The Strongest Era of Hokuto! The Fate of the 3 Brothers Finally Begins!! - Recap

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Rao is licking his wounds from the fight with Ken. A new character named Kouryu is talking about the disorder with Hokuto and Nanto stars. He tells his spy to track Rao's movements. Toki is continuing his work of healing the injured. Ken seeing Toki doing his work remembers the time that Toki saved his and Yuria's life from a giant cave in. Toki sacrificed himself to save them and the children after the nuclear war. We move on to Ken and Toki talking about Toki's dream of healing the sick and inured, then move to the incident involving Amiba, then then prison Kashandera.

We go to a couple of thugs plundering a city. They see Rao and try to provoke him into a fight. Rao in a rare sign of pity only pushes aside the thugs. Kouryu's reports back to him about Rao. Kouryu reveals to him that he fought with the last heir of Hokuto, Ryuken who was Rao's master. He talks about discarding the fist but now he knows that Rao as a pitiful soul will come looking for him for a fight. Toki gives a speech saying he will stop Rao.