Gimme Some Truth - Recap

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In Washington, D.C., Mark and Stan are emerging from a building and Mark insists that what he does remember, he remembers clearly. Stan tells him not to say anything and warns that if they do learn about it, they're sunk. As he and Stan get into the car with Demetri and Vreede, Mark calls to tell the person at the other end that Stan managed to pull something out of a hat to save them so the trip wasn't a complete disaster. Men in an SUV suddenly slam into the car and knock it back into the wall, and then fire a rocket into the car.

39 Hours Earlier

Mark, Demetri, and Vreede are waiting to be called in and testify while hooked up to a lie detector. Demetri is called in next, despite the fact he insists he didn't see anything in his flashforward. Mark contemplates his 7-year AA chip. He's called in next and describes his flashforward of the masked men attacking him in his office. Vreede testifies he went out the security exit but didn't see anyone else during his flashforward. Afterward, Mark calls Aaron, who is working on the Benfords' alarm system. He admits that he's feeling the pressure to come up with something on Mosaic and Aaron suggests that he go to an AA meeting in Washington. As Aaron talks, he doesn't realize that Olivia has come out and overheard him saying Mark needs to go to meetings.

Demetri and Vreede bring in boxes of evidence for Stan to provide at his Senate testimony. Stan is worried that they'll lose their Mosaic funding. Demetri notes that Stan used to live in D.C. and something happened that left a bad taste in his mouth. He figures Stan has something to prove.

Stan is playing one-on-one basketball with Dave Segovia. Once they finish, Stan insists that the Mosaic investigation is already paying off and Segovia assures him that he won't lose any funding. However, he warns that Senator Clemente is chairing the hearings, and Stan note that she's the one who drove him out of D.C. before. However, he insists the Mosaic investigation is important enough that he'll put up with her.

In Los Angeles, Janis is sparring in her tae kwon do and takes down her male opponent. Afterward, he invites her to a showing of Enter the Dragon but Janis tells him she already has plans. Back at the office, Gough gives Janis and Marcie Turoff a flash drive with the satellite images from Somalia for the last 18 years and they go over it for anything that help them determine the cause of the blackout... and give Stan evidence for the hearings.

In Washington, Stan, Demetri, and Vreede show up at the Presidential press conference for the hearings while Mark stays at the hotel. The President comes in: Segovia. He takes questions about the closed nature of the Senate hearings and why there's no centralized organization dealing with the blackout. He assures the press that he's taking everything into consideration and will cut off any unproductive investigations. When Segovia finalizes his vice presidential choice, that person will supervise all efforts. As he leaves, the press asks what he saw in his flashforward. Segrovia says he's following the same policy as other world leaders. As he talks, Segrovia remembers his flashforward where he was woken up in the middle of the night because something terrible has happened. Once the conference ends, Stan is called in to see the President.

Aaron tells Olivia that he's finished his repairs and asks how it's going in D.C. She notes that Mark has been away from home a lot during the investigation and reveals she overheard their conversation earlier. Aaron insists it was just a friendly reminder but Olivia notes that Mark was away a lot the last time he had problems. He tries to reassure her but Olivia observes that Mark is obsessed with what she saw in her flashforward. She finally comes right out and asks Aaron if he thinks Mark is going to start drinking again. He points out that if she can't trust Mark, who can she trust.

In the Oval Office, Segovia apologizes for not being able to bring Stan in initially but Stan insists everything worked out. He figures he can use the blackout to pay Stan back by making him Director of Homeland Security. Stan notes that Clement will block his appointment but Segovia insists she has bigger fish to fry. He tells Stan to take his time and think about it.

Janis meets with Maya, a restaurant owner, for supper. When Maya asks if she's out, Janis admits that she isn't because she works for the government. Maya notes that in her flashforward, she was still at the restaurant and had a wedding band on her finger. Janis joking dodges telling her flashforward and assures Maya she would never let her down. They kiss in public.

The Senate hearings begin and various possibilities are suggested. The CIA believe the Chinese are responsible since they took considerably less losses than the U.S. Drugs are ruled out, and aliens are suggested. As Clemente calls a recess, she says that Stan will be testifying next and notes that his methodology has diverged from protocol. As Stan talks to his wife Felicia, Clemente comes over and Stan accuses her of being a sore loser. In response, she notes that if she could prove what she knows about what he did to a woman six years ago, she'd be President. He tells her to take her best shot, but Clemente notes that she doesn't think the visions will come true. She tells Stan that in six months, she saw herself as President. As she goes, Mark comes over and says he wouldn't want to be the one Clemente is after.

