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FlashForward: Gimme Some Truth

The Senate Intelligence Committee holds a hearing to decide where to allocate funding in regards to investigations into The Event. The Committee, unfortunately, is headed by a Senator who has a very bad history with Stan. A key personal fact about Janis is revealed, and its effect with regard to her FlashForward becomes relevant. The investigations into the crow die-off in Somalia bears fruit. Stan pulls in a significant marker to get support. Olivia discovers a fact about Mark's FF that he withheld from her.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x5
Airdate: Thursday October 22nd, 2009

Alternate Airdates:

UK (Channel 5) Oct 26, 2009
NL (Veronica) Jul 15, 2010

Guest Stars
Lee Thompson YoungLee Thompson Young
As Agent Al Gough
Peter CoyotePeter Coyote
As Dave Segovia
Barry Shabaka HenleyBarry Shabaka Henley
As Agent Vreede
Barbara WilliamsBarbara Williams
As Senator Joyce Clemente
Mel RodriguezMel Rodriguez
As Oscar Obregon
Omid AbtahiOmid Abtahi
As Bureau Agent
Talia BalsamTalia Balsam
As Surgeon General Anita Ralston
Navi RawatNavi Rawat
As Maya
Glynn TurmanGlynn Turman
As Senator Noland
Michael OMichael O'Neill
As Director Keller
Michael CavanaughMichael Cavanaugh
As SETI Chairman Warren Moore
Frank John HughesFrank John Hughes
As Press Secretary

Co-Guest Stars
Amy RosoffAmy Rosoff
As Marcie Turoff
Scott Kelly GalbreathScott Kelly Galbreath
As Jim
Emerson BrooksEmerson Brooks
As Connelly
Michelle TuzeeMichelle Tuzee
As Broadcaster
Mieko HillmanMieko Hillman
As Renee Garrigos
Micole MercurioMicole Mercurio
As Maureen
Nilson De MacenaNilson De Macena
As Tae Kwon Do Instructor

Gina TorresGina Torres
voiced Felicia Wedeck
Main Cast
Joseph FiennesJoseph Fiennes
As Mark Benford
John ChoJohn Cho
As Demetri Noh
Brian F. OBrian F. O'Byrne
As Aaron Stark
Courtney B. VanceCourtney B. Vance
As Stan Wedeck
Sonya WalgerSonya Walger
As Olivia Benford
Christine WoodsChristine Woods
As Janis Hawk


In Washington, D.C., Mark and Stan are emerging from a building and Mark insists that what he does remember, he remembers clearly. Stan tells him not to say anything and warns that if they do learn about it, they're sunk. As he and Stan get into the car with Demetri and Vreede, Mark calls to tell the person at the other end that Stan managed to pull something out of a hat to save them so the trip wasn't a complete disaster. Men in an SUV suddenly slam into the car and knock it back into the wall, and then fire a rocket into the car...

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ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
Night RangerSister ChristianVeede singing at karaoke bar
The Rolling StonesLike A Rolling Stoneparking garage shootout

Episode Quotes
Vreede: Senate meetings, I understand. What I don't get is dragging us down here early in the morning like this. If you ask me, this whole thing is one big Chinese fire drill.
Demetri: Hey!
Vreede: Is that inappropriate for the workplace?
Demetri: Oh, no, no, that's cool. I know how you old people are.

Interviewer: Demetri Fortis Noh?
Demetri: What do you want me for? I didn't see anytthing. I told you that in my affidavit, man.
Interviewer: Doesn't mean you were telling the truth when you gave it...

Mark: I saw two men. Both wearing masks. Both carrying Kalashnikovs.
Lie Detector Tech: Did you recognize the men?
Mark: I did mention they were wearing masks, right?

Aaron: How's it going in DC?
Mark: Well, they don't think I'm a traitor.
Aaron: Those lie detectors can be fooled, right?

Stan: Where's Benford?
Demetri: Back at the hotel. He said photo ops make him constipated.
Stan: Tell him to get in line.
Vreede: I wish my fifth grade teacher could see me now. Always said I would either end up dead or in prison.
Demetri: There's still time, my friend. Still time.

(after fixing the security system)
Aaron: Okay, all I need is a new code.
Olivia: 0312. Wedding anniversary.
Aaron: You sure you don't want to pick something Mark will remember?

Aaron: Mark is an alcoholic, Olivia. He doesn't need a reason to drink. He drinks because he drinks.

Maya: Your being FBI, I'm guessing you're not...(pauses)
Janis: Oh, "out"? No. I work for the Federal Government, and, they're not too big on trusting gays with guns.
Maya: Who knows, maybe six months from now, we'll all be more enlightened. In my Flash Forward, I'm here, in the restaurant, but I have a wedding band on my finger. (laughs, embarrassed) That was way too much information, especially for a first date.
Janis: (laughing) No, no, no, no! Maybe it's a sign of how well this is going...
Maya: Help me change the subject. What did you see in your Flash Forward?
Janis: Well... I was... on the International Space Station, having a three-way with Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin.
Maya: Really...? Did I say I was in the restaurant? I meant I was on "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" and Angelina Jolie was the gameshow host.
Janis: (smiling at the obviously bogus change of description) Ohhhhh, you sluuut...
Maya: ... Angie just asked me the million-dollar question, I went to phone a friend, you, but, you didn't answer, so, my million dollar moment was gone.
Janis: Well, I don't buy that.
Maya: What? Angelina Jolie would be a game show host?
Janis: No. That I would ever let you down like that.

