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Fastlane: Simone Says

An arms dealer, P.J. Collins, has decided to testify against his former colleagues on the condition that his daughter, Simone, is kept safe and cannot know that she is being guarded or what her father is up to. Van and Deaq are assigned to baby sit her from a distance. That is until the men to be charged try to take her life in an attempt to send a message to P.J. to reconsider.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x17
Production Number: FAS-117
Airdate: Friday March 14th, 2003

Guest Stars
Bill DukeBill Duke
As Capt. Parish
Clara BryantClara Bryant
As Muffy
David S. LeeDavid S. Lee
As Irish Mercenary
Don McManus (1)Don McManus (1)
As P.J. Collins
Kimble JemisonKimble Jemison
As Phillips
Mark SheppardMark Sheppard
As Ronan Dennehy
Mischa BartonMischa Barton
As Simone Collins
Timothy Murphy (1)Timothy Murphy (1)
As Riley Morrison
Episode Notes
Deaq beats Van in a Thumb War to solve a dispute.

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
BoomkatThe Wreckoning 
The DonnasWho Invited You 
Groove ArmadaFinal Shakedown 
MolokoForever More 
Rilo KileyPictures Of Success 
Sonic AnimationE Ville 

Episode Quotes
(After seeing Simone doing body shots.)
Deaq: I feel I should go wash out my eyes.

Deaq: Dilemma #2...
Van & Deaq: (In unison.) We gotta tell Billie we lost her.
Van: Jinx! Buy me a beer.

(To Van and Deaq.)
Simone Collins: Look, I don't won't try to ditch you or mess with your heads. I'll behave. All you have to do is keep up with me.... Oh, and Elton John called.... He wants his shirts back.
Deaq: You hear that? That's fightin' words.

(After Simone wakes Van and Deaq up abruptly.)
Deaq: I promise I'll kill her after I brush my teeth.

Deaq: You're 18 and you have this whole place to yourself?
Simone Collins: As far as I know.
Deaq: Man, when I was your age, I maybe had a pair of Levi's to myself.

Billie: They're full of beans, aren't they?
Simone Collins: Well, they're full of something.

Cultural References
Van: I hope you brought your Harry Potter 'cause the Richie Rich bitch has just landed.

Harry Potter is a going to be a seven novel series of which only 6 have been published thus far. It tells the story of a young boy going through a school for wizards while being pursued by the wizard that killed his parents.

Richie Rich was an animated character who was the son of an extremely wealthy family who would get into mischief and go on adventures.

Van: This is Someone to Watch Over Me. This is The Bodyguard. We're guardian angels here.

Someone to Watch Over Me is a 1987 film starring Tom Berenger and Mimi Rogers about a NYPD cop that falls for the witness he is suppose to protect.

The Bodyguard is 1992 film starring Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston about a professional bodyguard hired to protect a famous singer/actress whom he falls in love with.

One of Simone's friends: This place is Dawn of the Dead.

Dawn of the Dead is a 1978 film about an out break of zombies that overrun a city and a small number of individual hold up in a shopping mall hoping to be rescued.

Van: Take a hike Pacey.

Pacey was the character played by Joshua Jackson on the WB drama, Dawson's Creek.

Van: So we could roll in there like Starsky & Hutch.

Starsky & Hutch was a 1975 crime drama about two streetwise cops who try to solve crimes and catch criminals with the help of their snitch Huggy Bear.

Deaq: This Dennehy guy's seen In the Name of the Father way too many times.

In the Name of the Father is a 1993 film about a falsely accused man who, along with family and friends, is coerced into confessing to an IRA bombing. He spends the next 14 years in prison trying to clear his and more importantly his father's good name.

Episode References
Van: My dad and I had some communication issues too.
Simone Collins: Ya,... how did you handle him?
Van: Well, I tried to bust him, but if he wasn't a fugitive from justice, I'm sure we could work things out.

This is a reference to the episode, "Popdukes", where Ray Ray double crossed Van and Van eventually let him go to be a fugitive of the law.

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