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Season 3

45 :03x01 - Mabus

Cade learns about a new Gua leader - The Mabus - who has been sent to Earth to propare the second wave. Somehow, he has to prevent the Mabus consciousness being transferred into a newly-improved husk body
Guest Stars: Vincent Gale as Peter Mincer | Samantha Ferris as Alice

46 :03x02 - Raven Nation

Foster hears about the existence of the "Raven Nation" a resistance group who believe he was killed by the Gua. When he meets their beautiful, charismatic leader, he does not approve of their methods, when Cain tracks them down
Guest Stars: Jody Racicot as Chemist | Will Sanderson as Clement
Director: Holly Dale

47 :03x03 - Comes a Horseman

While investigating a biological research facility, Foster is exposed to a leathal airborne virus and must risk his life in order to prevent the virus from spreading.
Guest Stars: Helene Joy as Dr. Victoria Kelly | Byron Lucas as Samuels | Darrin Klimek as Jagger
Director: Michael Robison
Writer: David Tynan

48 :03x04 - Gulag

Foster discovers Joshua locked away on a quantum pocket where he is forced to attemopt the same task over and over again - in punishment for helping Foster.
Guest Stars: Claude Knowlton as Acolyte #1 | Chris Nelson Norris as Military Police #1 | Chris Kramer as Cole
Director: Holly Dale
Writer: David Wilcox

49 :03x05 - The Flight of Francis Jeffries

Foster investigates an alien experiment that will allow the Gua to transfer their consciousness without having to use husks
Guest Stars: A.J. Cook as Lindsay Tilden | Allan Gray as Alistair Tilden | Nancy Sorel as Susan
Director: Michael Rohl

50 :03x06 - Still At Large

Foster travels to Chicago in the hope of discovering some hard evidence that he is innocent of his wife's murder
Guest Stars: Ian Tracey as Garvin | Stephen E. Miller as Sgt. Chernovsky | Jason Gray-Stanford as Willet | Kurt Max Runte as Finn
Director: Ken Girotti
Writer: Gary Sherman

51 :03x07 - Asylum

Eddie checks into a mental asylum in the hope of rescuing a judge who is sharing the institution with other people who believe that the Earth is being overrun by aliens
Guest Stars: J.B. Bivens as Orderly Coogan | Tom McBeath as Dr. Zahn | Garwin Sanford as Nathan Brown
Director: Bill Corcoran

52 :03x08 - Eyes of the Gua

A Gua assassin is sent out to kill what appear to be random victims. But with Joshua observing events, Foster is determined to find out the truth behind the incidents
Guest Stars: Mikela J. Mikael as Anna Griffin | Boyan Vukelic as Vincent | Howard Dell (1) as Gua Detective | Maxine Miller as Old Lady | David Christensen as Detective Saunders
Director: Ken Girotti
Writer: David Wilcox

53 :03x09 - Skywatchers

One of the Raven Nation operatives disappears near the small town of Hope. When Jordan and Foster investigate, they discover that the townspeople are hiding a terrible secret
Guest Stars: Sandra Ferens as Sheryl Nelson | Michael Puttonen as Sgt. Charlie Cobb | Winston Rekert as Horace Burke | John Tench as Jim

54 :03x10 - The Plan

When Mabus dissolves the Gua Assembly, his military leaders are cioncerned that he is launching the second wave too early. They hatch a plan to assassinate him, with the help of Cade Foster.
Guest Stars: Claudette Mink as Allegra | Brian Jensen as Adjunct General Stephen
Director: Michael Robison

55 :03x11 - Wednesday's Child

Foster and Jordan nearly get blown up by a Gua bomb, but at the last moment they are saved by a mysterious email sent to Eddie. They track the e-mail to a house in Portland, Oregon. Disguised as an Internet server technician, Foster discovers that e-mail was sent by Emily, a bright, ten-year-old girl, who is very sick. Jordan gains the girl's confidence by posing as a counselor from the child study program at Emily's school. Jordan soon discovers that Mabus has made a psychic connection with Emily and in doing so, knows that he will soon pull Jordan into his world in order to save the child.
Guest Stars: Wendel Meldrum as Ann Berman | Kirsten Prout as Emily
Director: George Mendeluk

