2002

Guest Stars
Robert ForsterRobert Forster
As Raymond Ray (Ray Ray)
Big BoyBig Boy
As Aquarius
Iggy PopIggy Pop
As McNair
Brad HawkinsBrad Hawkins
As Mick Salgado
Mark D. EspinozaMark D. Espinoza
As Eber Montalvo
Richard GrossRichard Gross
As Joey Waggs
As Duane
Corey Michael BlakeCorey Michael Blake
As Techie Guy
Episode Notes
For the majority of the episode Van and Deaq were riding around in a lime green 1970 Dodge Challenger.

Van's full first name is Donavan and his father calls him Donny.

It was briefly said, but Mick Selgado did end up being murdered by the Colombians.

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
Crystal MethodRoll It Up 
ScarfaceIn Between Us 
WCThe Streets 
WeezerIsland In the Sun 

Episode Quotes
(To the other inmates as he leaves.)
Ray Ray: I'll be back boys. I'm just going out in the world - eat, drink, and get conjugal with your wives.

Ray Ray: What are you now, Donny, 28?
Van: 27, you should know that.
Ray Ray: You just sucker punched a guy twice your age.

Deaq: What the hell was it like at your house at Christmas? Do not invite me. I'm not coming.

Billie: It was really nice to finally meet you.
Aquarius: Listen to that voice of yours, honey and smoke.
Billie: Really? I always thought i sounded like a guy.
Aquarius: Oh, Lord no, that voice, deeply woman. Have me all confused about which side of the law I wanna dance on. You make Aquarius feel the pull, baby.

Aquarius: Maybe I'm getting old, Van, but I like this ride, playa. Man, you could have done a whole lot better on those rims, though.
Billie: Stop haggling or I'll arrest you.
Aquarius: Uh, no, I mean they,... they cool... if you squint.

Van: He has no idea how ashamed I am that he's my father and I have no idea why I give a rat's ass that he's so disappointed in me as a son.

Mick Salgado: Ask me for forgiveness.
Ray Ray: Mick, please don't,... don't be such a diaper crappin', little ass-wipe. Oh ya, your old man told me you're the great disappointment of his life.

(To Van.)
Ray Ray: Ever since you were a little kid, you were your own man. I always liked that about you.... I love that about you.

(To the other inmates as he returns to prison.)
Ray Ray: Boys, I'm back. Just wanted to tell ya,... everyone of your wives,... fully satisfied!

Episode Goofs
Ray Ray calls Van and Deaq's ride a 1970 Dodge Charger when in fact is it is actually a 1970 Dodge Challenger.

Cultural References
Ray Ray: You need a flashlight, Eliot Ness, or what?

Eliot Ness was the famous law enforcement agent of the 1920's and 30's in Chicago that led the way to bringing down Al Capone, the most notorious gangster of the day.

Deaq: I want a nice clean throw down, Mary-Kate and Ashley style.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen portrayed Michelle on the wholesome family sit-com, Full House, and have grown up much the same manner staying out of trouble that has plagued child stars.

Deaq: You might want to drop that club, Shorty Woods.

A reference to the incredibly successful professional golfer, Tiger Woods. Tiger is often said to be the best golfer right now and could one day be known as the greatest golfer of all time.

Episode References
Deaq: I didn't talk to my brother for nine years and one day I got that call.

This is a reference to the "Pilot" episode where Deaq's brother Andre was murdered and he was notified about it in New York.

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