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Fastlane: Iced (2)

Now that Van has gotten the antidote, the caller, Nick McKussick – a former criminal and the first person that Billie trained for The Candy Store before he turned on her, has informed the group that other families have been poisoned and that their participation in his plan is not yet over. Nick orders them to help him steal an incredible amount of precious valuables or the families he poisoned will die.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x22
Production Number: FAS-122
Airdate: Friday April 25th, 2003

Guest Stars
Ali LandryAli Landry
As Hillary
Bill DukeBill Duke
As Capt. Parish
Graham ShielsGraham Shiels
As Uniformed Officer
Jay MohrJay Mohr
As Roland Hill
John ColellaJohn Colella
As Dr. Timothy Grant
Luke MasseyLuke Massey
As Cali
Collin StarkCollin Stark
As Bellman
Gina TognoniGina Tognoni
As Gabrielle
James Logan (4)James Logan (4)
As Anton Grol
Kirk AcevedoKirk Acevedo
As Nick McKussick
Michael Patrick McGillMichael Patrick McGill
As Diner Manager
Monika JollyMonika Jolly
As Rookie Cop
Episode Notes
This episode is part two of a two-parter.

This episode was the Season 1 finale that turned into the Series finale when Fox decided not to pick the show back up for a second season. Unfortunately, this series ends with a cliffhanger that will never be concluded.

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
BoySetsFireLast Year's Nest 
Neil DiamondHello Again 
NokturnlNeva Mend 

Episode Quotes
Billie: I know it's you, Nick. You think you're gonna hide forever, huh? You still scared of me?!
Nick McKussick: I guess you're still that scary, baby.

Van: Do you have any idea the headache you get from almost flat-lining? I'm not kidding. It's almost worse than a Jägermeister hangover.
Deaq: Nothing's worse than a Jägermeister hangover.
Van: Well, it's close.

Roland Hill: Hey, honey, that's a big body count for a little lady. Maybe it's time for some hormone replacement therapy.

Roland Hill: Ratio of convictions to arrests, citations, pay grade, hey buddy, add me up.
Deaq: Adds up to nothing to me.
Billie: Why don't you skip right down to dick size. My vote,... it's on Deaq.

Billie: Aren't we in enough trouble?
Deaq: We're in so much trouble, it can't get any worse.
Billie: Good point.

Van: Yep, every now and then, this is the best job ever.

Episode Goofs
When Billie and Roland Hill were having it out in front of Deaq, Billie says, "Why don't you skip right down to dick size", but 'dick' was edited out. You can clearly see her mouth the words in the scene.

Cultural References
Van: What are you doing, man? That's like my secret identity. You can't just do that. You're like Alfred. You just let Kim Basinger into the Batcave. I hated it when he did that.

This is reference to the 1989 film, Batman, where exactly that happens.

Nick McKussick: What,... you got no thing? What are you down there,... Ken doll?

The Ken doll was the boyfriend of Barbie of the long running children's Barbie doll collection. For obvious reasons, the Ken doll is not anatomically correct.

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