Goodbye Yellow Brick Road - Recap

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As a law student, Janis Hawk decided to join the FBI out of a sense of patriotism. Among the challenges in her training class was the Yellow Brick Road, the Quantico obstacle course. It was there that she learned that she was capable of tackling impossible problems.

Two Years before the Blackout

At a bar, Janis meets an attractive woman, Lita. She finally asks Lita what she does, and the woman explains that she's a recruiter for talented people like Janis. Lita explains that Janis doesn't have to quit the FBI, and they want her to handle an additional job.


Mark meets with his team and Vogel to go over the blueprints and photographs that Dyson Frost has. He describes the cryptic message from Frost about his being saved by the lady he sees every day. Vogel is unhappy that Alda managed to escape and then kill Frost, but Mark would rather focus on the fact that Demetri is alive. Janis notes that Frost wanted to help them prevent another Blackout and Frost's papers are the key, but Vogel figures that Frost was insane. Mark disagrees and the two argue briefly before Stan breaks them up. Janis checks the papers while Vreede does a background check on Raven River. He figures it ties in with the homeless man's murder. Mark insists that they must be getting close since the opposition was willing to kill Frost to shut him up, and tells everyone to push on.

Olivia is leaving for work when she discovers that the savant, Gabriel McDow, has snuck into her house. He yells at her, insisting that it's important, He rambles about how Olivia, wearing a purple beret, was there with pixies, and that a drink spilled on a lady who got mad. Gabriel says that he was there with his handler, Barry, who lost his job after taking Gabriel to a pixies' concert. Olivia recognizes what he's saying from the year after she got out of med school, as Gabriel talks about Scott's wedding at the Vineyard. When she threatens to call Mark, Gabriel insists that her husband is Lloyd, or should be Lloyd, and Gabriel tried to stop her. As she runs to the door to yell for her FBI security escort, Gabriel tells her not to buy coffee today from the man who looks like Mr. Clean, and then runs out the back door.

Janis meets with her fertility doctor, who says that she's worried about Janis' baby because Janis is anemic. She refers Janis to a perinatologist for a high-resolution ultrasound. Janis wonders what happens if she's not okay, but the doctor tells her to deal with first things first.

As Olivia drives to work, she calls Mark and tells him what happened. When she arrives, she discovers that there was a car accident in front of the hospital, and a bald coffee driver was critically injured.

Two Years before the Blackout

Janis goes to a pet shop and exchanges passwords with the owner, Carline. However, Carline insists on setting Janis up with a fish tank, and explains that Janis needs an excuse to keep coming into the store. For now, Janis simply to do her job and win the trust of her coworkers.


Janis determines that Frost's photos of deep-sea divers date from 1890 to 1917, most likely closer to 1917. Alda's fingerprints are on the photos, meaning she met with Frost much prior to his murder. Also, Forensics has determined that the photos have particulate matter specific to the Kunar province of Afghanistan, and Mark wonders why Frost was in Afghanistan.

In the city of Kandahar, Afghanistan, Aaron is waiting at a bar when Stan's contact, Malik, arrives. Aaron is reluctant to leave with him, and Malik warns that the locals have already spotted Aaron and are calling people to abduct him or worse.

Janis takes the blueprints to antiquities professor Carl Corey, who explains that they refer to a antikythera, a bronze artifact discovered in the Mediterranean in 1901 which dates back to ancient Greece and was used to calculate the dates of solar eclipses. However, Corey has no idea what the antikythera in Frost's blueprints might calculate. He agrees to scan them and translate, and let Janis know when he has something.

Janis then takes a copy of the plans to Carline and explains that Corey has the originals and Mark has a copy on his Mosaic investigation board. Carline tells Janis to get them back. When Janis asks why they're so important, Carline warns that the transfer of information is one way and reiterates her orders. That night, Janis breaks into Corey's office, takes the plans, and activates a device to cause a power failure and wipe his computer files.

At home, Olivia goes through her photo scrapbook and finds a photo that has Gabriel as a waiter at the wedding at the Vineyard. She looks through another of her college photos and finds a smiling Gabriel in the background of another one.

Janis breaks into FBI headquarters and then into Mark's office to take the plans. However, Mark comes in and asks what she's doing. Janis claims that Corey lost the originals, and didn't check them into Evidence because she was going to the doctor. When he wonders how she got into his office, Janis claims he gave her the passcode when he went to Washington with Stan. Mark believes that she screwed up and takes the blueprints back.

Olivia tells Vreede what she's discovered about Gabriel, and he explains that he's been investigating various Raven Rivers. One of them is a psych hospital in Arizona that has been shut down for 20 years. It was closed over a controversy after some experimental schizophrenia treatments, and was one of the first hospitals in the country to deal with autism. Olivia wonders if they did research on savants.

