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Our Mrs. Reynolds - Recap

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The episode starts out with a horse carriage walking across a river. A group of thieves stop them and demand them to surrender what they have in the carriage. Mal, who dressed up as a woman, and Jayne take their guns out and resolve the issue, with a little help from Zoe in the back of the carriage.

The town then throw them a party to celebrate. Mal gets drunk and dances off the night. On the next day, Mal and his crew leaves the planet. As they are rising in the atmosphere, Mal finds a girl named Saffron had sneaked aboard. Mal asks him what is she "doing in his boat" and Saffron replies that she is his wife.

Mal can't believe what he is hearing and tells Zoe to get Wash on the comm. Zoe instead tells everyone to come to the cargo bay so they can enjoy this blessing. Mal doesn't think this is funny and tells everyone he didn't marry her. Book, however, claims he witnessed Mal performing the marriage ritual with Saffron last night. Mal had no idea the wine he drunk and the dance he did was all part of a marriage ritual. Mal asked about a divorce and Saffron goes away crying.

Mal goes to comfort Saffron, but tells her that they are not a couple. Mal plans to drop her off at the planet they will be arriving in a week and Saffron will be starting a new life there. Saffron agrees, but is also willing to serve Mal while she is still aboard. Saffron goes to the kitchen and cook Mal a meal. Book tells Mal if he ever takes sexual advantage of her, he will be going to the "special hell".

Zoe and Wash enter the kitchen and are impressed by the way Saffron is serving Mal. Later, Mal and Saffron share bit of their history together. Jayne tries to trade his favorite weapon for Saffron, but Mal denied. Meanwhile, a space station is observing Serenity passing by and plans to catch it with their "net".

When Mal returns to his quarters, he finds Saffron in his bed, naked. Saffron seduces Mal and kisses him, then Mal fainted. Saffron's lips were poisoned. Saffron went up to the helm to take control of the ship, only to find Wash there. She tries to seduce Wash, but fails since Wash remains loyal to his wife. Saffron instead, just knock him out unconscious. She then turn the ship into the the direction of the "net" and lock all the controls so when the crew finds out, they can't change course.

Saffron then lock the door and head for one of the two shuttles to leave, but bumped into Inara. Saffron tries to seduce Inara, but failed. Instead, she fought her way pass Inara and into the shuttle craft. As the shuttle craft takes off, Inara head to find Mal, only to find him unconscious. Inara kisses him, then fell unconscious also. Later, they both woke up and the crew tries to take back control of the ship. Inara claims she got knock out by hitting her head, not by kissing Mal.

When the crew realize they are heading for the "net" and nothing will survive after they pass through it, Mal realize they need a plan in case Kaylee fix the ship's system and give Mal back control of the ship. Mal tells Jayne to take his favorite gun, suit up, and go to the airlock. They are going to take down the net. In order to do it, they must aim directing at one of the net's energy source and fire. Jayne like always, nailed it. The ship passes right through the net unharmed.

They found Saffron's shuttle craft and Mal went to confront her. This time, he isn't seduced like before. Instead of killing her, he just knock her out.

Back at the ship, Mal confronts Inara, saying she didn't hit her head when she was knocked out. Inara admits it, but Mal thinks she was only seduced by Saffron with a kiss and laugh.