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Firefly: Serenity (1)

The crew of Serenity is eager to rid themselves of an easily traceable cargo they salvaged from a vessel adrift in space.

Episode Info
Episode number: 1x11
Production Number: 1AGE79
Airdate: Friday December 20th, 2002

Director: Joss Whedon
Writer: Joss Whedon

Alternate Airdates:

NL (Sci-Fi) Jul 25, 2009

Guest Stars
Carlos JacottCarlos Jacott
As Lawrence Dobson
Mark SheppardMark Sheppard
As Badger
Andy UmbergerAndy Umberger
As Dortmunder Captain
Colin Patrick LynchColin Patrick Lynch
As Radio Operator
Domingo VaraDomingo Vara
As Ensign
Gabrielle WagnerGabrielle Wagner
As Slave #1
John F. KearneyJohn F. Kearney
As Old Man
Philip SternbergPhilip Sternberg
As Inara's Client
Stephen OStephen O'Mahoney
As Man (Dortmunder)
Episode Notes
Even though this episode wasn't aired till December, it is actually part one of the pilot episode creator Joss Whedon had intended for FOX to air first. FOX instead aired The Train Job as it's pilot episode.

This is the only episode the crew refer Inara as the "Ambassador" of the ship.

Rebecca Gayheart was supposed to play Inara, but Producer Joss Whedon thought she wasn't right for the role. Morena Baccarin ended up with the part.

Episode Quotes
Wash: Everything looks good from here...Yes. Yes, this is a fertile land, and we will thrive. We will rule over all this land, and we will call it... "This Land." I think we should call it "your grave!" Ah, curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal! Ha ha HA! Mine is an evil laugh! Now die! Oh, no, God! Oh, dear God in heaven!

Jayne: Let's moon 'em.

Jayne: Captain, can you stop her from bein' cheerful, please?
Mal: I don't believe there is a power in the 'verse that can stop Kaylee from being cheerful.

Mal: How's business?
Inara: None of yours.

Simon: I don't understand.
Zoe: You've never heard of Reavers?
Simon: Campfire stories... Men gone savage at the edge of space, killing, and...
Zoe: They're not stories.
Simon: What happens if they board us?
Zoe: If they take the ship, they'll rape us to death, eat our flesh and sew our skins into their clothing and if we're very very lucky, they'll do it in that order.

Mal: Get me a visual.
Wash: They're still too far out to -
Mal: Give me something.
Wash: I'm picking up a lot of radiation... they're burning without core containment. Well, that's, that's suicide...
(Mal looks up at the window)
Mal: Reavers.

Wash: We look shiny, Captain. They are not repeat not coming about.

Jayne: Any one you walk away from, right? Long as those crates aren't empty, I call this a win.
Mal: Right. We win.

Mal: I don't believe there is a power in the 'verse that can stop Kaylee from being cheerful. Sometimes you just wanna duct tape her mouth and dump her in the hold for a month.

Book: I never married.
Man #2: What?
Book: I'm not a grandpa.

Inara: "Ambassador" is Mal's way of -
Mal: She's a whore, Shepherd.
Kaylee: The term is "Companion".
Mal: Yeah, but the job is whore.

Mal: Jayne. You'll keep a civil tongue in that mouth or I will sew it shut, is there an understanding between us?
Jayne: You don't pay me to talk pretty.
Mal: Walk away from this table. Right now.
(Janye reluctantly grabs his food and leaves)

Mal: We have done the impossible and that makes us mighty.

Mal: We're not gonna die. We can't die, Bendis. You know why? Because we are so very pretty. We are just too pretty for God to let us die.

Episode References
Mal: Cry baby cry.
Wash: Make your mother sigh.

These lines are directly quoted from the song, "Cry Baby Cry", sung by The Beatles from the album "White".

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