Fist of the North Star (JP)

Fist of the North Star (JP)

Kenshiro is chosen as the heir of Hokuto Shinken. Hokuto Shinken is martial arts combined with superhuman powers. He is living in a post apocalypitic world ruled by power and violence. Kenshiro battles his main rival Boxing King who wants to rule the world.

Akira KamiyaAkira Kamiya
voiced Kenshiro
Arisa AndouArisa Andou
voiced Airi
Hideyuki HoriHideyuki Hori
voiced Ryuuga
Kaneto ShiozawaKaneto Shiozawa
voiced Rei
Kenji UtsumiKenji Utsumi
voiced Raoh
Kouji TotaniKouji Totani
voiced Jagi
Kōji YadaKōji Yada
voiced Colonel
Mie SuzukiMie Suzuki
voiced Bat (Bart)
Tomiko SuzukiTomiko Suzuki
voiced Rin
Toshiko FujitaToshiko Fujita
voiced Mamiya

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After a nuclear holocaust, the earth lies in ruin. Kenshiro is the heir of Hokuto Shinken, a deadly martial art. Kenshiro after the loss of his love decides to use his power to protect and avenge the weak from the strong who prey on them. Read more

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1x93: Showdown: Juuza vs Raoh! The End of the Invincible Legend!! recap:
Fudo, Ken, Rin, and Batto continue their journey to the Nanto City. This time they make their way through an obsolete interstate highway. We see this highway isn’t abandoned as the sword wielding hit man named Gemini lives there. He brags to killing 9,999 people and say that Ken will be his 10,000 victim. Kenshiro is disgusted by Gemini. The two have a duel. Gemini manages to cut Ken slightly on the face but on the attack Ken goes up in the air and hits Gemini in the chest... read more.

1x92: Juuza Revived! I Do Not Fear Raoh!! recap: Clips are shown from the last episode in which the last Nanto Warrior reveals himself to Juuza. Juuza, who was stingy before about stopping Boxing King, now changes his mind and tells the warrior he will dedicate his life to the cause... read more.

1x87: The Goshasei In Danger! Raoh Finally Breaks Through The Flame!! recap: Rao's army is too afraid to approach the Flame Legion. Shuren and Rao fight. Shuren tries to burn Rao alive with his flame power but Rao is able to block it and survive. He then kills Shuren as the remaining Legion army is defeated. Kenshiro, Batto, and Rin meet Fudo ,a gentle giant. Ken comes to his rescue from a gang. They later adopt Fudo as a companion. Back at the Nanto palace, they receive the news that the Flame Legion is defeated and that the Mountain Star has been found.
.. read more.

1x84: Nanto`s Strike Back! Wind Army, Protect the Last General!! recap: A special clan emerges to stop Rao's influence and reign of terror. They are the five star wheel gang. Essentially everyone of them will make a stand against Rao to protect the last Nanto Ken warrior. Hyui, the leader of the Wind Army, kills of a bunch of Rao's guys. Ken then lands in a town with Rao's thugs who are recruiting guys for Rao. Ken lets himself be taking in by them to infiltrate Rao's base. Instead he meets a guy named Dabete and a giant named Kolan... read more.

1x78: Nanto Sei Ken`s Shin! You Live and Die for Love Getting Nothing in Return!! recap: We are taken back to the last moments of the previous episode, Ken discovers that Ryuga has tried to kill himself before he arrived and he is Yuria's brother. Following Toki's advice Ken plans to use sorrow for fury... read more.

Music: Nozomi Aoki
Character Designer: Masami Suda
Based On The Works Of: Yoshiyuki Okamura, Tetsuo Hara

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Classification: Animation
Genre: Anime | Adventure | Drama | Sci-Fi
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: Fuji TV ( Japan)
Language: Japanese
Runtime: 25 Minutes
Premiere: October 04, 1984
Ended: October 30, 1986
• Hokuto No Ken
• Ken il guerriero (Used In Italy)
• Ken le survivant (Used In France)
• Ken, the Great Bear Fist
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