Fist of the North Star (JP)

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
01 01x01 04/Oct/1984 God or demon!? The strongest man appeared in Hell
02 01x02 11/Oct/1984 The Zankei death blow!! Lights appeared at the end!!
03 01x03 18/Oct/1984 Punches are burning on a dark street! Five fingered explosive burst!!
04 01x04 25/Oct/1984 Attack bloody cross!! The secret punch by soft strikes
05 01x05 01/Nov/1984 The flame of love in Hell. You're already dead!!
06 01x06 08/Nov/1984 The evil's plan. Attacking the man with 4 scars!
07 01x07 15/Nov/1984 Villains! Countdown to death
08 01x08 22/Nov/1984 Rip into the nerve cells! No requiem for the bad guys
09 01x09 29/Nov/1984 Criminals! Pray before you die!!
10 01x10 06/Dec/1984 Flame death blow! Too many people should die!!
11 01x11 13/Dec/1984 Villains!! Listen to the requiem from Hell!!
12 01x12 20/Dec/1984 I am the God of Death!! I'll chase you to the ends of Hell!!
13 01x13 27/Dec/1984 The arhat deva fist! The endless killing!!
16 01x16 17/Jan/1985 Try to sing, villains! The counting rhyme of Hell!!
17 01x17 24/Jan/1985 Fight if you are a man! The guts of confrontation have opened!
18 01x18 31/Jan/1985 Life or death!? At the end of the wilderness lies the first street of Hell!!
19 01x19 07/Feb/1985 Damn! Get ready to die!!
20 01x20 14/Feb/1985 Nightmarish full-scale war! My fists pack one million volts!!
21 01x21 21/Feb/1985 The palace is on fire! Shin! I'm close to finding you!!
22 01x22 28/Feb/1985 Julia well as Shin!
23 01x23 07/Mar/1985 Battle is all that awaits me!
24 01x24 14/Mar/1985 Nanto suichoken! The tragedy of the strong begins!!
25 01x25 21/Mar/1985 The evil people! Their name is the Fang Clan!!
26 01x26 28/Mar/1985 Tremble while you sleep! The bandits of Night Fog Valley!!
27 01x27 04/Apr/1985 Only criminals can laugh! I hate this age!!
28 01x28 11/Apr/1985 Rei! I'll wipe your tears with my fists!!
29 01x29 18/Apr/1985 It's too late for begging! Death to the Bandit King!!
30 01x30 25/Apr/1985 Fate is unavoidable! Who is Jagi!!
31 01x31 02/May/1985 Mask of Hell! He who terrorizes in the name of the North Star!!
32 01x32 09/May/1985 The four linked fists of rage! Jagi, Hell is waiting for you!!
33 01x33 16/May/1985 This is a miracle village! The fallen angel!
34 01x34 23/May/1985 Toki! You are an angel or devil!!
35 01x35 30/May/1985 Evil man! Toki, you have gone bad!!
36 01x36 06/Jun/1985 I don't have the past to use! Just my hatred for Toki!!
37 01x37 13/Jun/1985 Refuse your love! Because he is the death star...!
38 01x38 20/Jun/1985 Ranzan punch! An unfortunate woman!!
39 01x39 27/Jun/1985 The evil legend! The door to Casandra!!
40 01x40 04/Jul/1985 Evil doesn't need graves! This is Hell's Casandra!!
42 01x42 18/Jul/1985 End of the century with no tomorrow! This is the day waiting for Ken!!
43 01x43 25/Jul/1985 Casandra is destroyed! The legend of the Hokuto won't change!!
44 01x44 01/Aug/1985 The death star shines! Ken, are you bidding with another's life!!
45 01x45 08/Aug/1985 People are afraid of death! Lynn's cry of rage!!
46 01x46 15/Aug/1985 Calling From Hell! Rei, Did You See the Death Star!!
47 01x47 22/Aug/1985 The Nanto Suicho-Ken Dance of Death! I'll Give My Life for the Sake of Love!!
48 01x48 29/Aug/1985 Final Moves Explode! The Fate of Hokuto Brothers Exceed Hatred!!
49 01x49 05/Sep/1985 The Strongest Battle in History! Raoh vs Ken! You're The One Who Will Die!!
50 01x50 12/Sep/1985 Death Sentence in 72 hours! The Death Start Drags Rei!!
51 01x51 19/Sep/1985 Fate Without A Future! She still Believes in Love!!
52 01x52 26/Sep/1985 Yuda of Nanto Roku Sei Ken! I Am More Beautiful Than Anyone!!
53 01x53 03/Oct/1985 Death Omen Star is Falling!! Rei! Heaven Trics Time Cruelly!
54 01x54 10/Oct/1985 Dear Mamiya! The Death Omen Star is Hiding in the Sparkling of your Eyes!!
55 01x55 17/Oct/1985 You Will Die, Rei! The most beautiful of men!!
56 01x56 24/Oct/1985 Beautiful Fighters Rei vs Yuda! Tears are Unnecessary on a Man's Path!!
57 01x57 31/Oct/1985 Farewell Rei! The Legend of the Hero Will be Passed Down Through the Generations
58 01x58 07/Nov/1985 Military Rule in Troubled Times. When Nanto Falls Into Disorder, Hokuto Appears
59 01x59 14/Nov/1985 The Dark Star Is Covering the Heavens! It`ll Move After the Deadly Battles
60 01x60 21/Nov/1985 Shuu of the Nanto Hakurou-Ken! What are You Watching at the End of this Century
61 01x61 28/Nov/1985 Love on the Battlefield! Will this Era Tear Love Apart?
