People are afraid of death! Lynn's cry of rage!! - Recap

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Rin and Batto go into hiding when Boxing King's troops go looking for them. They are helped by a couple of nice Samaritans. However, their safety only lands a few minutes as Kenou's troops find them and kill the good Samaritans, however, Rin and Ari in this moment have enough time to run away. We then shift to Batto, who is still alive despite being hit by an arrow. Miracously he gets up and starts to walk trying to find Ken or Rei.

We then see Ken, Toki and Mamiya being stop by another of Kenou's troops. Ken kills them all, but then find Boxing's King, horse footprints. Not startled, Ken, Toki and Mamiya move and stop in a bar near the village. However, there are a bunch of untrustworthy beings in the bar, and it smells like a trap. The music is gorgeous here, as you can feel and cut the tensiion with a knife. Ken and Toki, despite this feeling sit down, the head waiter, an ugly looking woman who talks like a man, says she will get them drinks.

Switchiing back to Rin and Ari we see the evil torture of Kenou's army, they are now trying to brand them like cattle to swear allegiance to Boxing King. We some guy almost get burned to death. We then are taken to Rin and Ari who are hiding in an alleyway. Moments of silence are stop when a guard spots Rin, Rin then unselfish tries to protect Ari by putting a cloak over her.

Rin then in an heroic action, tries to stop the guard with a pipe, she is stopped and beaten and then taken to the rest of the tortured villages. She then is forced to be branded but Rin refuses in a very tearful and inspiring scenes "I wont submit to you devils" she says.

We then shift to Ken , Toki and Mamiya in the bar with the suspectful characters. As they are served, Ken gut instinct tells him that their drinks are poisoned. He tells the waiter to take a sip, the waiter refuses reiterating Ken's assumption that this is a trap. When "the jig is up" the characters reveals themselves to be Kenous men, but this surprise attack unphases Ken and he kills them all.

Shifting back to Rin, we then see her try to run away from Kenous army including the head guard who sits on a king like throne, she is captured and just as she is about to be thrown into the fire pit to be branded, Rei comes to the rescue and kills many of the troops.

The last one the main guard challenges and tells him that he could beat because he knows Rei’s weakness his sister Ari. Ari then emerges but in a shocking move we see Ari have a crossbow in hand kills one of the guards. Rei is shocked as his innocent sister has now commited a murder. Ari then tells Rei not to worry about her, Rei and the last guard fight.

The main guard tries to kill Rei by using a fire trick trying to engulf Rei in flames, Rei counters him with Nanto Shinken, the guard falls and lands on his own deadly flames and dies. In the burning, Laou aka Boxing King finally presents himself to his first opponent Rei.

Rei and King stare each other in a standoff and the episode ends. Specials Notes: Many many things happening in this episodes as you can see. Wow, this is the first time that we see rage in Rin, the innocent young mute girl. We then how unselfish she is protecting Ari before herself. We also see some of Ken and Toki's gut instint of Hokuto shinken to stop the enemy camouflaing themselves as villagers.