Season 2

14 :02x01 - 200 Snakes in My Bedroom

The Season 2 premiere features a family that share a trailer with more than 200 snakes and a man who milks snakes even though he's allergic to their deadly venom.

Source: Animal Planet

15 :02x02 - Tigers Unleashed!

On a compound in Florida one man is killed and another fights for his life when a tiger breaks free and attacks. In Kansas, a young and innocent girl lies broken and dead when her dream photo shoot with a tiger goes badly wrong.

Source: Animal Planet

16 :02x03 - Seven Deadly Bites

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17 :02x04 - My Croc and Me

A man thinks he can tame a crocodile.

Source: Animal Planet

18 :02x05 - Venom: Life or Death?

In the basement of a normal Maryland house one man keeps 50 of the world's most deadly venomous snakes, putting himself in mortal danger on a daily basis. In Mexico another man injects himself with deadly venom to keep himself alive.

Source: Animal Planet

19 :02x06 - Pet Hyena: No Laughing Matter

A man raises a spotted hyena in a Miami Beach apartment; a teacher in Africa is attacked by a hyena while she's sleeping.

Source: Animal Planet