Back in the hearing, Stan testifies that his office is trying to use information from the flashforwards to piece together what happens in six months, and Mark's flashforward is leading the investigation. Clemente challenges him, noting that he's exaggerating what they've discovered, and then asks that Mark testify. Stan insists it isn't necessary but she overrules and him and adjourns the hearings until the next morning. Afterward, Stan tells Mark to tell the truth.

The next morning, Janis is making breakfast and Maya offers to cook. They kiss again but the alarm clock goes off late. Janis heads off for the office to analyze satellite imagery. Maya offers to leave but Janis tells her to take her time. Maya invites her to a gallery showing later and Janis accepts.

Mark testifies that they're following up on two suspects awake during the blackout, and the worldwide death of crows. Clemente and the other senator, Noland, are skeptical Mark insists that his investigation is fruitful because masked gunmen attacked him, but Clemente notes that it's unlikely they could get into a secure Federal building.

Turoff and Gough tell Janis that the satellite imagery hasn't given them anything useful. They star to go over environmental statistics but then notice a string of towers in the middle of nowhere in the Somali region.

Back at the hearings, Clemente notes that Mark only recounted 30 seconds of his flashforward and notes that everyone else who was awake had vivid impressions. When Mark tries to hedge, Clemente points out that his office is seeking financing from her and the entire thing seems less than substantive. Stan gets up and walks out in disgust.

Outside, Vreede and Demetri admit that the entire thing sounds bizarre to an outsider. Mark gets a call from Janis, who sends him the satellite imagery from five months before the Somali incident. Five 100' tall towers were built from scratch and completed the same month as the proto-blackout. Mark figures they can use the imagery to prove their point and cut through the State Department's stalling tactics.

Stan calls Janis and asks her to do something for him right away.

Later, Janis arrives late to meet with Maya at the art gallery. Maya gives her a new talking alarm clock and then asks if Janis also dates guys. When Janis says she doesn't, Maya explains that she checked her Mosaic posting and learned she'll be pregnant in six months. She wonders if it's theirs but Janis says that it's only her business and she still hasn't figured things out yet. She says she can't do this and walks out on Maya.

Stan goes to see a woman, Renee, and she lets him come in. He greets a young boy, who knows him.

Later, Stan has a drink in the Oval Office with Segovia, who wants an answer on whether Stan is going to accept the DHS position. Stan responds by showing him a photo of him and Renee together, and admits he was the bagman who paid her off. He found Renee through the Mosaic web site when she posted that she was living in Puerto Rico after moving from Georgetown. Segovia notes that Stan always enjoyed getting down and dirty, and Stan responds by telling Segovia to call Clemente off. When the President wonders if Stan wants to use the blackmail for Mosaic now, Stan admits that now is all he's got. Once Stan leaves, Segovia calls someone and says he has a problem he needs taken care of.

Demetri, Vreede, and Mark go to a karaoke bar. While Vreede sings, Demetri drinks heavily and insists he's entitles, and then joins Vreede. Stan comes in and notes that Mark looked pissed. Mark blames him for leaving him hanging, but Stan says he was flailing and admits he should asked Mark the same questions that Clemente was asking. Mark finally admits that he was drunk, and he can't change what he saw. Stan warns that his career is on the line and he doesn't know what he's doing anymore. Demetri and Vreede come over and Stan buys them a couple of drinks to celebrate the fact he got them their funding. He takes a drink and puts the empty glass down in front of Stan.

At home, Olivia tries to set the new home alarm system and fails. She starts to call Aaron and discovers an anonymous text message saying Mark was drinking during his flashforward.

The Present

Mark tells Stan that everything he remembers, he remembers clearly. They listen as the President announces he has selected Clemente as his new vice president. Stan warns Mark that D.C. is a place where you always have to trade to get what you want.

Janis walks home and sees a mother and child on the sidewalk. Her phone rings and Mark tells her that they got their funding. The men attack Mark and the others, ramming their car and firing a rocket. Janis loses her connection and a man runs out and attacks her. She fends him off but another one shoots her in the stomach. Janis manages to shoot him down before he can run off.

Mark and the others get clear of the car and return fire. They take down two of the attackers and the other two escape.

Janis lies dying in the street, Maya's alarm clock telling her to get up.