Finding Bigfoot

  Season 8 »
Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
01 01x01 30/May/2011 Bigfoot Crossing in Georgia
02 01x02 05/Jun/2011 Swamp Ape
03 01x03 12/Jun/2011 Caught on Tape
04 01x04 19/Jun/2011 Fishing for Bigfoot in Oregon
05 01x05 26/Jun/2011 Frozen Bigfoot
06 01x06 10/Jul/2011 Alaska's Bigfoot Island

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
07 02x01 01/Jan/2012 Baby Bigfoot
08 02x02 08/Jan/2012 Big Rhodey
10 02x04 22/Jan/2012 Canadian Bigfoot, Eh?
11 02x05 29/Jan/2012 Buckeye Bigfoot
12 02x06 12/Feb/2012 Virginia is for Bigfoot Lovers
13 02x07 19/Feb/2012 Moonshine and Bigfoot
14 02x08 26/Feb/2012 Best Of Special (S2)
15 02x09 04/Mar/2012 Hoosier Bigfoot
16 02x10 11/Mar/2012 Holy Cow, It's Bigfoot

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
17 03x01 11/Nov/2012 Ripped from the Headlines
18 03x02 18/Nov/2012 Mother Bigfoot
19 03x03 25/Nov/2012 CSI Bigfoot
20 03x04 02/Dec/2012 The Sierra Spy
21 03x05 09/Dec/2012 Dances with Bigfoot
22 03x06 16/Dec/2012 Bigfoot and Wolverines
23 03x07 23/Dec/2012 Bobo Marks His Turf
24 03x08 30/Dec/2012 Australian Yowie
25 03x09 06/Jan/2013 Squatch Spies
26 03x10 13/Jan/2013 Bacon for Bigfoot
27 03x11 20/Jan/2013 Bigfoot Merit Badge
28 03x12 27/Jan/2013 Bigfoot Hoedown
29 03x13 10/Feb/2013 Badlands Bigfoot
30 03x14 17/Feb/2013 Indonesia's Little Bigfoot
31 03x15 24/Feb/2013 Peek-a-boo Bigfoot
32 03x16 03/Mar/2013 Bigfoot and the Redhead
33 03x17 10/Mar/2013 Bigfoot Loves a Barbecue
34 03x18 17/Mar/2013 Virgin Sasquatch
36 03x20 31/Mar/2013 Vietnam: The Heart of Squatchness

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
37 04x01 10/Nov/2013 Return to Boggy Creek
38 04x02 17/Nov/2013 Surf's Up Sasquatch
39 04x03 24/Nov/2013 Best Evidence Yet
42 04x06 15/Dec/2013 Lone Star Squatch
43 04x07 29/Dec/2013 Abominable Snowman
44 04x08 05/Jan/2014 Big Sky Bigfoot
45 04x09 12/Jan/2014 Bigfoot of Oz
46 04x10 19/Jan/2014 Super Yooper Sasquatch
47 04x11 26/Jan/2014 South Jersey Sasquatch
48 04x12 09/Feb/2014 Coal Miner's Bigfoot
49 04x13 16/Feb/2014 1, 2, 3, 4, I Declare a Squatch War

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
51 05x02 15/Jun/2014 Squatters for Sasquatch
52 05x03 22/Jun/2014 Beast of the Bayou
53 05x04 29/Jun/2014 Squatching in a Winter Wonderland
54 05x05 06/Jul/2014 Live to Squatch Another Day
55 05x06 13/Jul/2014 'Bama Bigfoot
56 05x07 20/Jul/2014 Bobo's Backyard
57 05x08 27/Jul/2014 Biggest Search Yet

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
58 06x01 09/Nov/2014 Squatching in the Midnight Sun
59 06x02 16/Nov/2014 Baked Potato Bigfoot
60 06x03 23/Nov/2014 Bobo, Bobcat and the Big Red Eye
61 06x04 30/Nov/2014 Bigfoot Basecamp
62 06x05 28/Dec/2014 Squatchers Take New Jersey
63 06x06 04/Jan/2015 British Bigfoot
64 06x07 11/Jan/2015 Matt Goes Home
65 06x08 18/Jan/2015 Bigfoot Basecamp
67 06x10 10/May/2015 Atomic Bigfoot

