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Nanto`s Strike Back! Wind Army, Protect the Last General!! - Recap

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A special clan emerges to stop Rao's influence and reign of terror. They are the five star wheel gang. Essentially everyone of them will make a stand against Rao to protect the last Nanto Ken warrior. Hyui, the leader of the Wind Army, kills of a bunch of Rao's guys. Ken then lands in a town with Rao's thugs who are recruiting guys for Rao. Ken lets himself be taking in by them to infiltrate Rao's base. Instead he meets a guy named Dabete and a giant named Kolan.

All three of them fight.. Ken lets Kolan go when the guy says he's just following orders of Rao. Dabete's men kill him. Ken goes after them but Hyui appears and kills Dabete and his men. Ken and Hyui meet and the episode ends.