In Afghanistan, Aaron shows Malik photos of Tracy and explains that she must be alive because he saw her alive in his flashforward. Malik warns that finding Tracy in Afghanistan will be difficult. Aaron suggests they focus on Kahmir Dejan, the doctor, and shows Malik drawings he saw on the walls in his flashforward. Malik realizes they refer to Eyes on the Mountain, a non-governmental medical relief organization. He figures they can find Kahmir through the group if he's working with them. He assures Aaron he can get them by the roadblocks and they head south into the mountains.

Janis goes to the perinatologist, Dr. Rupin Verma, who advises Janis to take better care of herself and reduce her stress. She warns that the health of Janis' baby depends on her staying off her feet as much as possible. Mark calls to summon her to the office because Corey has arrived to tell him what happened. When Janis arrives, Corey explains what happened and how the blueprints are disappeared. However, he took photos with his cell phone and has done some preliminary 3-d imaging. Corey believes the device is some kind of astronomical clock that calculates a series of dates. The first is October 6, 2009, the date of the Blackout.

The Day of the Blackout

Janis is working in Analysis when Mark calls in to inform her and Stan that he and Demetri are pursuing Alda. He sends her photos of the terrorist and Janis is taking them to be identified when she blacks out along with everyone else in the building. In her flashforward, the sonograph technician warns her that she's had some bleeding and will have to reduce her physical activity, and ask Janis if she wants to know the sex of the baby. She then wakes up with everyone else and goes to the window to see Los Angeles in chaos. Running to the bathroom, Janis vomits from the shock. She then goes to the pet store to confront Carline, noting they told her that something was going to happen, but nothing on the scale of the Blackout. Carline refuses to answer any questions. When Janis wants out, Carline warns her that she's in too deep, and there's no one to appeal to.


Vreede and Olivia go to the Raven River Psychiatric Hospital and break in. They split up to search the building and Olivia goes through some papers. Gabriel appears and tells her she won't find what she's looking for there, and that she's always there.

As Janis leaves, Mark asks her why she's been distracted recently, coming in late, and disappearing for periods of time. She tells him that she's pregnant and Mark offers his congratulations. Janis explains that she's lost her edge out of concern for the baby, but now she's okay. Mark assures her that he still counts on her. He returns to Frost's last words about the lady he sees every day, and wonders if it refers to Olivia. They go back over Frost's records and Mark realizes that Frost was referring to the white queen chess piece that he recovered at Frost's base in Pigeon and put on the Mosaic board. Mark breaks open the piece and finds a QED ring inside.

Malik and Aaron drive through the mountains. Aaron asks what Malik saw in his flashforward, and the man explains that he doesn't care, because his wife and daughter died in the Blackout and he doesn't care about the future any more. They come to a roadblock, and Malik admits he doesn't know the faction responsible. The men open fire, killing Malik and forcing Aaron to take refuge behind the vehicle. He returns fire but is hopelessly outnumbered until robed men open fire from the hills and decimate the men at the roadblock. As a truck pulls up, the newcomers take Aaron prisoner. Much to Aaron's relief, the man in the truck is Kahmir.

At Raven River, Vreede arrives as Gabriel explains that he and his friend were at the hospital together. He then tells Olivia that he saw the car accident with the coffee vendor, and her and Lloyd together. Gabriel then leads them to the room where Frost and the others did their experiments. He describes how they put him and the others to sleep every other day for two years, sending him on "trips" of varying lengths. Frost told them that they were special, and had them write down everything they remembered from their flashforwards. Olivia realizes that Frost used the savants and their eidetic memory as human recorders. Gabriel explains that Frost ordered all the savants killed after they outlived their usefulness, and Vreede assures him that Frost is dead. When Olivia wonders why Gabriel has been following her, he says that she's going the wrong way and he needs to turn her around. In all of his flashforwards, she's with Lloyd after they met and married at Harvard. Now Gabriel says that "they" need her in that existence to solve the puzzle.

Mark brings in Lloyd and Simon to see the ring, which they realize is similar to the one worn by Suspect Zero. Simon identifies it as a QED, a quantum entanglement device, He explains that Frost and his people ramped up his and Lloyd's accelerator program, and used it to change mankind's consciousness into a future time. The ring anchors the wearer's consciousness in the current space-time. Mark figures the men in his flashforward were coming for the ring, not him, and they realize they can use that knowledge to set a trap.

Two Years before the Blackout

On the day of her graduation, Janis is informed she's to meet with Vogel for a special assignment. He tells her that he's with the CIA, and they've determined that she is vulnerable to hostile recruitment. Janis insists she wouldn't betray her country, and Vogel admits she's right. However, the CIA knows about some big upcoming event, and they want Janis to be their inside person. Vogel wants her to agree to recruitment and become a double agent. He warns her that she may have to do horrendous things to gain the organization's trust and stay on the inside.


Janis tells Carline that the FBI has the ring, and Carline orders her to get it. When Janis balks, Carline reminds her that she's failed twice and this is her third and last chance. Janis agrees and Carline gives her one more order: kill Mark.