62 01x62 05/Dec/1985 I`m The Holy Emperor, Souther! Both Love and Compassion are Forbidden
63 01x63 12/Dec/1985 The Young Warrior Challenging Fate! The Cry of his Soul Moves the Heavens
64 01x64 19/Dec/1985 Bloody Battle: Shuu vs Souther! Love is Drowned by the Tears of the Star of Benevolenc
65 01x65 26/Dec/1985 The Bloody Holy Cross Pyramid! Shuu! My Heart Will Hold Your Tears
66 01x66 02/Jan/1986 Run, Kenshiro! Another Friend is Going to Die!!
67 01x67 09/Jan/1986 Kyoku-Sei Showdown, Ken vs Souther! Only My Star Can Protect the Heavens!!
68 01x68 16/Jan/1986 Souther, the Sad Holy Emperor! Love Wears You Down!!
69 01x69 23/Jan/1986 The Strongest Era of Hokuto! The Fate of the 3 Brothers Finally Begins!!
70 01x70 30/Jan/1986 Another Hokuto Shin Ken! Cast Raoh Into Darkness!!
71 01x71 06/Feb/1986 The Birth Secret Revealed! Heaven Desire`s Tragedy!!
72 01x72 13/Feb/1986 Farewell Toki! The Tear`s Fall Only Once!!
74 01x74 27/Feb/1986 The Wolf Running Towards the Horizon! The End of Love and Hatred!!
75 01x75 06/Mar/1986 Forgive Me, Sister! Fighting Hokuto is the Fate of My Star!!
76 01x76 13/Mar/1986 Fist of Fire Versus the Howling Wolf! Now Toki is in Danger!!
77 01x77 20/Mar/1986 The New Age Awakens! The Wolf`s Howl Reaches the Heavens!!
78 01x78 27/Mar/1986 Nanto Sei Ken`s Shin! You Live and Die for Love Getting Nothing in Return!!
79 01x79 03/Apr/1986 Rei, of the Nanto Suicho Ken! There is a Man Who Died For His Friend!!
80 01x80 10/Apr/1986 Yuda, the Nanto Koukaku Ken! Your Beautiful Smile Caused Tragedy!!
81 01x81 17/Apr/1986 Shuu of Nanto Hakurou Ken! The Heavens Have Dealt You a Cold-Hearted Fate!!
82 01x82 24/Apr/1986 Holy Emperor Souther! You Love More Than Others Because You`re Obsessed With It!!
83 01x83 01/May/1986 Prepare For Death, Raoh! Legend Will Turn Into Fear!!
84 01x84 08/May/1986 Nanto`s Strike Back! Wind Army, Protect the Last General!!
85 01x85 15/May/1986 Prelude of the Deadly Battle!! The Cry of Hyuui, the Man of the Wind, Echoes to the Heave
87 01x87 29/May/1986 The Goshasei In Danger! Raoh Finally Breaks Through The Flame!!
88 01x88 05/Jun/1986 The Goshasei Approaches Kenshiro! Fudo, Who Are You!!
89 01x89 12/Jun/1986 The Wind and Cloud Revelation! Ken, Fate Awaits At The Capital of Nanto!!
90 01x90 19/Jun/1986 I am Juuza, the Cloud! I Leave My Destiny to the Flow of Time!!
92 01x92 03/Jul/1986 Juuza Revived! I Do Not Fear Raoh!!
93 01x93 10/Jul/1986 Showdown: Juuza vs Raoh! The End of the Invincible Legend!!
94 01x94 17/Jul/1986 Fudo is in Danger! Hurry Ken, A Man Never Deserts His Friend!!
95 01x95 24/Jul/1986 Merciless Inferno of Sand! Is There Any Help for Dying Fudo!!
96 01x96 31/Jul/1986 The Fall of Juuza! I`ll Protect the Woman I Love With My Life!!
97 01x97 07/Aug/1986 Farewell, Yuria! Even When Facing Death, A Warrior Will Not Speak Of Love!!
98 01x98 14/Aug/1986 Disturbance in the Nanto Capital! The Two Hokuto Brothers Meet At Last!!
99 01x99 21/Aug/1986 Sorrowful Goshasei! You`re the Woman Burdened by Love and Fate!!
100 01x100 28/Aug/1986 The Ultimate Secret, Musou Tensei! Raoh, You`ve Finally Been Cornered!!
102 01x102 11/Sep/1986 The Mighty Raoh is Lost in Confusion! I Will Not Believe in Love!!
103 01x103 18/Sep/1986 The Demon`s Challenge! Fudo, Become a Demon for the Sake of Your Loved Ones!!
104 01x104 25/Sep/1986 The Gentle and Brave Fudo! Those Tears Awaken A Burning Passion!!
105 01x105 02/Oct/1986 Guard the Nanto Jibo-Sei! Even at the Cost of the Lives of the Gosha!!
106 01x106 09/Oct/1986 Raoh, Frightned by a Nightmare! Yuria, You Are the Reason!!
107 01x107 16/Oct/1986 The Decisive Battlefield is the Hokuto Renkitouza! No One Can Stop Them!!
108 01x108 23/Oct/1986 Farewell, the Two Hokuto Brothers!Your Love And Sadness End Now!!
109 01x109 30/Oct/1986 A Look Back! The 2000 Year History of Hokuto!!