Stan: It's all Kabuki theater. Now I remember what I hate about DC. What this place turns me into.

Stan: Joyce.
Senator Clemente: Senator, actually.
Stan: Has anyone ever told you you're a sore loser, Joyce?
Senator: Look who's talking. You're the one who got put out to pasture... speaking of which. How do you sleep at night? Knowing what you did with that woman? Does your wife know? If I could've proved what you did six years ago, I would be sitting behind the desk in the oval office right now.
Stan: Well, if it makes you feel any better, I doubt you would have gotten a second term.
Senator: (moving closely) "If you sit by the river long enough, you'll see the bodies of your enemies float by."
Stan: Sun Tzu.
Senator: Get ready to float, Stanford.
Stan: You want to go after me, you give it your best shot, but Mosa...
Senator: (interrupting) ...is a joke! Not everyone's visions are going to come true.
Stan: Most people don't agree.
Senator: Most people didn't see what I did. I saw myself as President in six months. Now, as impossible as that may be... It's a nice thought... isn't it?
(She walks away, Mark walks over)
Stan: How much of that did you hear?
Mark: Enough to know that I don't want to the guy in Joyce Clemente's gun sights.
Stan: No. You don't.

Janis: You know, I'm not totally useless, Maya. I can break down a Sig Sauer in, like, 12 seconds.
Maya: I'm impressed. I don't even know what a Sig Sauer is.

Vreede: Well, that Clemente is a hard ass.
Demetri: Yeah, but you know, when you hear it laid out like that, it does sound questionable. It sounds like we consulted the Psychic Network for clues or something.
Mark: Oh, thanks for the support.
Demetri: I'm not saying I think that necessarily, it just... it sounds totally nuts. Dead birds, D. Gibbons, doll heads.
Vreede: China. That's starting to sound pretty good right about now.
Mark: So it was a mistake to mention the doll heads, is what you're saying?
Demetri: Yeah.

The President: You know what I liked about having you around, Stan? You weren't just.. comfortable in the mud. You enjoyed being there.

Stan: And said what? There's a perfectly good explanation why you're having trouble remembering something that the rest of us have lasered into our brains? See, this is my own damned fault... Clemente is just asking you questions I should have asked weeks ago but I didn't. Because, I trusted you. I went along with this whole 'Mosaic' thing because I believed in you, Mark.
Mark: And I've gotten you results.
Stan: That's not an answer. (they glare at each other) Now Clemente may be a total bitch but she's right about one thing. Your story's got more holes than a kitchen sponge. Why can't you remember everything?!?
Mark: Because I was loaded, okay!?!
(stunned silence follows)
Mark: What was I supposed to say, Stan? I've been sober seven years and I have zero intention of ever taking another drink again... but I can't change what I saw.
Stan: I puhhh... I put my entire career on the line, based on your FlashForward, and now you're telling me... you were impaired when you had it?

Episode Goofs
Regarding the attack:

It seems quite unreasonable that the agents got out of the car between the time the rocket got launched (clearly visibly, they're both still in the back seat, and Mark would've had to climb past the steering wheel to get out, and do so AFTER Stan got out), so how did anyone other than Stan get out?

Also -- Stan driving? Unlikely. He's more likely to be in the back seat with Mark or Vreede, as social heirarchies go -- Junior personnel drive while superiors sit in back, so they can continue to do business undistracted by driving duties, and no, Stan would have to have long since gotten over the common need for "control" in a situation like this. A successful manager learns to delegate early on, and Stan is clearly very successful.

The nameplate in front of Clemente during the hearing identifies her first name as "Jane." However, Stan refers to her as "Joyce" at the 17:21 mark, and the news broadcast later in the episode uses "Joyce" as well.

Regarding Janis:

Janis: Oh, "out"? No. I work for the Federal Government, and, they're not too big on trusting gays with guns.

This is somewhat inaccurate. Official FBI policy was, until 1993, that homosexual orientation was unacceptable for the FBI. Under Janet Reno, that policy was rescinded, and, since then, a neutral policy on sexual orientation has been applicable -- sexual orientation is not considered relevant to hiring, firing, or promotion. It is even more unlikely, with a Democrat in the Presidency, that there would be issues with her sexual orientation. Janis's position is therefore actually dangerous to her as an FBI agent, since, as long as she is "in the closet" she can potentially be subject to blackmail, esp. given her rather overt behavior in this episode making evidence to that effect readily available to anyone who wanted to attempt to blackmail her.

