Finding Bigfoot


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Finding bigfoot is entertaining.Rating: 3 likes, 4 dislikes
I realy like some of their approaches to the "evidence". tough I do not agree with some of their conclusions but hey it's great entertainment! (and much better then watching americas next top model, the bold and the beautiful and other of those brain killing idiotic "shows" actually farce would be a better synonym but hey let's keep it a bit civilized here)

They question the possibility that something big, hairy, man/apelike is trotting through the state parks and wooded area's of the USA.
Is it possible Chewy, or one of his friends is walking about in the forests of the USA? yes it is possible. Those people that claim "we explored everything on this earth so we know everything" are just idiotic,stupid and should read, or eat, some more books.

Fact: Gorillas were in the folklore of Africa though no one ever caught one. SO everyone ridiculed and laughed the notion off, until researchers FOUND THEM.
The native Americans talked and still talks about some tall hairy, manlike creature. Today people are seeing them. And it is not solely in the US that these hairy creatures are reported. In China, Vietnam, Thailand etc they all have been seen and even government funded expeditions have been sent into certain area's.
Fact: only 3% below the oceans have been explored.
Also claiming to have walked "every inch of this world" is also ludicrous. Otherwise we wouldn't discover 38 000 new species of plants and animals now would we:)

On the pattersons film (since it was brought up) I say this: It has been determined by multiple labs that it is genuine film from that era AND that , by using the latest in motion capturing tech, the walk that that animal did is not reproducible by man.

SO is there a possibility that bigfoot exists? Yes there is some possibility. Are all claims about bigfoot genuine? not 99M are mis-identifications of known animals.

Conclusion: Finding bigfoot is an entertaining show that questions the general opinion on bigfoot.

Review posted on Friday, December 20th 2013 at 10:14 am


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WOW.....UNBELIEVABLERating: 1 likes, 5 dislikes
All i can say is wow....animal planet must hurting bad for ratings and viewers cause this is awful. You cant have ppl claiming they are experts when their proof of how its facial features look are based off of his kids drawings. and the footprints haha my old roommate lives in hollywood and is involved in animation and film producing, he and me could make a device that leaves more convincing footprints. and how can you call them in the woods by howling and yelling hahaha cause youve all heard one right haha. The worst part of this whole show was the beginning. The reinactment of the "beast" running across the highway. First of all who the hell has a camera running in there car at night? I know! someone who is dead broke has no life needs money and attention. So dress up uncle dave who is 6'7" 300 lbs and have him run across a highway real quick. The evidence is never there. The two camera views are totally opposite. the car lights? one looks like the car has his bright lights on and the guy is in a light colored coat. The other view you can only make out the feet for about .05 seconds and its a big foot dammit we all knew it and saw it haha. Car didnt have any lights apparently. The ppl who are on this show and actually believe there are big foots obviously dropped out of college and most likely never even had the chance to go since theyre dumb as rocks. There is no such thing as a big foot researcher or studyer. They dont have sasquatch location 231 at your local university. so the facts they claim to know are bogus. If ppl have all these horror stories of them throwing rocks and trees at them then why would "experts" run in the woods after them after seeing most likely a bear on a thermal scan. Isnt there a danger threat or does that not appyly to experts? cause after all zoologist run in the lion cage with a steak tied around there necks right?! There is no danger threat cause there is no sasquatch so they dont care as long as it looks good and they get ratings. Its just stupid cause im sure little kids probably watch this and get freaked out about it and have nightmares of big foot opposed to the boogey man. Only difference is that ppl dont study the boogey man....yet. Wanna know how id find big foot? instead of charging it why not kill the staff members of this show and leave their bodies for a bait pile?? ill set up a tree stand with friends and we'll hunt the damn thing lol My grandpa actually has a gorilla suit and mask for halloween and if he ran thru the woods id think it was big foot for sure considering he is 6'6" and 320lbs and played offensive tackle at michigan state university. i bet if he ran in front of these guys in the woods they would fill their pants and turn and book back to the cars since they arent even expecting one to show. but if they are then these are the ppl that need to be checked into prisons and psycho wards and need help in the head big time. You know that guy who is named Jeremy Wade?? He dominates animal planet with a show that ppl actually wanna watch called river monsters. You guys need to hire him to find big foot. Seriously, that guy can hear 1 story of a fish that has never been seen before or heard of and he hears that it eats someone, he will go to that location with a hook, line, and a rod and catch the damn thing in a weekend and SHOW everyone. You have thermal scanners, image projectors, night vision, firearms, a huge staff with multiple cameras and crew members, sound enhancers, sophisticated calls that are self made mouth calls lol, suv's, reinactments, footprint molds and hundreds upon hundreds of sightings and stories and over 100 years of this creature roaming earth and we have never fully seen one, or got one dead to test it for dna purposes. cause idc how many pics or videos of "one" you show me i and tens of thousands of ppl will never EVER believe it untill we have one in the governments or scientists hands. cause as far as im concerned its just good ol uncle dave running across highways leaving footprints, and howling at you in the dark. at least the economy is turning around and giving our ppl jobs now haha seriously jeremy him and give him a fishing pole.

Review posted on Tuesday, May 31st 2011 at 4:42 am

Network: Animal Planet ( USA)
Type: Reality
Genres: Discovery/Science, Outdoors/Wildlife
Status: Returning Series
Airs: Thursdays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: May 30, 2011
Episodes Order: 10
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