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
68 07x01 31/May/2015 Amazon Squatchin'
70 07x03 14/Jun/2015 The Secret Squatch Spot
71 07x04 21/Jun/2015 Squatchsploitation
72 07x05 28/Jun/2015 A Squatch in the Ozarks
73 07x06 12/Jul/2015 The Best Little Bigfoot in Texas
74 07x07 12/Jul/2015 Bigfoot State of Mind

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
75 08x01 03/Jan/2016 Squatch Wars: U.S. vs. Canada
77 08x03 17/Jan/2016 Grand Bigfoot Hotel
78 08x04 24/Jan/2016 A Few Good Squatchers
79 08x05 31/Jan/2016 Dronie Loves Squatchie
81 08x07 07/Apr/2016 Squatching on Sacred Ground
82 08x08 14/Apr/2016 The Booger Hole, Part 1
83 08x09 14/May/2016 The Booger Hole, Part 2
84 08x10 28/Apr/2016 Skeptic Showdown, Part 1
85 08x11 28/Apr/2016 Skeptic Showdown, Part 2
86 08x12 05/May/2016 Squatchy Tonk

Episode Air Date Episode Name
S01 - #1 17/Jul/2011 Behind the Search
S02 - #2 30/Oct/2011 Birth of a Legend
S03 - #3 21/Oct/2012 Further Evidence: Baby Bigfoot
S03 - #4 04/Nov/2012 Further Evidence: Canadian Bigfoot, Eh?
S03 - #5 11/Nov/2012 Untold Stories: Meet the Squatchers
S03 - #6 28/Jan/2013 Further Evidence: Bigfoot and Wolverines
S03 - #7 17/Feb/2013 Untold Stories: Squatchers Without Borders
S03 - #8 17/Mar/2013 Further Evidence: Indonesia's Little Bigfoot
S03 - #9 24/Mar/2013 Further Evidence: Virgin Sasquatch
S04 - #10 04/Feb/2013 Further Evidence: Mother Bigfoot
S04 - #11 06/Nov/2013 Further Evidence: Bigfoot and the Redhead
S04 - #12 10/Nov/2013 Untold Stories: Welcome Back Squatchers
S04 - #13 13/Nov/2013 Further Evidence: Peek-A-Boo Bigfoot
S04 - #14 29/Dec/2013 Untold Stories - Nepal: Behind the Scenes
S04 - #15 04/Mar/2014 Further Evidence: Bigfoot Merit Badge
S04 - #16 13/Jul/2014 Further Evidence: Surf's Up, Sasquatch
S05 - #17 02/Jun/2014 Further Evidence: Best Evidence Yet
S05 - #18 15/Jun/2014 Untold Stories: At Home With the Squatchers
S05 - #19 16/Jun/2014 Further Evidence: Lonestar Squatch
S05 - #20 30/Jun/2014 Further Evidence: Big Sky Bigfoot
S05 - #21 30/Jun/2014 Further Evidence: I Declare a Squatch War
S05 - #22 07/Jul/2014 Further Evidence: Kung-Fu Bigfoot
S05 - #23 13/Jul/2014 Further Evidence: Surf's Up, Sasquatch
S05 - #24 20/Jul/2014 Further Evidence: Bigfoot Call of the Wildman
S05 - #25 20/Jul/2014 Untold Stories: Squatch and the City
S05 - #26 21/Jul/2014 Further Evidence: Squatch Spies
S05 - #27 21/Jul/2014 Further Evidence: 'Bama Bigfoot
S05 - #28 21/Jul/2014 Further Evidence: Sketching Sasquatch
S05 - #29 21/Jul/2014 Further Evidence: Super Yooper Sasquatch
S05 - #30 27/Jul/2014 Further Evidence: South Jersey Sasquatch
S05 - #31 27/Jul/2014 In Search of the Yeti
S06 - #32 09/Nov/2014 Untold Stories: Alaska - Behind the Scenes
S06 - #33 28/Dec/2014 Best Bigfootage
S06 - #34 04/Jan/2015 UK: Behind the Scenes
S07 - #35 24/May/2015 Sneak Peek (1)
S08 - #36 13/Mar/2016 Sneak Peek Preview
S08 - #37 15/May/2016 Further Evidence: Bigfoot Basecamp

  Season 8 »
Network: Animal Planet ( USA)
Type: Reality
Genres: Discovery/Science, Outdoors/Wildlife
Status: Returning Series
Airs: Thursdays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: May 30, 2011
Episodes Order: 10
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