Cultural References
Vreede: ...this whole thing is one big Chinese drill.
Demetri: Hey!

The term Chinese Fire Drill describes the actions of a group of individuals accomplishing nothing. It is also a figure of speech referring to any large, ineffective, and chaotic exercise. The origins of the term are tied to derogatory slurs against Chinese or Oriental peoples, and hence are generally not considered "PC", which is the reason for Demetri's response. More can be found on the history of the term at Wikipedia, and is worth reading.

Senator Clemente: "If you sit by the river long enough, you'll see the bodies of your enemies float by."
Stan: Sun Tzu.
Senator Clemente: Get ready to float, Stanford.

Sun Tzu is believed to have authored an early Chinese text on military arts called The Art of War. First translated into English in 1905, it is now identified as a great masterwork on military strategy, transcending its origins before Christ and the vast technological developments since then, and is considered to have widespread applications outside of warfare -- in business practices, for example -- lending its key insights to any type of adversarial situation.

Stan: It's all Kabuki theater. Now I remember what I hate about DC. What this place turns me into.

Kabuki is a very stylized form of Japanese damatic dance-theater. It is marked by elaborate costumes and makeup, and a very formalized style of dramatic representation.

Episode References
Aaron: And you're welcome, I fixed that hack repair job you did on your garage door.

Mark fixed the door towards the end of episode 1, No More Good Days

Scot: Mr. President, three weeks since the blackouts and there's still no centralized agency to deal with the consequences...

Provides a timeline internal reference for when The Event occurred. Since this is the fifth episode we are so far looking at at least a bit less than real time.

The President: The blackout gives me a chance to pay you back. Director of Homeland Security. Member of my Cabinet.
Stan: I'm... pretty sure Clemente will block my appointment.
The President: Clemente has got bigger fish to fry.
(Stan sits there, contemplative, not saying anything)
The President: Think about it. There's no rush.

Stan's mouth quirks in a smile, since he knows/believes, from his FF, discussed in earlier eps, that he doesn't wind up with/take the job, for whatever reason.

The President's vision vs. Senator Clemente's vision.

These two suggest themselves to be at odds, but not utterly. The honorific, "Mr. President" is applied to presidents once they have left office, as well, and they also retain members of the Secret Service to watch over them. It is possible that the President has resigned from office, clearing the way for Clemente to become President. One would think that, as someone no longer President, he would recognize a change of bedroom, however. One is, of course, reminded that interpretation is not reality. Clemente does not describe her vision, so the exact manner in which she decided to believe she was President is unclear at this time. She could have been misinterpreting it for all we know.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorBrannon Braga  |  David S. Goyer
Executive ProducerBrannon Braga  |  David S. Goyer  |  Jessika Borsiczsky  |  Ralph M. Vicinanza  |  Vince Gerardis  |  Marc Guggenheim
Co-Executive ProducerLisa Zwerling
ProducerMark Ovitz
Co-ProducerCleve Landsberg  |  Samantha Thomas  |  Cathy M. Frank  |  Seth Hoffman  |  Jeff Betancourt
Consulting ProducerNicole Yorkin  |  Dawn Prestwich
Production DesignerStephen Storer
EditorJulius Ramsay
CastingWendy O'Brien
Unit Production ManagerCleve Landsberg
First Assistant DirectorTodd Amateau
Second Assistant DirectorAnthony J. Nahar
MusicRamin Djawadi
Music EditorDavid Klotz
Music SupervisorAlexandra Patsavas
Costume DesignerMari-an Ceo
Key GripChuck Crivier
Camera OperatorBob Gorelick  |  Steph Collins  |  Randy Nolen
Set DecoratorJennifer M. Gentile
Location ManagerMichelle Latham
Transportation CoordinatorJ. Smith
Property MasterChristopher Amy
Construction CoordinatorJeff Goyer
Production Sound MixerGeoffrey Patterson (2)
Script SupervisorRebecca Poulos
Production CoordinatorJamie Stern
Assistant EditorNathan Gunn
Post Production SupervisorSandra Nebel
Supervising Sound EditorThomas A. Harris
Re-Recording MixerTom Dahl  |  Mark D. Fleming
Director of PhotographyNelson Cragg
Stunt CoordinatorDanny Weselis
Art DirectorMark Zuelzke
Based On The Works OfRobert J. Sawyer
Executive Story EditorScott M. Gimple  |  Barbara Nance  |  Quinton Peeples
ConsultantRobert J. Sawyer
Costume SupervisorRobyn Williams
Visual Effects SupervisorKevin Blank
Production AccountantJanet Latham
Chief Lighting TechnicianBrett Laumann
Department Head HairDennis Parker (2)
Special Effects SupervisorParry Willard
Department Head Make-upAngela Nogaro
Production AssociateIsabella Hyams
Production StaffMaureen Dunn  |  Jacob Cooney  |  Kelly Roe  |  Zuzanna Cernik  |  Katie Greisiger  |  Lindsey Allen
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