56 :03x12 - Unearthed

Eddie and Jordan join an archaelogy dig which is looking for Thor's Hammer and they discover a Gua presence looking for the powerful weapon that claims Foster as its first victim
Guest Stars: Jay Brazeau as Speidel | Chris Humphreys as Logan Bishop | Robert Duncan (4) as Mabus | David Palffy as Ash | Marcia Laskowski as Dr. Eldridge | Sonny Surowiec as Arms Dealer
Director: Michael Rohl

57 :03x13 - Shadowland

After Foster experiences a series of nightmares , he visits a hynotherapist firendly to the Raven Nation and is led back into a childhood he has forgotten, including a suppressed encounter with the Gua
Guest Stars: Joel Palmer as Young Cade Foster | Jim Byrnes as Tyler Greer | Peter Wingfield as Dr. Rook | Patricia Drake as Cade's Mother | Steve Makaj as Ned
Director: Michael Robison

58 :03x14 - Legacy

Jordan is ambushed by the Gua at the Radcliffe Foundation annual ball, where she learns the shocking truth about her late father's demise.
Guest Stars: Andrew Jackson (1) as Davis | Maria Louisa Figura as Tara Barton | Terence Kelly as Keenan | Scott Swanson as Jordan's Father | Linnea Sharples as Sabrina Blair
Director: Rob LaBelle

59 :03x15 - The Edge

Foster is sabotaged and injected with Gua DNA and as the process of transformation progresses, Jordan and Eddie face the antogonizing prospect of having to kill Foster in order to save the planet.
Guest Stars: Malcolm Stewart as Dr. Pierce Malcolm
Director: Michael Rohl
Writer: David Wilcox

60 :03x16 - The Vessel

Foster must stop the aliens from destroying the worlds computer systems and Mabus from occupying human bodies including his new love's.
Guest Stars: Scott Bellis as Jinks Davis | James Kidnie as Max Stareman | Michael Tiernan as Empirical Chief | David Millbern as Unknown
Director: Michael Robison

61 :03x17 - Requiem

Foster informs the Generals of the Raven Nation that Mabus is using Jordan Radcliffe's body as a host.
Guest Stars: Kendall Cross as Erin Sullivan | Duncan Fraser as Leylan Kendrix | Douglas O'Keeffe as Rocco Tonetti

62 :03x18 - Checkmate

Victory seems very close for the Gua, as Mabus capotures Foster. Could an extraterrestrial revelation free Jordan and destroy Mabus?
Guest Stars: William B. Davis as Sagon
Director: Michael Robison

63 :03x19 - Black Box

Foster and Eddie follow an Omega quatrain which leads them to a crash site. But Foster and Joshua square-off to recover an alien warhead equal in power to ten nuclear bombs.
Guest Stars: April Telek as Gibson | Johnny Cuthbert as Heckler | Mark Gibbon as Koch
Director: Ken Girotti
Writer: David Wilcox

64 :03x20 - Beneath The Black Sky

Foster encounters Xevallah, the mysterious stranger who rescued him from the Gua when he was a child. Xevellah teaches Foster the essential wisdom of forgiveness and prepares him for the final battle with the Gua.
Guest Stars: Christopher Judge as Xevallah
Director: Michael Rohl

65 :03x21 - Terminal City

Foster travels to the future to locate the "hammer," a Gua weapon that has the power to determine the fate of humankind. But there he discovers that the Resistance has crumbled and his counterpart has lost hope.
Guest Stars: Ona Grauer as Taryn
Director: Ken Girotti

66 :03x22 - Twice Bless'd

Mabus attempts to control the minds of Foster, Eddie, Jordan and Joshua in order to fulfill the requirements necessary to initiate the Second Wave. Meanwhile, the four allies must try and escape from the asylum they have been assigned to
Guest Stars: Rod Wilson as Dr. Oldham | Sandra P. Grant as Katherine Hutchinson | Stacy Grant as Hannah Foster | Mipam Thurman as Unknown
Director: Bill Corcoran
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Sci-Fi
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: Syfy ( USA)
Airs: Wednesdays at 08:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 09, 1998
Ended: February 07, 2001
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